Amazon Carding Method [2022 Tutorial]

Sup, hustler? It is time for me to teach you the Amazon carding method for carding items on Amazon. Amazon is wealthy, and the owner, Jeff Bezos, is the richest man in the world. As a hustler, it is your right to be rich and by carding Amazon, you are tapping into riches.

Amazon carding method

To card Amazon, you need live CC, a fake email address, a VPN, an Amazon account, a drop, and a picker. Before you start carding Amazon, you have to find a picker. Immediately you card an item, send it to the picker’s location before the owner of the CC reports to Amazon.

Amazon is worth a whopping $189.3 billion. It means that Amazon is too rich to detect when you are carding the site with CC fullz. And trust me; carding items on Amazon is better than selling your soul to a god.

In the sections below, you will learn everything about how to do Amazon carding. Let’s discover how you can benefit from the Amazon carding method!

How to Do Amazon Carding – Requirements

In this section, you will learn about the Amazon carding tutorial and the requirements. Also, note that this tutorial contains all the guides in Amazon carding method PDF.

Amazon carding method

To do Amazon carding successfully is relatively simple depending on how smart you can be. Once you have the requirements ready, the next step is to create a fake Amazon account and start carding with your VPN.

Note: There is no free CC for carding Amazon. You have to buy the CC or CC fullz on the dark web before carding.

Without much explanations, below are the requirements for carding Amazon for free.

Requirements for Carding on Amazon

An Amazon Account

Amazon uses robust programs to detect fraud on its site, and you must tread carefully to avoid being suspected. Of course, when the bots suspect your account, your account will be suspended for a review or disabled.

Do not create an Amazon account before you start hunting for a free CC for carding Amazon or a paid CC. Regarding how to do Amazon carding, your Amazon account must match with the CC. Even the name and email address should be the same. Endeavor to buy CC fullz so that you will have access to a complete credit card details such as security number, email address, address, etc.

A VPN or Socks

As a carder, you must have a VPN that hides your IP from Amazon. I recommend using top VPNs such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark. But if you do not have money for a premium VPN service, you can download a free VPN app or software online.

For Android users, there are lots of free VPNs on the play store, but they have limitations. Free VPNs do not have robust servers, and they may monitor your activities.

In place of a VPN, you may use socks to hide your IP address. Get Socks4 or Socks5 and learn how to set up on your desktop browser before use.


CC is a term that refers a credit card details in carding. To card an item on Amazon, you require a specific credit card brand of credit card, and that is the Visa card. If you use CC of card services like MasterCard, you will not be able to card Amazon.

Regarding the Visa card for Amazon carding, we have the Verified by Visa (VBV) and non-Verified by Visa (non-VBV) cards. The VBV CC is highly secure and often requires OTP, which makes it impossible to card an item on Amazon.

Whereas non-VBV is not secure, and you can card Amazon without unnecessary security question and PIN. For you to card Amazon, buy CC from the black market or use non-VBV stolen credit card numbers. Also, I recommend CC fullz because it contains complete details of the credit cardholder. However, CC fullz is costlier than the normal CC which does not include the full information of the cardholder.

Note: Buy a CC with at least 1.75 lac limit.

Lastly, you require a Live CC because Amazon will not be able to charge a dead CC and process the transaction.

Carding Browser

The type of browser that you use determines your success in carding Amazon. I do not recommend using Chrome because Google always has an eye on you. For example, after visiting a carding site to find free CC for carding Amazon, Google will begin advertising things close to CC on your phone.

I recommend the UC browser and Firefox. But we have several other browsers that can work perfectly in carding. If possible, download an older browser like Firefox 18 for more control over how you use the internet.

Note: You must have a different browser for this Amazon carding tutorial.

Operating System

Whether you use a smartphone or PC, you will still get the same result. Nevertheless, a PC is better because you can run software like Socks4 on PC.

If you are using a smartphone, it must be Android. I recommend Android because it allows you to control the things you do fully. But make sure to uninstall applications that relate to Google before you start carding Amazon to avoid. Additionally, I recommend older android versions such as Gingerbread (2.3), Jelly Bean (4.2.2), KitKat (4.4), etc.

Drop (Location)

The drop is the location where the carded item from Amazon will be shipped. For example, if the CC points to the US, it means that the USA is the drop for the Amazon item. After which the item will be shipped to your current location. Of course, the item can be shipped to any place in the world regardless of whether it is India, China, South Africa, Pakistan, England, etc.


A picker is a person that will pick up or receive the carded item from the post office. You will negotiate a small fee for the picker to send the carded item to your new location.

Note: Do not tell the picker that you carded the item from Amazon. Otherwise, he/she might confiscate the item, and you will not hear from them again.

Be straightforward with the person, and explain that you need someone who will help you to move an item to your country. And that you do not stay close to the country at the moment. Since it is a small item, the courier will not ask for much of the picker’s ID. Also, you must use the postal code of the picker.

Carding Proofs:

Amazon carding method

Before Opening Carded Items


Amazon carding tutorial

After Opening

Amazon Carding Method: Complete Tutorial

In this section, you will learn about the Amazon carding method from me without requiring a PDF. I will disclose the way to do Amazon carding and successfully receive a carded item. But before you read further, get a live CC from the black market.

