Best Messages To Use When Asking For Money or Help

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In most cases we need money to make money, we might opt for the option of asking for money while making full use of text messages. However, this process is not easy at all, and that is why this article on the best asking for money text messages is composed.

Note that, at the end of this article, you should be able to get the required amount of money you need by asking for it through text messages. Undoubtedly so, using text messages to ask for money is by far one of the easiest and less stressful ways to seek for financial assistance. Apart from the person seeing you one on one, when someone sees your message that you need money without you physically present, he/she would be able to think and digest why you need the money and give it to you in due course.


writing some of the best asking for money text messages

Composing an SMS for Help


The steps of the best asking for money text messages in which I am going to list will surely work out for you because it starts with the perfect way to convince someone to give you money. Meanwhile, it is not just right for you to ask for money through the use of text messages without making a phone call to the person who is about to lend you help financially.



The text message you would be delivered to the person you hope will give you money is to make him/her see more reason why you should be assisted financially. After making a phone call, it is just a matter of time before you will receive the money you previously requested for.

After all, said and done, let us now get down to the steps to write an asking for the money text message. This can also work if you want to use the money to make investments to earn passive income.


How to Write an SMS Asking for Help


Begin with a good salutation

The greeting is the bedrock and foundation for any useful conversation to take place. Always try to be as polite as ever when giving your address through the use of text messages. Avoid the use of “Hello” when giving your greeting. Why not make use of a proper salutation message like “Hi,” it will surely make you and your possible helper understand each other well.

Do not also forget that you have to include their name after the salutation “Hi” so that they would know that the message is for them and not for another person entirely.


Thank/Appreciate them for the assistance they have rendered in the past

When we are writing this article on best asking for money text messages, we think that you seek to rewrite the text messages to your friends or family members as the case may be. Also, it is assumed that you have shared some memory with your friends and family members who have previously assisted you financially or otherwise. Appreciate them for the times they have helped you in the past to do one thing or the other.

When you do that, they will begin to remember those good moments you both shared during the past days. With this, they are going to see the reasons why they should help their good old friend once more.


Explain your present situation

The next step for you to take in your text message is to explain your present situation. Also, when you tell them your current situation, they would also picture what you were before and what you are going to be if they do not assist you financially.

When what they imagine for you is doom, they would have no option than to help you, and by so doing, you will be saved by the money they will give you. It is also advisable that you are honest about your current situation so that they do not find reasons to doubt your story.


Make them know that you are serious

Like I said earlier, never give them any reason to doubt you. If possible, tell them to take their time before they make their decision about helping you financially. Give them ideas to help you, and in no distant time, you would be assisted financially.


Explain to them how you plan to leave your present situation

As at the time you present to them your plans to become a financially independent being, they would think that you would not ask them again for money. They would see it as a payment they will not make again, and that is why they would be willing to give you the money you are asking for.



Promise you will give them back their money

This next step is based on the plans you have told them about. When they have an imaginary picture as to how you would make good use of the money they will give you and possibly have tons of money, later on, to pay you back, they would be willing to provide you with the money.

Give them every assurance that you are going to pay back when you are settled and when you start making money. However, if you want the money to come purely as gift, state in the message and do not make it seem as though you’re forcing the person.


Being Boastful

While asking for money with text messages, you do not want to turn off the person’s mind. For example, do not claim that the needed amount is nothing, do not brag, and do not attempt to be bossy in the message. No matter how rich the person knows you to be, it doesn’t matter at the moment because you require something from them.


Thank them in advance for their assistance

When you thank them in advance for their support, it will clearly show that you believe that they are going to assist you. The process of thanking them in advance will also make the process faster.


Best examples of Asking for Money Text Messages


Help messages SMS

A man requesting for help via Letter


Under this part, I am going to be listing out some cases of the best asking for money text messages format in which you can adopt, and it will work out. Note that you are not meant to copy the examples word for word, but you are just meant to grab the main idea and pilot your text messages to whoever you wish to send them to seek help financially.

Hi Alexander,

You are aware that at a certain point in a person’s life, he/she will be down financially. You should be mindful of that point in a person’s life where suicide becomes an option. Alexander, I am presently at that point where death is an option. That is the reason why I am delivering this text message to you seeking financial help.

Shame has overwhelmed me, and that is why I am not telling you my current situation through the use of a phone call. I have sent you this text message because I think that you can assist me. I am planning on starting a business which will pay me more than double in a few months, and that is why I need funds to start and keep me moving.

Alexander, I am making the promise to pay you back once I get the money you gave me at first. I am thanking you in advance because I know that I am moments away from a positive response — your close friend – Christopher.


Hi Philip,

I thank you for standing by me during the past years we have been together. You have been my pillar ever since even though you are not financially buoyant. I have gotten to a stage already where I need help, and I cannot look beyond you.

Philip, my life is going down the drain, and I desperately need help, or else you might be hearing bad news from my side anytime soon. I seek your financial assistance to keep on moving in life. There are a lot of business opportunities around which will yield millions in some month’s time, but I need enough capital to start it and also to sustain me.

