Top 10 Fast Moving Consumer Goods to Sell in Nigeria and Make Profit

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Interested in buying and selling of the best selling fast moving consumer goods popularly known as FMCG in Nigeria? In a country like ours(Nigeria), where the needs of every individual differ, there are certain commodities that command great demand from prospective customers. Irrespective of the depreciating economic trend, these goods still evoke considerable consumer confidence and respect, hence it is requested for by the general public.

In recent times, these goods have overcome the tests of fading away, instead, they are being demanded more by prospective consumers. This article is suitable for those who have an interest in selling fast moving consumer goods, and they are looking for the best-selling. The truth is that the majority of all FMCG products in Nigeria sells very well, so it depends on your sales location.

The packaging, brand name and quality of these fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria have played a major role in making them ‘household names’ items like Gala, Indomie, soft-drinks, fashion products, and etc now occupy a space in our subconscious mind. For example, when we move about in the streets and we feel hungry, we request to buy ‘gala’ from local markets.

The 10 Best-Selling fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria are Listed Below;

Top list of fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria

Packaged or Processed Food

In a fast moving generation like ours, the world is becoming a place where people want things available in quick demand, and with food is a basic and essential need for the human body. The demand for packaged or processed foods becomes obviously high. Despite the ‘junky’ nature and probable insatiability of these foods (harmful foods), they still arouse the appetite of prospective consumers. Among these, we have sausage roll (e.g.: gala, meaty, etc) Indomie, sardine, plantain chips, snacks and so on. To sum it up, Packaged or processed food is among the fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria today and will be for some time to come.

Cleaning Agents/Detergents

one of the top fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria

For the classical reason that no one wants to walk around dirty or inhabit an unhygienic environment, cleanliness takes a focal point in our daily routine of life. Whether for bathing, washing or cleaning, soap and other cleansing agents become very essential in our day to day activities. Soap and detergents like Premier, Imperial Leather, Mama gold, Klin, OMO, and etc have become regular portable items in and around the home. While these items are sold are low prices, their high demand rate makes the business process worth it all in the end.

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Phones and its Accessories

The use of GSM in our world today is growing massively by different classes of people.  It is hard to come by an individual who does not possess a mobile device and phone manufacturers like Samsung, Microsoft, Tecno, Apple, Infinix etc Furthermore, owing to the fragility of some of these devices; phone accessories are also in high demand: screen, battery, screen guard, pouches and so on command substantial purchasing order in Nigerian markets today.

phones are one of the top fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria


Recharge Card sale

Recharge cards are a supplement to mobile phones because, without mobile phones, recharge cards cannot be used. And with communication being an essential aspect of human lives, service providers like Airtel, Etisalat, Globacom and MTN have made [and will continue to make] a fortune through the production and eventual sales of these cards. Daily, the majority of mobile phone users buy recharge cards and it can now be classified under the fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria.

Beverages/Fruit Juice

The refreshing taste of a cold drink is one temptation consumers find hard to overcome in our day to day living in Nigeria. Drinks like Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite, beer [like Gulder, Star, etc] have left a mark on the customers. Coupled with this, you have different milk brands [like Peak, Hollandia, Three crown, etc] and tea [like Milo, Bournvita, etc] that are steadily moved out of stock. Also fruit juices like Hollandia and yoghurt and so on command great respect in the market.

Clothing/Fashion accessories

Clothing and Fashion accessories are slowly becoming one of the fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria.  Everyone desires to look good, therefore, as long as we live, clothing materials will remain high in demand. Furthermore, for women [though maybe some] artificial hair and make-up kits are some essentials that cannot be left out of their collection.

Baby Care Products

According to a brief research on Unicef, an estimated number of about 353,000 babies are born every single day. This figure largely relates to and implies that the market size for baby products increases daily as babies are being born. Some popular baby product brands that have made a mark in Nigeria are Pampers, Cussons, Honest, and a lot more.

baby care products fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria

Cosmetic Products

The use of cosmetic and grooming products have sky-rocked in recent years. Too many ladies around the world and in Nigeria cannot leave their homes without wearing a makeup. It gets even more serious as a lot of ladies carry their makeups around with them in their handbags. It is certainly sure to be applied at any moment they’re meeting up with someone important.

To round this up: it is not uncommon to see consumers who are not concerned about brand names. However, certain brands dominate the market and they can hardly be overlooked. Over the years, Dangote products (e.g: salt, sugar, pasta, cement, etc) have been among the top fast-moving consumer goods in Nigeria. This has seen in the company’s turnover skyrocket either Annually or Quarterly.

Wholesalers and Retailers who understand market trends very well will definitely generate good profit dealing in any of these goods since they readily appeal to customers regardless of his/her belief. The newbies in the country could also venture into marketing any of these fast-moving goods in Nigeria, but they should do that with a strong plan and they will be sure to reap a good profit.


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