Below are the 6 steps for the Amazon carding method:

  • Buy a Live CC Fullz
  • Create an Amazon Account
  • Find a Picker
  • Add Items to Cart
  • Place Your Order and Ship the Item
  • Close the Account After Receiving the Item
how to do Amazon carding

Carded Phones from Amazon

Buy a Live CC Fullz

The first and most challenging step in Amazon carding is to get a live CC fullz. And the live CC fullz must be non-VBV (non-Verified by Visa). Many hustlers become scam victims while trying to buy a live CC and it is because they do not visit the right forums or CC markets.

The carding industry advises carders to use the escrow when buying CC from the internet. Of course, just like you, several hustlers online are always on the lookout for people to scam. How does escrow work? The escrow serves as a middleman when you have a deal online. You will pay him some percentage and he will hold the money until the deal is successful. That is, you have to be able to confirm whether the CC you are purchasing is live and non-VBV before the escrow will release funds to the seller.

Note: Get CC with a minimum of 1.75 lac limit.

Create an Amazon Account

After buying a non-verified live CC fullz, create an account with Amazon. Note that you need a VPN to create an Amazon account without exposing your IP address.

Make sure to use the details of the CC while opening the Amazon account. Regarding the email address, if the email address that comes with the CC is, create an email like As you can see, I have added ‘S’ to the new fake email address.

Find a Picker

The next step is to find a picker that stays in the location that the CC carries. For example, if the CC location is the United States of America, you must locate a picker in the US. Of course, finding a picker is not challenging.

To find a picker, go to the various forums of the country, create a thread, and indicate that you need help. When you get responses, disclose that you want someone who will help deliver your item to your country. You can also find a picker by joining Facebook groups with people residing in the drop country.

Add Items to Cart

When you find a picker, return to the Amazon account and add items to the cart. Do not card over $1,000 worth of items to reduce suspicion. Also, remember to activate the VPN while accessing the Amazon account to hide your current location. And make sure to set the location of the VPN to the country in the CC.

After carding items, log out of Amazon for at least 20 minutes. If Amazon does not penalize the account within 20 minutes, it means that you have successfully tricked the bots. The Amazon bots believe that you are not running the Amazon carding method, and will not put you in the red zone.

Place Your Order and Ship the Item

Now, clear the cache and cookies in your browser and open the Amazon account again. Do not also forget to activate the VPN; otherwise, Amazon will disable your account.

It is now time to inform the picker that you have ordered for an item. Of course, you would have negotiated a token with the person. For example, if you are carding an iPhone worth $759.99, you should consider giving like about $30 to the picker.

Note: For the safety of your carded item, do not disclose what is the package. The shipping company charges based on the weight of an item. So, they will not ask the picker what is inside the pack.

Close the Account After Receiving the Item

When the item reaches the picker, you will provide the picker with your details. Below are the details to give the picker:

  • Name of country
  • Postal code
  • Phone number
  • Residential address

You can ask the picker to pay for tracking information which will disclose the progress of the item until it gets to you. Of course, you will give the picker the money to pay for the tracking information.

Once you get a notification regarding the arrival of the Amazon item, get ready to pick up or receive the item. Note that the deliveryman or courier may ask for your ID to confirm the contact details and your name.

You may then close the Amazon account or just disassociate from the account entirely. The original owner of the CC would have received an alert regarding the deduction from his/her bank. When Amazon is informed, an investigation will take place. But it is none of your business.

Best VPN for Amazing Carding

Nord VPN

Nord VPN uses powerful servers that will secure you from agencies such as the FBI. If Amazon does not support your country, Nord VPN will further give you unrestricted access to Amazon.


Surfshark provides all the freedom to surf the internet without a trace. If you care about not letting your IP address leak, consider the Surfshark.


You will enjoy the benefit of powerful servers while using ExpressVPN.

Reasons Why Amazon Carding Fails

Below are the reasons why Amazon carding is not successful:

  • Dead CC
  • Verified by Visa CC
  • The balance of CC is not positive
  • The BIN is not active
  • Amazon previously blocked the CC

Pro Tip:

If you do not want to go through the stress of a picker, you can buy a digital product from Amazon. Some of the digital products on Amazon include eBooks, stories, software, etc. When you card these kinds of products, Amazon will deliver them to your email for download.

You may then resell the products to people who are willing to buy and get your money. First, you have to figure out what digital product people need. For example, people love to purchase eBooks that teach how to become a millionaire in 7 days. You can purchase such eBooks, advertise for a token on Facebook and start retailing for money.

Free CC for carding Amazon

A Carded Laptop


Is Carding Amazon Possible?

Yes, it is possible to card Amazon. However, you require a VPN, live CC fullz, drop, and a picker too successfully card Amazon for free items.


The purpose of this article is to expose the Amazon carding tutorial to the general public. When you card Amazon, you are also responsible for the consequence if you are caught.

Final Thought

In this article, I have disclosed everything about the Amazon carding method. Other than this tutorial, there is no other way to do carding on Amazon and receive the item.

Before you venture into Amazon carding, make sure to understand the implications and how to avoid getting caught. Of course, with a strong VPN, it will be impossible for any agency to track you. But you must also be smart not to leave a loophole after carding successfully.

Finally, do not boast about being a carder online because you never know who might be spying on you. Alternatively, you may consider yahoo formats instead of carding Amazon.


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