The Best Music Studio in Lagos State: Great Life Entertainment Studio

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From whichever city you are in Lagos, I am going to show you the best music studio in Lagos. No matter the kind of song you do; if you are looking for the best music studio in Nigeria with cheaper services that would help you achieve quality result with your song, create the most amazing and perfect sound, and bring your music into life in the most comfort-providing environment – then you should visit the GREAT LIFE ENTERTAINMENT STUDIO. The Great Life Entertainment studio has been seen as the best music recording studio in Lagos, due to the awesome facilities that it houses.

Great Life Entertainment is a music recording studio in Nigeria and an audio-visual production company that specializes in music production, cinematography, branding, event coverage, and music production. Their state of the art studio in the heart of Lagos has made them come up with a masterclass studio that has been seen as certainly the best studio in Lagos state.

If luxury, sophistication, state of the art is what you are looking for when in need of a recording studio, press conference hall, dance rehearsals, TV/Commercial productions, then look no further as I present to you the Great Life Entertainment Studio and Visual Hall.


Services Offered by Great Life Entertainment


Music Studio

This music recording studio has been seen as the best music studio in Lagos state within last year and this year. It is well equipped with sophisticated equipment, and experienced professionals. The music studio comprises of;

The Control Room

Our control room is both spacious and acoustically designed with producers and sound engineers in mind. The room which measures about 209 sq ft is treated with various absorbers, diffusers and sound reflectors to provide an accurate mixing environment.

best music studio in Lagos control room

This means you know your mix will sound great both in the music recording studio and when your project is played on other systems. This room features state of the art technical recording equipment, wood finish, ambient lighting system, comfortable fabric sofa, sight line to the live room and is fully air-conditioned. Alongside other songs, this company also has a gospel music recording studio in Lagos – for those interested in recording gospel songs.

The Live Room


The Live Room which is also known as the rehearsal room or vocal booth is an air-conditioned 403 sq ft room which can accommodate a large group of artists/performers.

The acoustics in this room are world-class and makes a huge difference to the quality of the recorded sound. The ambient effects in the room give a relaxing feel and stimulating environment while playing with the band or recording your music.

The room is fully isolated from the outside world. It also features several live instruments, fresh air replacement and an excellent sight line to the control room.

great life studio the best music studio in Lagos

Our music studio is fully equipped with top-notch equipment for a world-class music production, available for band rehearsals with a standby music producer

Facilities found in the Music Studio includes

  • DJ mixing console
  • Speakers and amplifiers
  • Cutting edge microphones
  • Monitor headphones and speakers
  • Professional sound engineers
  • All types of Musical instruments

equipment of great life studio

The Visual Studio

If you require the best visual studio in Lagos that would serve as a press conference hall, a dance rehearsal studio, a hall for your TV/Commercial productions, then you should visit the Great Life Entertainment Visual Hall.

The hall is equipped with all the facilities that would create a convenient atmosphere for you to have a wonderful production or conference. The hall has the following facilities to ensure comfort and luxury;

  • A fully air-conditioned room
  • Great Lightening
  • State of the art decorations
  • A mirrored environment
  • Well-spaced room for comfort

best visual studio in Lagos

If you are looking for the best music studio in Lagos for your music or video productions, then the Great Life Studio is certainly the best place in Lagos to achieve that.

What Makes Great Life Studio the Best Music Studio in Lagos?

  • 24 hours security/surveillance system
  • Comfortable reception area
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Toilets with shower
  • Wireless broadband
  • Live music instruments
  • Digital mixing console
  • DJ mixing console
  • Speakers and amplifiers
  • Cutting edge microphones
  • Monitor headphones and speakers
  • Professional sound engineers
  • 20% Discount on all service – Cheap and Affordable.

For bookings, you can visit them at 36, Olakunle Selesi Crescent off Asa-Afariogun Street Osolo Way. Ajao Estate Lagos.

Or Call; 09086050663 for more enquiries.


Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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