Campus Dilemma – The Evil that Students Do


Students always add extra one week to their resumption date. So I already spent one week and few days before others started resuming. It was my final year and. I had a lot of things to face. I came back to school without Shania’s car, I left it at home. There was no need for me take it back to school.
I was always in contact with Shania and Precious. Shania told me she will be coming back on Sunday while Precious said she hasn’t made up her mind when to resume. Oge said she will return in the middle of the following week.

On Friday of the second week, I got a message from my Jenny telling me to come back home immediately that it’s urgent. I tried calling after I got her message, but she didn’t pick. I dialled everybody at home but none answered their phone. I was worried and didn’t know what to think before I left for home.

When I got home, I expected to see a crowd or something of such but I only met my sister with Shania in the sitting room. I was very angry and surprised when I realized that Jenny has played another one on me. Shania rushed immediately she saw me and hugged me passionately while Jenny who already saw my countenance ran to her room leaving me and Shania.

“I missed you so much” she whispered into my ears.

“I missed you too. Thought you said you will be coming back on Sunday?”

“Yea, but I changed my mind. Wanted to surprise you”

“Since when did you come back?”

“Came back late last night”

“Why didn’t you tell me, I would have come to pick you”

“I was meant to surprise you jare, that’s why I didn’t call”

“So It’s you and Jenny that planned this abi?”

“No oo, my hand no dey am” she said laughing.

“Na she plan am oo, me I come execute am” Jenny said coming out from her room.

“Make una two just dey cry wolf they go. The day weyuna go see wolf, una go shout reach heaven but una no go see anybody”

I stayed with Shania and my family till Sunday before we left for school. We drove straight to her apartment and luckily she didn’t have much cleaning up to do.

After she did the little dusting and changing of bed spreads, we settled to a bottle of Andre from her fridge. We talked about the holiday and every other stuff. After the drink, we left together for my house.

Academic activities commenced on Monday. I couldn’t believe that on the first day of serious academic activities I was feeling dizzy and tired, all thanks to Shania.

When we got to my house the previous day, she made noodles. While we ate, she asked after Precious and if I have started developing feelings for her. I told her that I don’t even know what or how I feel for her. But in all I think what I feel for her is pity.

After the meal, we both relaxed back to see some movies she came back with. I can’t remember what happened but I woke up to Shania’s mouth or my di*ck. It must have been the sensation that woke me.

“Thought you wouldn’t wake up” she said smiling up at me.

“And I guess this is the best way to wake me up” I said turning to look at the time. It was some minutes past 11pm.


She held my di*ck for a while before putting it back into her mouth. The sensation going through me from her mouth gig have already woken all my dizzy senses. I watched as she worked on my di*ck. She will suck for a while and look up to me smiling while I will smile back urging her on.

When I felt she was taking more time sucking, I gently pulled her up from my di*ck and turned her around. She already knows the drill, so she bent down resting her upper body on the bed with her bum pushed up. She is just super classic in setting her bum for a perfect doggy.

I robbed my di*ck on her wet entrance before sliding my di*ck inside her kitty. She pushed her bum back to meet my thrust half way while she clenched tight to the pillow. I started ramming into her slowly before increasing the pace. In her normal way, she was already shouting down the roof while I was ramming from behind.

I kept thrusting for some minutes before my seeds came rushing into her. After blowing all my seeds into her, I relaxed back on the bed while she went flat breathing heavily. After a while, she got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back, she kissed and laid on me. We just exhausted all the energy we reserved through the holiday.

I woke up to my phone ringing around 12 am. Who could be calling me by that time of the night? I didn’t want to disturb Shania so I just stretched my hand and busied the call not checking the caller. After a couple of minutes it started ringing again.

Shania rolled off me when the phone started ringing for the second time and faced the wall. Picking the phone, I checked the caller and to my greatest surprise Cindy was the person calling. First surprise of the semester.

“It’s late already you know” I said when I answered the phone.

“Yea I know, sorry for disturbing your sleep”

“No problem, what’s up, is everything ok with you?” I asked.

“I’m good and everything is cool. How about you?”

“I’m good”

“You forgot about me, that’s not fair you know”

“Cindy isn’t it late for that kinda talk?”

“Ok fine, are you back to school?”

“Yea, any problem?”

“No not really, I will be coming back tomorrow and will like us to see”

“Is there any problem?” I asked again.

