How to Make Money by Importing Fast Selling Products from China

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If you are looking for the best products to import from China, I will gracefully show you the hot products to import from China and make money in Nigeria. When I talk about importing hot products from China, you don’t even need to travel to China before you can import anything.

A year ago, I made about 1 Million Naira gross profit by importing fast selling products from China to Nigeria. If you are armed with the right information, you can make it like I did by importing hot products from China to Nigeria.

Before you decide to ship products from China to Nigeria, you need to carry out a market survey on the demand in the market for such products. This is one mistake that entrepreneurs make that cost them millions of Naira. Acquiring the right information about the hot products to import from China to Nigeria would save you so much money and still give you so much profit.



There are several things to consider before you decide on the best products to import from China to Nigeria

best product to import from China into Nigeria

The Type of Product to Import

This should be one of the most important things to consider before start importing from China. You should remember that most of these products are shipped down to Nigeria and importing heavy goods might cause you so much money for importation.

Unless you want to go into full-time importation, you should consider importing mini hot products. E.g. Power Banks, Digital Photo Album, Waist Trimmer, and etc.

The Store to Buy From

Most of these stores where you intend to get the hot products to import from China aren’t verified. Most of them are scams, so you might end up losing your money to fraudsters. It is important to ask other importers where they buy their own products from before you start importing any of the best products I am going to recommend for you.

Expensive Stores

Before you start thinking of the best products to import from China, you should know how and where other importers buy from. If you aren’t careful, you might end up buying over-priced products from suppliers in China. I wouldn’t suggest any store for you because I can’t tell if there are other cheaper ones out there in the market.

Once you have considered all these, then you are ready to start importing goods from China to Nigeria. The next step is to know the tools that would help you have a seamless importation process.


Tools that will help you Import Goods from China to Nigeria


A Payment Gateway:

Most of the suppliers who sell hot products to import from China would require a PayPal account to complete your payment transactions. Most times our local ATMs don’t work when trying to complete any transaction outside the country.

As a result, I have discovered a payment platform aside PayPal that doesn’t accept Nigerians, which would allow you to make transactions anywhere around the world with ease.

The name is called Payoneer. I have used this payment platform for 3 years now doing business inside and outside of Nigeria. You can register for your Payoneer account by clicking here.

payment gateway to help pay for the best products to import from China

A Valid Home or Office Address

You have to make sure that your office address or home address is traceable by any logistics company. This will enable them to deliver any goods straight to your doorstep. If your address isn’t traceable, you might have issues receiving goods that you have imported from China.

A Personal PC with Internet Connection

Before you start thinking of hot products to import from China, you must have a very good personal computer with a wonderful internet connection. You can’t be an importer and visit the cybercafé to track your goods. Someone might hack into your system and do away with your information.

Email Address

This would help during your registration process on the website to make your orders. I assume you already have an Email address; but if you don’t, you can head over to and open a free Gmail account.


Best Products to Import from China to Nigeria

In no specific order are the best products to import from China to Nigeria. These are some of the hot products to import from China and sell it off within a week and make your gain.

Fashion Accessories

In the Fashion accessory category, we have the following hot products:

Make-Up Kits

Those accessories ladies use to improve their looks and facial appearance. You have to make sure you the popular ones that they are used to – instead of bringing in an unknown brand.




Sport wears include work-out clothes and other materials that can be used for sports. Boots, Slim belt, Gloves, Sports cap, and etc.

Children wear

Materials worn by babies, toddlers, or underage children that would make them look good.


It can be a corporate shoe or a fancy shoe. Whichever one it is, just make sure it is of good quality and quite fancy.


Electronic Appliances and Gadgets

The items that are listed under this category include:


It can be educational or just a normal tablet for kids. The key to making money with your tablet is that it should have large screen size and be quite affordable.

Ear Piece

Even though the earpiece market is quite saturated if you can get something of a high grade and brand it, you can dominate the market with your unique brand.

