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If you are ready to make money as a seller on Jumia, then you should know the best selling products on Jumia. Jumia, as a majority of us know is an online platform/market where goods and products of all kind are put on sale for people to buy. But before we start with the list of the best selling products on Jumia, let us take a brief look at the history of this great online platform.

Jumia was formerly known as Africa Internet Group (AIG), it was created in 2012 and since it has grown to become one of the best system of online commerce and marketplace. It began its operation in Lagos state, Nigeria, and currently has its companies in 23 African countries. Jumia was founded by Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Afaedor.

Its headquarters is in Yaba, Lagos state, Nigeria. It has about 3000 employees round 23 African countries and in Nigeria. Its verified website is . The online platform, Jumia, generated about $234million in revenue which represents about 265% growth in 2014.

As at 2016, Jumia had 126 operations across 23 African countries, thereby covering 90% of African GDP and 3 million customers. Also In 2016, Jumia became the continent’s first unicorn being valued at over 1 billion USD. As at 2017, ther were 126 websites in activity across 23 African countries.

Best Selling Products on Jumia

The most popular Jumia product in 2013 was mobile phones, with Nokia Lumia and Tecno Phantom being some of the top models. Tecno , a Chinese company with an exclusive focus on the African market, claims to be one of the continent’s fastest growing mobile brands. It also has a manufacturing firm in Ethiopia . Dell laptops and the Infinix tablets are also among the top items that Nigerians bought from Jumia.

Televisions were another a big seller for Jumia, notably Samsung and LG brands. In an earlier interview with How we made it in Africa, Sim Shagaya, CEO of Jumia’s competitor Konga, also stated electronics as one of its top products.

Nigerians seem to buy a lot of clothing online with women’s dresses and men’s shoes being the third and fifth most popular products respectively for Jumia. Bathroom towels are also a popular online purchase by people.

Last year(2018) saw the online retailer shift to a large number of LG washing machines, ranked in the sixth position. A 2011 survey by Renaissance Capital found that a vast majority of middle class Nigerian households own a refrigerator, electric fan,  electric iron and DVD player. However, only 42% own a fridge freezer, and only 8% a washing machine.

Jumia’s top selling book was Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai’s The Accidental Public Servant. El-Rufai served as the minister of the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja as well as director general of the Bureau of Public Enterprises. The book has been described as “a story of Nigeria , told from the inside”.

Another Popular after product in 2013 was Mama Gold rice. “During the 2013 Christmas holidays we identified a new trend where Nigerians bought a lot of bags of rice and oil to give out to older members of their families,” said Jumia in a statement we gathered.

When we talk about Affordability, Quality and Convenience, Jumia has the hallmark of good offers to their customers.


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 These are the top best selling products on Jumia shoppers list in 2018

Leagoo Kiicaa Power:

Leagoo Kiicaa power is amongst the best selling products on Jumia today. This Leagoo Kiicaa Power is a super affordable device. Its spots a 5-inch display and goes about its business on the Android 7.0 operation system.

among the best products on Jumia

Its Quad-core processor and 2GB RAM memory allow for swift navigation between apps. It also loaded with a 4000mAh battery to guarantee you with enough battery power all day long and is available at only N21,000 in the market.

Bata Heiress Comfy Flats:

They say fashion is a pain but I can assure you that in Jumia, they offer style and comfort to their able customers. The Bata Heiress Comfy Flat will make you feel like you are on your bed even while on your feet. It is on sale for N2,450.

GE 1 Pair Wristwatch:

Are you thinking of something to get your boo or bae at Valentine? You will be surprised that the little things in life will get you some amazing romantic points. The GE 1 pair of a couple of wrists – stylish, audacious and affordable. It is sold for N1,290 in Jumia markets.

Men Canvas:

Basically, you can declutter for the sake of mental health and free up the precious closet real estate, but don’t discard the pieces that will never, ever go out of fashion in our world. The men canvas can be rocked on denim, chinos and even shorts. It is available on Jumia for N5,400. 


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Mercedes Benz Perfume:

You might begin to wonder why a perfume is called Mercedes Benz, but i can bet you that it is a very good perfume mostly for people that drive cars. It is a luxury perfume for lovers and drivers of luxury. its scent accentuates class and speaks for itself. It sells for N17,999 in Jumia markets.

one of the best selling products on Jumia

Andrea Fast Hair Growth Essence:

Growing your hair is very important for some people who do not have hair and will like to have. It requires dedication, commitment and of course the application of a good hair product to alter the course of any genetic mishap to your hair. The Andrea Hair Growth Essence is tested, trusted and primed for sterling results. You can be sure your hair is in good hands. You can find the price on


The Shifuren Plain Smart loafers are very comfortable and affordable and will fit into almost any style. It is available at N2,999.

There are still varieties of Jumia products you can find on their website. But this article was compiled to serve the public and inform them of the best selling products on Jumia.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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