“No, there is something I will like to discuss with you”

“Well I don’t know how tomorrow will be, but let’s just see how it goes”

“Ok tomorrow then. I will call you when I get to school”

“Ok then”

“Yea, sorry for disturbing your sleep once more ok, sleep tight”

“You too”

I was about to turn and cuddle Shania when she stirred.

“That’s Cindy right?” she said turning over to face me.


“What does she want?”

“Dunno, said she wants to talk to me about something”

“Is that why she called you this late? Couldn’t she wait till in the morning?”

She wanted to say something again but withdrew and turned over again. We went back to sleep without saying much again to each other.


I had just two lectures on Monday. I was headed home when Cindy called again. She said she just entered school and wanted to know my location. I told her I was headed home and she said I should wait for her in front of her former hostel. I couldn’t understand what was so urgent she wanted to talk about.

About ten minutes later, I saw her alight from a cab. I signaled her from where I stood under a shed.

“What’s up, what’s is the emergency?” I asked as she sat beside me under the shed.

“Come on, no pleasantries?”

“Sorry good evening and how are you?”

After we exchanged pleasantries, I asked her why the sudden wanting to see me and all.

“Can we find somewhere to relax and talk?” she said ignoring my question.

“I was headed home before you called but since you are here now, let’s go to 11:45”

“Since you are already going home, why don’t we go together”

I didn’t expect her to suggest that. Also with the way Shania left in the morning, I didn’t know if she was coming back or not. Though I have called her a couple of times but she didn’t answer. Since Cindy called in the night, Shania has just been moody and talked less to me.

“Eee…. I think I would prefer we don’t go to my house. Let’s just go to 11:45” I said after deliberating in my mind.

“Why, you don’t want me to know where you stay?” she asked looking at me.

“It’s not like I don’t want you to know my house. Well, in your own words, don’t push it”

“Hmmmmm!!! Ok o. if you say so”

We took a cab and left for 11:45. We didn’t have much to talk about as we just did a little catch up. As we alighted from the cab in front of the café lo and behold Shania walking out from there. She stopped as we approached her. I saw the look on her face but she was so fast to change it asap and faked a smile.When we got to where she stood, she hugged and kissed me and after the introductions, she left. I expected her to ask me for the keys but she didn’t.

This is the same person that have hardly said a word to me since morning and is not even taking my calls. I know the hug and kiss thingy was to intimidate Cindy and send a message to her.

When we settled inside the café, Cindy decided to break her silence since we met Shania.

“Who is that girl?” she asked with a strange look on her face.

“The person I told you that she is some minutes ago” I replied her nonchalantly.

“A friend and she had to do all that? Did she have to hug and kiss you to show everybody that she is your very good friend? And didn’t she see that you are with someone?” she said with annoyance.

“What is your problem, the hug and kiss or the fact that she did it before you?” I asked laughing and enjoying her frustration.

I was already having my fun with her reaction and decided to rub it in the more.

“You don’t have to be pissed over nothing” I said.

“So that action of hers out there is nothing right?”

“Believe me it’s nothing, worse things are going on between us behind closed doors so don’t just get pissed over nothing. Truth be told, she is the reason why I didn’t want us to go to my house, I don’t have to spell what that means out to you” I said looking her in the eye balls.

“Even at that does she have to show it to everybody or flaunt it to my face?”

“Well I apologize on her behalf, she meant no harm”

“You know what, I don’t think am in the mood to discuss this issue with you, maybe we should leave it for another time” she said standing up.

“Ok, if you say so” I said as we left.


I got home and met my room open. I know Shania must have used my spare key because she never asked me for my key when we met earlier. After I called her several times without getting an answer, I sent her a text telling her where to collect the key should in case she didn’t meet me at home.

I heard the shower running when I entered. After changing my cloth, I went to the kitchen and saw a plate of fried rice. There was no sign that she cooked so I suspected that she bought the food. I was still in the kitchen when she came out from the bathroom. She looked surprised seeing me inside.

“How and when did you enter?” she asked.

“I met the net open, you didn’t bolt it well”

“Ok, that is for you” she said pointing to the food and walking into the room Unclad with my towel tied on her hair.

“Have you eaten?” I asked from the kitchen.

“Yes” she answered from the room.

I ate in the kitchen before heading back to the room. I met her already dressed and ready to leave.

“What’s up with you?” I asked sitting on the bed.

“I’m good. I guess I will see you some other time” she said turning to face me.

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“What is wrong with you? What is the problem? You have been giving me some cold attitude since yesterday, why?”

“Nothing, just haven’t been in the right mood” she replied looking away.