I would be so appreciative if you can heed to my cry and I also promise to pay you back once I can get hold of the money. Once again, I thank you for standing by me in the past years, and I hope you also stand by me in this hard time — your sincere friend – Christopher.



Hi Harry,

How is life treating you over there? I believe yours cannot be worse than my current situation. I  lost my job a few months back, and life has become a living hell for me ever since then. I hardly feed on 3 square meals per day. I am considering doing something I will regret if I do not get help anytime soon, which is why I am approaching you for help.

I am in desperate need of money to survive and also to start up something in which i can begin to make some money and kick start my whole life again. I would be ever grateful if you can assist me, and I also promise to pay back when my business starts paying me. Yours truly beloved friend – Christopher


Hi Jack,

I want to thank you for your help during our days together in school and after school. You have always stood by me in time of hardship and troubles. However, in recent years, life has not been particularly good to me. I have been managing ever since I lost my job and I can barely last till the next month if I do not seek help, which is why I have come to you.

I know you may not be the financially buoyant type, but with the little you have, I hope you can assist me so that I can stand on my feet again and also to survive. I promise to pay you back in no distant time when I get back the money you will give me. I thank you once again, and I hope you heed to my cries — your longtime friend  – Christopher.


Hi Morgan,

How are you doing with your family over there? It is with regret that I bring to you my bizarre current situation which desperately needs uplifting.  You know that one cannot be dying in pain and be drinking poison at the same time. He/she will look for help from the hospital or a medical practitioner. I am presently in a state of confusion, and I do not know the next step to take, and that is why I am approaching you for financial help.

I can barely eat daily ever since I stopped working due to the scandal in my place of work. The situation even got worse that my children had to drop out of school. I seek your financial assistance so that I can start up a business which will enable me to eat with my children and send them back to complete their education.

I promise to pay you back immediately my hands get hold of the amount of money you will give me. I thank you in advance because I am hopeful that you will help me. Yours truly – Faith


If you have not called or spoken with the person in a long while, here is how your how to ask for money politely text message should be.

Hi Cindi,
I hope you’re doing great and everything is going on well. I haven’t been phoning in of recent due to the difficulties I’ve been through.
I have been suffering the course of things slowly on my own. I haven’t really been able to tell anyone because I do not want to be seen as a burden or some sort. However, I managed myself out the tough situations but some things are still weighing me down.
There is a venture I would love be get into. However, I lack the resources to do so. If I had, I would be proceeding but since I don’t, I would love you to assist me.
I would definitely return this favor in no time. The chances that I will is very high because right now, I have an investment adding up.
If it’s possible for us to meet, I wouldn’t mind at all. I know you’d love to do this for me and I want you to please consider my humble request.
Thank You Cindi
Faith Derrick


In situations where you’ve annoyed the person before, there is still a way to get away with the following please help me messages that will make the person pity you and send you all the money. You can even copy this message and edit some part to favor you.

Hi Susan,
I hope you’re good. First, I’m apologising for the misunderstanding that occurred between us recently. It wasn’t my intention to have it go that far. I’m sorry.
Susan, I’ve always had a little problem I believe you could help me sort out. It’s about money for a project I have at hand. I know it’s hard for you to put me under consideration of any sort but I’m being very sincere with you that I need your assistance.
I signed up for health program that suits my profession but the demand is quite high on me. I’ve gathered a little which is not enough and the health program will be ending very soon. I wouldn’t mind coming over so that we I can better explain the nature of the program to you.
Please, consider my request and don’t hesitate to get back to me.
Thank You
Yours Friendly,

There are people who have issues with being polite. You might be one of those and I will show you how to ask for money politely with this simple request SMS messages. Make this letter your template and don’t forget to credit us after receiving the money.
Here is how to be very polite because politeness remains one of the powerful factors when it comes to asking for money

Dear Uncle Sam,
It’s been a while since I last checked in. I hope the family is doing great. And little Mike, I hope he’s great too. Do extend my greetings to your wife, Stella and bro Ben.
I decided to partake in an ongoing seminar in the school last week Monday. I didn’t expect it to reach the level it is today and it’s a life changing one. The management team decided to shift the event away from Charles lane, where our college is located, to New Melbourne Drive which is far away. I’m very interested in this seminar because of the chances I stand to establish a business brand. Dad is sick and the little we have is saved for his health and I do not have enough to subscribe to the event and purchase other resources.
Dear Uncle, I would very much appreciate 50 Dollars from you to be able to get the best out of this event. Kindly honor my request. Thank You.
Yours Sincerely,
Mike Bush

Final Thought

One very important thing to note is that not everyone would give in to your demands. They probably have something to fix and wouldn’t be able to meet your demands.
For every declined request, do not feel rejected. And, if you need the money urgently, consider writing to more than one person. Write to at least two persons per time. When the responses are not cool, write again to another two.
lots of people make money through money requests and you could be the next rich fellow from asking for money through text messages.

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