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How to Bypass Credit Card Verification

Most businesses now mandate adding your card for free trials. However, knowing how to bypass credit card verification saves you the potential cost of using your primary card to enjoy a free trial on services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Spotify.

The essence of adding your card is to verify if you can make a permanent user, but sometimes the service cost may be too high, even though the services are essential. It could also be that you only need the product or services temporarily, and you’re scared of forgetting your card on the platform. This could mean a subtle financial disaster since you’ll be charged after the free trial ends. Unfortunately, the fees are usually non-refundable.

The good news: this publication explores the ways you can bypass any credit card verification, whether you use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

how to bypass credit card verification

How to bypass credit card verification

There are not so many methods of bypassing online credit card verification—only a few, of which this tutorial covers the major ones you need to know. That said, consider the following methods to bypass credit card verification:

1. Get a virtual credit card

Unlike the regular credit card, a virtual credit card is a randomly generated 16-digit number associated with an actual credit card account. Most credit card providers and banks offer this service, which protects not just against fraud when you shop online but also helps to bypass credit card verification with your physical card.

A virtual credit card provides the same security and privacy you get from using a physical card to sign up for free trials. The bigger advantage is that you don’t have to fund the account, in many cases. Some providers will let you own one without money or without so much money that can be charged after your free trial ends.

By using a virtual card, you also hide your personal banking details from service providers such as Google, Amazon, and other services that require your card for verification.

You can compare a virtual credit card to a burner phone because it can serve as your one-time banking option.

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Most virtual CCs (credit cards) can be locked or unlocked. You can even set their web, POS, or ATM spending limits. Suppose you signed up for a service that costs $15 after a free trial. You can set your web spending limit to $5, which stops the company from charging you if you forget to cancel your free trial.

We recommend reading CNET’s reviewed virtual credit card options to pick from the list.

2. Online credit card generator

If a virtual card is not an option, you can quickly generate credit cards online. This method works like virtual credit cards but is not formal, and they also require a bit of luck to generate a working credit card that the service provider will accept.

Most online credit card generator tools are free. You just need to sign up (for some that require signups) and start generating credit cards. You’d also have to test the credit cards on the website that needs credit card verification to see if it works—it can be a little stressful.

The advantage of using a CC generator is that you can generate unlimited credit cards. You may be fortunate to generate a credit card linked to leaked account with positive balance, but this is extremely rare.

General steps:

  • Select a preferred valid credit card generator online. Consider the websites we’ve included in this guide.
  • Sign up with fake information (if the website requires you to sign up).
  • Start generating your CC details, including name, address, CC number, date of birth, card expiry date, and CVV. Copy the generated details and paste them into the credit card fields of the website whose credit card verification you want to bypass.

Where to generate a working credit card online

a. PayPal Developer

Go to to generate an online credit card you can use instead of your physical card to get around CC verification.

PayPal Developer allows users to test online streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix with generated card information.

Just create and log into your account. From the dashboard, go to Tools and select Credit Card Generator. Click “Generate CC” to create credit card details you can use to verify any online service you want to bypass.

Get around credit card verification


This tool allows you to generate bulk credit card details for online services you want to bypass without using your physical card. You can also use the validator feature to validate your generated credit card details to know if it works. If the validation fails, you need to try again.

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This tool allows you to generate CC for providers such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmericanExpress, and JCB.

To generate with this tool:

c. CCardgenerator

Ccardgenerator is another tool to use for credit card generation and validation. The validation feature helps you to tell if the CC you want to use will be valid for bypassing the card verification on the website. Do the following:

The details of your generated credit card will appear under “Resulting Details”. Copy the details and validate them. If the validation is successful, paste the details on the website you want to bypass the credit card verification.

3. Use search engines

Credit cards end up on the dark web. You can refer here to see NordVPN’s assessment of 4 million payment card details found on the dark web.

A simple search using any search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo will lead you to forums containing enormous leaked credit card information you can use to bypass credit card information on any website.

You just have to use search terms like:

  • Leaked credit info
  • Credit details on the dark web, etc.

Just tweak the search how you want it for results. You’d come across several credit card details to use. Some may no longer be working, so it’s a “try your luck” affair.

Note that this method is illegal—you would be using the bank account of another person to sign up for services they are not interested in.

4. Alternative methods

Two alternative methods to bypass credit card verification is to either buy a hacked account or use a mod version. Suppose you need Netflix for free. Premium accounts are being sold cheaply online. Unfortunately, not only is this illegal but you run the risk of getting scammed.

Using a mod version of the software is another method. Usually, this makes the free trial permanent or the modder simply removed a piece of code from the software that requests payment.

The downside is that you can’t be so sure about downloading a version without a virus, which compromises your security and privacy. Downloading these apps can become a ticket to exposing your banking information to the same dark web where you collect credit card details to use for bypassing credit card verifications online.

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