“Come on, stop lying to me. Why not tell me what the problem is let’s talk about it and get it over and done with?”

“Ok you want to know what the problem is?” she asked.

“Yes, tell me”

“What is it with you and that girl again?”

“You mean Cindy?”

“Yes Cindy or whatever you call her”.

“Is it because of Cindy that you’ve been acting cold towards me?”

“That doesn’t answer my question”

“Fine, there is nothing between us. It’s just like I told you yesterday. She wanted us to meet and talk about something”

“All of a sudden she calls and wants to talk about something and you willingly obliged. What is wrong with you? What is your problem? Ain’t you over this girl yet? Can’t you for once give her a taste of her own pills? You know what?  I don’t wanna stop you from whoever you want to roll with, but if you are going to start rolling with that chick, then I’m off your lane” she said angrily with tears in her eyes.

“What does that mean?” I asked looking at her already teary eyes.

“Just like it sounds” she said dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief.

“Shania come on” walking up to her “there is nothing between me and Cindy. We couldn’t even talk about anything today. She got pissed when I told her about us. There is nothing between us, believe me” I said hugging her.

After we held unto each other for a while, she disentangled herself from me and kissed me deeply. She told me that she still wanted to go and I saw her off. I needed no soothsayer to tell me that Shania was in love with me.




The rest of the week rolled by uneventful. I had already gotten my project topic and was working on my abstract and also drafting my table of contents.

On Friday of the following week, I was coming from my supervisor’s office when Oge called me. We got talking and after a while, she told me that a friend of hers was celebrating her birthday which is going to be an all-night stuff and she will like for us to go together if I don’t have any plans for the night. I asked if her boyfriend isn’t going to be pissed with her for going to an all-night party with an ex. But she said that her boyfriend wouldn’t know and even if he finds out that it’s on her head and not mine and the highest thing the boy will do is to walk out of their relationship. I told her that I will call her since I didn’t know how the evening was going to be.

After my call with Oge, I called Precious to know when she will be coming back. She told me she doesn’t know yet owing to the fact that it’s second semester courses that she has issues with.

In the evening, I called Oge to know the time for the party. She said it will start by 8pm till dawn but we will go by 9pm. She was so happy when I told her that I will go with her. After I called Oge, I called my cab man to notify him that I will be needing his service.

By 9:30pm we were on our way to the party with Oge looking so hot. She was on a very short red fitted gown with a six inch wedge sandal. She caught me a few times checking her out and will always smile.

We got to the party almost around 10pm. The party was on already when we got there. We met the celebrant and after introductions I led her to an empty space where we settled down while the party continued. I ordered for a bottle of Magic Moment and a pack of yoghurt from a waiter. Since I wasn’t invited directly, I didn’t want to wait for the celebrant or whoever that was in charge to serve our drink.

The party progressed till around 1 a.m. when I saw someone walking towards us from the entrance. I was surprised seeing her because it never crossed my mind that she might be in the party. I nudged Oge who was already tipsy and laughing to every joke the MC was cracking.

“You didn’t tell me Cindy will be here”

“You didn’t ask me if Cindy was going to be here. Moreover where is she?” she replied looking around.

I nodded towards the approaching figure. Cindy on her own was dressed to slaughter.

“Is there a problem? Are you guys dating?” Oge asked unperturbed.

“No….. but……” I started to say something before she hushed me.

“Then there is no problem”

Her last statement coincided with Cindy getting to our table.

“Hey I have been asking around for you” Cindy said hugging Oge who was already standing for a hug.

“I also asked after you, but Vera (the celebrant) said she hasn’t seen you”

“Yea I came a bit late” she said sitting beside me without saying a word to me. I also pretended like she wasn’t around as I sipped from my cup looking up to the stage.

“You guys don’t wanna say a word to each other or do I need to introduce the both of you? Ok Purity this is Cindy, my former roommate the one you came to look for last semester and Cindy this is Purity, my very good friend. He once came to look for you in our former room when you already packed out. That said, I will pretend like the both of you don’t exist until you start talking to each other” Oge said turning to face the stage.

“Don’t mind him, he knows that I’m pissed with him. I didn’t know he could be very mean and heartless” Cindy said looking away.

“Hmmm!! mean and heartless? I agree with you on that” Oge said laughing.

“And this is a case of pot calling kettle black right” I said looking at Cindy.

“It’s just that I don’t know why I can’t stay mad at you, if not, I made up my mind not to talk to you ever again” Cindy said.