Memory cards

Solar Back-bag Laptop Charger

Wristwatch Camera

Phone wristwatches

Spy glasses

Sealing Machines

So many Nigerians are going into the production of small chops, snacks, and pure water business. This has made the sealing machine to be one of the best products to import from China into Nigeria.

If you can be able to import it for such a cheap fee, you can sell it and make a profit in excess of 200%.


Kiddie’s Toys

The idea behind importing kiddie’s toys from China is that it has its own season. Kiddies toy sells quite well during festive periods (especially during Xmas). It is one of the best products to import from China during that period.

Once you visit the popular site, you would see lots of kiddie’s toys that are there for you to import.  Some of the toys that are fast selling in the Nigerian market are;

  • Kid’s cars
  • Toy Horse
  • Flying Helicopter
  • Toy soldiers
  • Toy gun

I don’t really recommend the gun, but if it will make you money, then you can go ahead and purchase. It is one of the best hot products to import from China and make money fast.

Security Gadgets and Devices

We all understand how volatile the Nigerian environment is. Once you are able to import a good security tracking device from China, you will make so much money selling it to rich people. The rich people are conscious of their safety, and this has made the security product to become one of the best products to import from China into Nigeria. It is also one of the fast-selling products.

Now that you have seen the best products to import from China into Nigeria and make money, how can you go ahead and import them?

Steps to Import Hot Products from China into Nigeria

Your Desired Product

I have listed out some of the best products to import from China, but you should make sure that you already know the people you intend selling to. Once you have identified your target market, you can then go straight ahead to step 2.



Website to Order from

There are so many websites in China that you can use for your importation process, but not all of them are genuine. Below is a list of genuine websites that I use for my importation needs;


Factors to consider when importing from is one of the best sites to start importing goods from China. The reason is that the website is where you will find the cheapest goods to buy. Asides from that, once you have a good agent, the flow is very simple.

But you must be careful and follow these rules;

A Good Agent

After selecting the products you want to import, an agent will help you clear the goods down to Nigeria. If you choose a bad agent, they will steal from you, and you will lose your capital.

The idea of buying on the website

Any mistake you make on that website will cost you thousands of Naira, so I suggest you learn the tutorials before starting your mini-importation journey. I offer a Whatsapp class on this, so be ready to get started once you register on my WhatsApp platform.

These websites, for now, are the most reliable. They are what you would use as your link to your supplier.

Search for what you intend to buy

Most times when you visit any of the sites, it might show up in the Chinese language. That is why I recommend the use of Chrome browser when trying to make purchases. You can easily switch it back to English.

On the right-hand side of the website, you would see a search button. With that, you can input what you intend to buy. E.g. “Educational Tablet 8 inches” Then you will see several products for you to choose from.

Verify Supplier

Once you click on the product you intend to buy, then you check out the supplier of such a product. You have to verify that he is a legit seller – to avoid stories. Be careful not to go for a seller whose overall rating is below 98%. It shows that something is wrong with his delivery.

Once you have identified the supplier that would give you one of the hot products to import from China, then you send him an inbuilt mail from the system (if you are using


Once you have ordered any of the best products to import from China, then you require free shipping.

Note: Make sure you discuss this before giving a go-ahead for your shipping. Most suppliers won’t want to ship for you free, it is up to you to decide which you want.




This is the last and final stage of the importation process from China. I suggest you make payments via an Escrow setup on the website.

Note: Never pay any supplier directly. They might force you to do so, but don’t try it.

If you pay using the payment system on the website, once your goods arrive and it isn’t what you requested, you will get an automatic refund once you send it back to the supplier.

You have seen the best products to import from China and the steps for the importation. It is good you learn some of these online businesses like this one, which will keep putting money into your account.

In case you have questions, just leave me a comment and I will help you out. Have a wonderful time and remember to like us on Facebook and share this article.


Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

Obinwanne Umunna
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