Birthday Billing Format [Read and Copy]

As a learner G-boy, the birthday billing format should be the easiest format you can explore to earn your first cashout. However, in most cases, new yahoo boys usually opt instead for the gift card format, which shouldn’t be.

If you look at girls in general, it shouldn’t be new to you that once they are comfortable and free with you and are aware that you give a lot, they will get close to you and inform you that their birthday is approaching. This format can also work on any client you meet on social media.

This birthday billing format works because you will be playing with your client’s emotions and convincing them that they must do something on your birthday. With this format, you are sure to receive the best gifts and financial blessings on your birthday.


When is the right time to use the birthday billing format?

Not all formats work anytime you choose to use them. It is important to know the right time to use the birthday billing format to avoid losing your client. Once you understand the right time to use this format, your cashout is only but moments away.

When the client likes/loves you and is crazy about speaking to you all the time

Think of a situation when you have explored the dating format and your client is already in love with you and he is constantly seeking to speak with you; this signifies that all is going well. If your client continues to show these signs, it means that he loves you and will be capable of doing anything it takes to keep on talking to you. This gives you a perfect opportunity to milk your client and get a whole lot of cash or expensive gifts with the birthday billing format.

If the client is engrossed and been particular about your birthday

If your client is persistent and always asking for your birth date, it means they are interested in you and are willing to do what it takes to make that day memorable for you. So do not forget this and remind your client once your birthday date is approaching.

After offering your gift and the client loves it

While receiving gifts is good, giving gifts to your clients is important as well. Perhaps, if you have offered gifts to your client and he loved it, there are high chances that he might be seeking to give in return. Although it is not guaranteed, the chances that you will receive higher gifts in return are very high.

If the client has a good job

A non-working class client cannot gift you expensive items or grant you a huge sum of money on your birthday, except they steal it, of course. So, to be sure your client will offer you cash or gifts for your birthday, you need to ensure they have a good job with high pay.

In a few situations where the client is not working but has a good SSN, driving license and credit report, it would be perfect for obtaining their SSN and using the details to cash out.

Rules to follow for using the birthday billing format

To cash out from using the birthday billing format, you must ensure you follow the laid down rules and regulations associated with the format. Meanwhile, before we proceed with the rules, you should ensure your client starts falling in love with you when your birthday is three weeks close. This will ensure you can capture the client’s emotions and get him to send you money.

The rules include:

  • Before exploring other formats, such as the dating format or celebrity billing format, always use the birthday billing format.


  • It would be best if you billed your client using this format between $500 – $1000. Never try to be greedy when using the birthday billing format because you might send a wrong message to your client that you are only after their money. Instead, try to be honest and appreciate them for sending the money and promise them that you will always love and be with them no matter the circumstances.


  • Another rule to follow is that it is also a good option to request gift cards as a gift while using this format.


  • The last rule is to ensure your client is entirely in love with you before using the birthday billing format. Sadly, this format might be cast if your client is not profoundly attached or in love with you. So make sure your client is always craving your attention and wants to talk to you every single time of the day. This will give you a sense that your client loves you and is ready to spend on you, especially on your birthday. If you are not sure your client is in love with you, you might ask questions to ensure you are heading in the right direction and not wasting your time.


Birthday Billing Format Example 1

This particular format is meant for a girl to a man – for instance, using a female profile. You can go on to say:

Hi, darling, it may have skipped your mind, but my birthday is approaching (state the date). I am thrilled that the day is finally coming close, and I would prefer and love it if you could surprise me with something worthwhile that will make me smile as well.

It could be a Tesla or an iPhone 13 Pro Max, haha, don’t mind me, babe, but I will be sincerely happy and appreciate anything you can offer me from your heart. I miss you so much, and I often fantasize about our meeting and what will happen in the other room.

I sincerely love you so much, and I hope to be with you as soon as possible.


Birthday Billing Format Example 2

Dorothy, I want to inform you that my birthday is coming up on the 2nd of January. I hope to throw a large birthday party because I like the year to be fruitful for me, and I am delighted to celebrate my birthday after a long time.

I would also appreciate it if you could get me something like gifts to make my birthday experience even more memorable, and I would love you much more if that is the case.

You could get me the latest MacBook, haha, I was joking, but if you can get me something from your heart and something that you can afford, I would gladly receive it with open hands.

Your love, James.


Birthday Billing Format Example 3

Hey sweetheart, I want to remind you that my birthday is just seven days from now and as tradition would demand, I will be expecting a gift from you. I want to be sure you care and love me. Nevertheless, on that day, I will also surprise you. Take care, and I love you.



The above examples are likely to work on your partner or client, especially if they genuinely love you. Additionally, as you can see, there are no difficulties associated with using the birthday billing format. All you need to do is to push and make sure your client loves you before billing them.

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