“Ok, Ok, whatever transpired between you guys should be left for another day. You guys shouldn’t spoil this party for me” Oge said bringing the Cindy and I issue to an end.




Around 3am Oge was feeling dizzy and wanted to sleep.

“Pure I’m feeling sleepy, can we lodge?”

Cindy turned and looked at her when she said the ‘can we lodge?’ I saw the surprise in her eyes. I didn’t plan on lodging.

“I don’t have enough cash on me for lodging, didn’t plan for it. Let me call the driver to come and pick us ok?”

“Don’t worry, don’t call the driver now. Let me check something. You can call him when I come back” she said and left with her purse.

“What’s up with you guys?” Cindy asked immediately Oge left.

“What’s up with us like?” I asked back.

“Are you guys also straffing?”

“Why do you want to know?” I asked laughing. “Oge and I have a history, that’s all I think you should know”.

“Something that started last semester when you went to my room, is that history?” she asked staring at me.

“Oge and I had something in first year but due to some circumstances we had to go our separate ways. But we reconnected when I came to look for you in your room which you moved out from without telling me. But just purge your mind of that idea that we are straffing, nothing is going down between us yet” I said turning away from her.

“Purity we need to talk. I don’t know what is going on between you two and believe me I don’t care” she said.

“What is this thing you really want us to talk about? Can’t we talk about it now?”

“We need some private time to talk ok? And for the records Oge has a boyfriend and their relationship is serious” she said.

“Just like you also have one so don’t claim righteous with me ok?” I retorted.

She was about saying something when she saw Oge coming back and stopped. When Oge got the table, she threw a key with a room number tag on it to me and said.

“Now you can call the driver and tell him to come later in the morning because I’m going to sleep now”

“Ain’t you feeling sleepy yet?” she asked Cindy.

“No I’m still much enjoying the party” she replied.

“Ok we are in room 210, whenever you start feeling sleepy just come up”

“Don’t worry, you guys should go and have fun, my cab man is outside” Cindy said.

“Ok then see you later” Oge said as I stood up gulping the remaining content of my cup.

“Ok see you guys later, good night abi morning self” Cindy said as we left.


I came out from the bathroom and met Oge wrapped in the duvet sleeping already. I joined her in the bed but since I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet, I decided to roam the internet and while away time.

I was reading one story on NL ‘the Cartel’ by nitefury when a text message entered my phone. I minimized my NL page to view the message. It was from an unsaved number. I clicked to open the message and saw “I’m in room 215, come let’s talk. The door is open. Cindy”

I looked at Oge and she was very deep into her sleep. Two forces started struggling within me, either to go or not. After contemplating for a while, I went down from the bed and got my briefs on and headed out to room 215.


I stopped at the door contemplating on whether to enter or not. A mind was telling me to just open and enter while another was telling me not to. I was still trying to make my decision when I heard the lock of the next room turning, immediately I pushed the door and entered before the other person could come out.  I saw her wrapped in a duvet pressing her phone.

“I thought you wouldn’t come” she said not looking up at me.

“But now I’m here, so what’s up?” I said walking to a sit opposite the bed.

“Any ways thanks for coming” she said dropping her phone.

“So what’s up? Let’s talk, I want to go back before Oge wakes up”

“Ok. What’s really going on between you and Oge?” she asked.

“Is that what you called me out to discuss?”

“Why not just answer the question” she said and removed the duvet. Behold she was Unclad. She wasn’t carrying something that I haven’t seen but does one ever get tired of seeing such? She walked seductively towards me smiling.

The sight of her Unclothedness got me all stiffy. I watched as she walked from the bed to where I was sitting and sat on my laps. “If this is what you wanted all this while, you should have said it” I said forcing my eyes off her melons.

“Why would you reconnect with an ex when you stand a chance of having all this to yourself?” she whispered into my ears licking my ear lobes.

From the way she was sitting, I know she must have felt my stiffy a long time ago.

“Ok that is enough, get off me let’s talk” I said nudging her away.

“Fine” she said getting off me and going back to the bed. She smiled when she saw my hard di*ck peeping from my short. I never thought I could resist Cindy. But here I am doing it despite my hard on. I know if she tried again, she will get what she wanted.

“Ok Purity, I told you before to give me some time to settle something. I think I’m done with that. We can now start whatever you wanted us to start”.

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“Is this what you couldn’t tell me over the phone?” I asked with an expressionless countenance.

