The Best Website to Sell your iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria

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Review: The Best Site to Sell iTunes card in Nigeria

For all those who are into the selling of iTunes gift card, I believe this post will be a very good one for you. From whichever city you are reading this from Nigeria, I will show you the best site to sell iTunes gift card in Nigeria in Nigeria. This website has the best and highest rate currently in Nigeria, and you don’t want to miss it at all.

best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria

The back view of a gift card

One of the problems that many iTunes card sellers’ online face is that of low rates, which is making it very bad for business. After much research, I found out this site that gives you the overall best rate for your iTunes card in Nigeria.

Whether you are a yahoo boy, or you use the iTunes gift card format to collect gift card from your clients, I will show you how to redeem gift card to cash in Nigeria.

Never fall into the hands of rippers again; this best site to sell iTunes card in Nigeria is here to help you make sure you get good money for your gift cards.

How to sell iTunes card in Nigeria

Get the iTunes gift card first

This is the first step for those that want to sell their gift cards for money. It doesn’t matter where you get the gift cards from, all that matters is that you have it. Once you have the gift card, make sure you don’t reveal the code to anybody.

An iTunes card to be sold on the best site to sell iTunes card in Nigeria

A loaded iTunes card

The digits at the back – just like a recharge card, are what you will redeem to the seller that will finally pay you.

Know the type of Card that you have

iTunes gift card

Image of an iTunes Gift Card

Not every card is an iTunes gift card. We have many other cards outside of the iTunes gift card. When it comes to other cards that are redeemable, we have;

  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • Vanilla, etc

Each of this gift cards has their own rates, so you should make sure that you are going for the person that will pay you the highest rate. But you shouldn’t worry because this site I am about to recommend for you, currently has the best rate in the market.

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Choose the best site to redeem the card

This is the most important part when you want to redeem iTunes gift card to cash in Nigeria. If you visit the wrong site, they will rip you off your money.

If you decide to go on Whatsapp and look for people to help you, they will scam you. So how do you do it?

This is where I will make a recommendation for all those who are looking for the best site to sell iTunes gift card in Nigeria at a dope rate.

What is the best site to sell iTunes gift card in Nigeria at the best rate?

During my research to find the best site to sell iTunes gift card in Nigeria, I had to bring up what makes a site a good site to sell gift cards. Here are some things I considered;

A good site to sell iTunes gift card in Nigeria is expected to;

  • Offer a good rate
  • Easy to use
  • Be trustworthy
  • Offer a flexible payment option
  • Respond promptly to questions from sellers

All of these made me choose LegitCards as the best site to sell your iTunes gift cards in Nigeria.

What is LegitCards?

LegitCards is one of the best sites to sell iTunes gift card in Nigeria, and it has the best rates. It exchanges most gift cards like iTunes, Amazon gift cards, Steam, Google play, etc. It also exchanges Bitcoin for Naira.

What makes it the best?

There are several reasons why LegitCards is the best platform to redeem your gift cards for Naira, and they are;

It is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission

Trading gift cards on LegitCards is risk-free – because nobody will rip you off.

They have the best rates in the market because they are direct loaders and not middlemen

Your transaction is also flexible

You can trade gift cards of any amount from $10 – $200 and even above.

Major currencies like USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, and EUR are also supported.

All forms of Cards are accepted on LegitCards – both electronic codes and physical gift card forms.

What are the Card Types that are accepted on LegitCards

Apart from selling iTunes gift card for Naira, you can also trade other cards on LegitCards and they include;

  • Walmart Gift cards
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Google Play Gift Cards
  • Steam Wallet Gift cards
  • Bitcoins
  • Target Gift Cards

How Fast do LegitCards Pay Sellers?

One of the issues facing sellers who are looking for the best site to sell iTunes card in Nigeria is the issue of trust. Due to the fact that there are many rippers everywhere, trust has become a key issue.

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But with LegitCards, there is nothing to fear; with over 5 years in this business, we have served all our customers well. Once you give us your card and we redeem it, be sure to get your money in 5 minutes.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift card for Naira on LegitCards

Below are the steps to sell your iTunes gift card on Legitcards

  • Go to the site


  • Click on Sell Now


  • Confirm their current rates


  • Send the gift card via Whatsapp messenger


  • Receive your payment ASAP


Does this sound too good to be true?

Hurry now and contact LegitCards immediately and start making money from your gift cards in Nigeria.

Testimonials from Customers

Have been searching all over the internet for a genuine gift card trader. Fortunately I stumbled on legitCards, had doubt initially but decided to try with 10usd. I couldn’t believe it when I got alert in few minutes. Ever since, have traded over 5000usd with legitCards! – Favy

Thanks to legitCards for serving my business, have lost over 1000usd to fraudsters on the cause of exchanging my iTunes cards to Naira. Now my mind is at test as I know where to exchange gifts cards to naira without risk. I can’t thank you enough. – Kehinde

legitCards is the best place to sell iTunes gift cards for naira, I was credited in 10 mins, my guys didn’t believe me until they saw me make several successful trades. Please keep up the good job! Will keep recommending you to friends. – Chinedu

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