5 Best Christmas Destination Around the World

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Are you looking for the best Christmas destination for your family around the world? Most major cities around the world celebrate Christmas in an extreme fashion and memorable way. So I believe this would be a perfect post to show you some explosive cities that would give you the best and maximum satisfaction when you go visiting for Christmas.

Getting cheap flights to Dubai which is one of the best Christmas destination has become extremely easy. This means that this post would surely leave you yearning for a visit to the mention areas.

Best Christmas Destinations around the world in 2018

best christmas destinations

Christmas Season


Despite Dubai being an Islamic nation, the city would be all super lit during the Xmas celebrations. There are lots of destinations for fun seekers looking for the best Christmas destinations around the world with their families.

Cool places in Dubai that is suitable for even those with low budgets include;

  • Fort Island Festive Market at Madinat Jumeirah
  • Besh Restaurant
  • Christmas at Atelier M
  • The Irish Village Christmas Tree Lighting

The Village of Santa Claus Finland

When you feel your family and kids have never gotten a feel of Santa Claus, then it is time to go visiting in his hometown. Once you head up north to Finland’s Arctic’s Circle, you would see the Jolly man in his red suits.

With thousands of people visiting Santa Claus from all over the world, the Santa Claus village in Finland has become a hotshot destination for those looking for the best Christmas destination anywhere in the world.

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You might need deep pockets while traveling to this Christmas funfair location, but the memories would surely last a lifetime.

Dublin Ireland

This staunch Catholic Irish town has several ways of making Christmas a memorable one for residents. One of the eyebrow-raising moments in the early morning swims on the 25th at the forty – foot sea-water pool.

There is also Christmas lights, ice skating, cheesy pantos, and the 12 days of Christmas market in the Docklands.

You would also don’t want to miss carols at the St Patricks’ cathedral church. All these are a bit of many reasons why you should visit Dublin during this Christmas season.


Thinking of the sight of St Peter’s square in Rome and the nativity that comes along with Christmas is alone to make Rome your best Christmas destination.

You can feast your eyes on the remarkably detailed 18th-century Neapolitan carved-wood crib at the Church of SS. Cosma and Damiano by the main entrance to the Roman Forum.

There are other fantastic places to visit in Rome that would leave you wishing Christmas should be every day of your life.

West Bank of Bethlehem

With so much emphasis placed on the present day grabbing and overindulging, it is almost hard to deny that the real meaning of Christmas has been forgotten. To refresh our minds, nothing compares to going on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

The energy from visitors all over the world in this holy ground is enough to light a forest of Christmas trees. The best Christmas destination to be with your family when the clock strikes 12 o’clock in St Catherine’s Church for the midnight mass.

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Guess where it is located? Bethlehem, West Bank!!!

From my several tours around the world, I have listed out the best 5 places for a memorable Christmas celebration.

But notwithstanding, those memorable places in Dubai and cheap flights to Dubai that wouldn’t blow up your budget, it is time to take that much needed Christmas vacation and see how Christmas can be celebrated in an Islamic city.

Till we meet again, happy Christmas celebrations. Remember to greet Santa Claus for ME!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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