“Purity see, I know I have not treated you right all these while. But believe me, I wanted you, I wanted to have something with you, I still do. It’s just that I had something that was on my neck then. I love you Purity, truly I do”.

“Come on, you don’t have to apologize for what happened then. Truth was that I loved you. I mean I couldn’t just get to move on not minding how casual you treated me. Even when I saw you with your boyfriend, it broke my heart but I asked myself. What right do I have to feel that way? It’s not like I have asked you out yet. So I had no reason to feel like we have something yet. But all that is in the past now ok?” I said relaxing back.

“I’m very sorry” she said apologetically.

“It’s ok”

“So are we cool now?”

“Yea we are but let me tell you. There’s nothing that can happen between us again. I have someone that I am seeing now. We can just be normal friends ok?”

“Who is she? Oge?”

“It’s not Oge. All you need to know is that I have someone already. So you can go back to your boyfriend” I said and stood up to leave.

“Purity please wait” she said and rushed to the door stopping me from leaving. “I don’t have a boyfriend. I broke up with him for us. Please I’m sorry for the past please. Let me make it up to you please” she said looking me in the eye balls.

There is always something with me and her eyes. I always get enchanted with her eyes. I forced my eyes away from hers. I was about saying something before she grabbed my face and kissed me. She held my lips with hers and didn’t want to let go.


With our lips still locked together, she took her hand down and went straight for my di*ck. I started reciprocating her kiss as she fondled my hard di*ck inside my short. I pressed her to the door while handling her boo*bs and still kissing her.

When I felt the door wasn’t comfortable for her, I carried her to the bed. I laid her on the bed and went straight for her boo*bs. I licked her Tips before taking it into my mouth. As I sucked on her boo*bs, she kept pushing her chest up.

I parted her laps and started flicking her already swollen clit with my finger. Cindy is not a screamer, if not she would have screamed down the roof. But she already scattered the bed.

When she couldn’t take the teasing anymore, she grabbed my di*ck and directed it towards her hollies. I pulled away immediately and opened the drawer beside the bed. I know some hotels leave condoms for their customers. Lucky enough I saw a packet of Rough Rider inside. I tore it open and took one. Before anyone could say jack, I slipped it on and went back to action.

I sucked and manipulated her for a while before pushing my di*ck in. she gave out a big sigh when she felt my di*ck inside her. I started thrusting immediately, while she clung to me whispering what I couldn’t hear into my ears. When I felt my cum gathering, I pulled out and went back to sucking and manipulation her. After a while, when I felt I was good to go again. I tried to turn her over but she declined. She said doggy is not her thing.

I raised her waist and pushed one of the pillows under bringing up her hollies. I inserted my di*ck back and continued from where I stopped. I don’t know if that was her style but she clung so tight to me and had her laps clasped tight around my waist.

After some minutes of deep thrusting, I felt my cum coming again and increased the speed at which I was thrusting. I was reaching my orgasm when she started breathing heavily. I was thrusting, not paying attention to her sudden reaction but suddenly I felt a very sharp pain on my neckline. Just then I started shooting my loads into the condom. You all know that feeling when you are cuming, even if rapture is happening you won’t mind.

I looked at my neck after discarding the condom and saw the mark of her teeth. It wasn’t deep but a little painful. I looked at her sprawled on the bed already asleep. I cleaned her up with a tissue and covered her to the neck with the duvet. I got into my briefs and went out switching off the light. There was no sign of anybody in the corridor as I hurried back to my room.

I opened the door quietly and saw Oge still sleeping. She was in the same position as before I left. I went straight to the bathroom and had a brief shower before joining her in the bed. It was already 6 a.m. before I slept off.

I woke up later to find Oge already awake with her phone, wearing just her undies. I yawned and stretched.

“Sleepy good morning” she greeted rubbing my shoulder.

“Good morning dear” I replied with a yawn sitting up from the bed. I was feeling very weak.

“How was your night?” she asked.

“Fine and yours?”

“Slept like never before” she replied.

“Did you go back to the party? I woke up and couldn’t find you and your phone was switched off?” she asked looking at me.

“No, my battery was flat so I went down to the reception to ask for a charger. I couldn’t come up with it so I had to stay down for a while to let it charge a little?” I lied.

The truth is that I didn’t even go to Cindy’s room with my phone. I switched it off and left it on the pocket of my trouser which was on the chair. I asked her the time and she told me that we had one hour left.

