Best IT training institute in Nigeria – Cheap and Affordable

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Best IT training institute in Nigeria

Discovering the best IT training institute in Nigeria is what I consider my biggest discovery in 2018. I just finished my ICT training in an IT training school in Lagos, and I believe everyone should know about one of the best training institutes in Nigeria

If you just graduated from the secondary school, undergraduate, graduate, or a Corp member considering a career in Information Communication and Technology (ICT), then you should consider one of these best computer training schools in Lagos.

Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria

Alabian Solutions Technologies

Alabian Solutions Ltd is changing the face of IT training in Nigeria. A group of expert developers with working experience outside Nigeria has given interested participants in Lagos a chance to take up careers in ICT in a cheap but yet efficient way.

I was opportune to be trained on Mobile Application Development, and the result was fantastic.

Alabian Solutions Ltd to me is one of the best IT training institutes in Lagos state, because of their price and hands-on practical classes. They have their courses of strength, and it includes;

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Design/Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Programming
  • Advanced Excel

So if you are looking for where to learn Mobile App development, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Advanced Excel and some other professional courses, I recommend you Alabian Solutions Ltd. It is one of the best computer schools in Lagos, and suitable for those with a low budget.


An Overview of Courses offered at Alabian Solutions Ltd includes;

Web Design & Development

web design banner for the best IT training institute in Nigeria


The WEB DEVELOPMENT TRAINING is organized by our web programming team at Alabian Solutions Limited so it is a practically oriented training class. Participants learn to handle coding needs from front-end design, programming, backend programming, and database communication. We take our time to tutor people by providing the resources, materials and internet access to learn within the class and online. The aim is to train students who have the capacity to produce world class websites and web applications, capable of competing with websites produced by foreign programmers.

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Mobile App Development

 list of schools that offer mobile app development in Lagos


Alabian Solutions Ltd is one of the best training IT institutes that offer Mobile Application Development. The class is a highly practical and immersive masterclass on application development for mobile devices running on the Android and iOS software.

Participants are expected to look forward to acquiring one of the skills of the past decade. It is backed up by an industry work over $10 billion USD and over 2 billion smartphone devices potentially your customers. The ability to handle and program a mobile application would become the craze of the next three years in Nigeria. And our trainers are well-grounded and highly successful in the build and commercialization of applications for smartphones.

The classes as with all Alabian Solutions Ltd training would comprise of various sessions broken into tutor lead sessions, discussion/ collaboration session and also a practical session. Participants are encouraged to come with their laptops for the practical section. Participants will benefit from free consultation service from Alabian Solutions Ltd.

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Digital Marketing

 best digital marketing institute


This ONLINE MARKETING & DIGITAL ADVERTISING COURSE is packaged and organized by the Online Marketing Group at Alabian Solutions Limited so it is a practical oriented training geared toward showing participants how to use the online media for marketing their services and goods. There will be a tutor lead section, a discussion section and also a practical section. Participants are encouraged to come with their laptop and a credit card (Naira MasterCard will be OK) for the practical section. Participants will benefit from free consultation service from Alabian Solutions Ltd.

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Classes at Alabian Solutions Ltd comprises of a tutor lead section, class programming session (or practical with take-home assignments) and a project development section. Every student will be expected to complete a project using the techniques learned during the training. This makes it easy for students to test the skills they’ve learned.

Benefits of Studying at Alabian Technology

  • The participant will benefit from free consultation service from Alabian Solutions Ltd.
  • Cheap costs
  • Tutor lead session
  • Job Networking after graduation
  • Students are part of the company’s project and remunerations are paid to students.


Their fees are the reason I have decided to write about them, and since I had a wonderful experience with them, I believe you can too.

Alabian Solutions Ltd to me is the best IT training institute in Nigeria currently. Don’t pay over your nose just to learn a skill again.

They can be contacted by dialing 08034265103


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