I went down from the bed with my morning stiffy and headed to the bathroom to empty my bladder. When she saw my hard on, she started laughing. After I exited the bathroom, I picked my phone from my pocket and switched it on. I got two messages immediately, one from Cindy and the other from Oge
“Did you send me a message” I asked clicking on the message.
“Yea, when I woke up and couldn’t find you and your number was switched off, I had to send you a message”. Her message read “where are you? #worried”.


After I read the message, I typed a message and sent back to her. “CONSIDER IT A FAVOUR FOR OLD TIME’S SAKE. IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN, BYE”.

Before I could check other stuffs on my phone another message entered from Cindy “I AM NOT GONNA GIVE UP EASILY BOO, WE BELONG TOGETHER”.

“What happened to your neck, did something bite you” Oge asked looking at my neck distracting me from my phone.

“I don’t know, I just saw it not long ago in the bathroom” I said using my hand to cover it.

We showered and left for my house together. When we got home, I was very hungry and tired. I still needed to sleep.

“What do you have here?” Oge asked heading to the kitchen.

“Whatever you see there is what I have” I said flying to the bed.

I couldn’t remember how I slept but I woke up to meet hot noodles served. After we ate,I wanted to sleep back but Oge wouldn’t allow me.

“Ah! You want to sleep back? You have been sleeping since we came back. E never tire you?” she said shaking me.

“Just give me like two hours and I will wake up please” I pleaded with my sleepy eyes.

“No, wake up jare or I will go to my hostel”

I gave up trying to sleep. We started playing ludo game. After three rounds of which I lashed her 3-0, she started fighting me saying that I was supposed to allow her to win that she is a girl. I can’t remember where it is written that we should allow women win in games because they are women.

After we fought playfully for a while she laid on me breathing heavily. I allowed her to relax a little before I tried to push my luck.

“Oge, I want to ask you something” I said.


“When you said I wasn’t the one that broke off our relationship that you left before. What does that mean?”

“Don’t tell me this thing has been on your mind all these while” she said laughing.

“I will be lying if I tell you that I have not been thinking about this since you told me”

“See, you don’t have to worry over nothing ok?  It’s nothing.”

“Don’t tell me that because you didn’t say it like it’s nothing. What really happened then?”

“Ok this is what happened. I left because I wasn’t ready to share you with anybody.” She said touching the mark on my neckline. “And before you continue asking me that question, what did you say happened to your neck. This looks like someone’s teeth mark?”

“I don’t know, I just noticed it when I woke up”

“Is it paining you?” she asked pressing her fingers at the spot.

“No, I don’t feel anything there” I lied.

I was about to continue our discussion when she pressed her lips to mine.

“You have been behaving like I am not here all these while. Common kiss you have not given me since yesterday, am I not attractive to you again” she said smiling to my face when she released my lips.

“You think so? I have just been trying to be a gentle guy you know” I said smiling up to her.

“Yea I know. That’s why you didn’t notice that I was Unclad under the duvet last night and you didn’t care to check” she said with an Intimate smile.

“Wooow!! You are getting ‘badder’ by the day. Thought you’ve changed”

“Hmmmmm!! Ok o, if you say so. Let me respect myself and get my bad body off you” she said trying to move away from me.

“Ah! Ah! You too they take small things so serious” I said dragging her back to my body.

“Limmejor, shebi you said I’m getting ‘badder’” she said in mock annoyance still lying on me.

“But come o. this your boo must be enjoying. See wetin only him they enjoy” I said grabbing her ass from behind.

“You are not serious. Shebi this same thing has been beside you since yesterday and you have been forming gentle boy. Bad boy like you” she said.

I started asking her about her boyfriend. I was doing all that just to stall. I wasn’t having a single strength. I don’t know what was wrong with me that morning. My di*ck was responding already but I know that if I should go a round with her, she may end up calling 911. We were still talking when she slipped her hand into my shorts and started playing with my di*ck.

“Wooow!! My little friend is already responding. I trust him, he will always recognize mummy” she said smiling while handling my di*ck.

My di*ck was already growing harder in her hand while she was sending some pleasure into me. I was trying everything to stall but she was already on the go. I was about turning her over to take charge when we heard a knock on my door.

“Are you expecting anybody” she asked.

“Non that I know of. Maybe it’s one of my neighbors”

“Ok why not let me check it out. I know you can’t go with this” she said pointing to my hard on.


She got off me and headed to the door. She was just on my boxer and a polo with her protruding hard tips. When she got off the bed, I headed to the bathroom to empty my bladder because I know the action that was coming next.


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