Should you accept a Low-Paying Job just for Experience? See the factors to consider

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“Is taking a low paying job for experience a good decision?” many people would ask. To be frank with you, I and many other career counsellors have no definite answer for this question. The question is similar to asking “what are your chances of hitting a jackpot, after placing a bet.” There is a chance that it would work out well, there is also a chance that it would be one of the career mistakes you would ever make. I don’t know what motivates you, so you should figure that out yourself.

Do you watch football? Let’s consider this scene.

An upcoming footballer decides to leave a big club like Real Madrid to another smaller club just to get playing time. The chances of him ever reaching the top with his small club as a medium, depends on many factors. We are going to tactically look at the factors to consider before you decide upon taking a low paying job for experience.

Factors to consider before taking a low paying job for experience


low paying job for experience


Job Growth Prospect

Are you really going to grow on the job? Or you are going to be miserable and stagnated all through your stay at the workplace? Job growth should constitute an important part of your decision-making process. Do you know that if you don’t grow on any job in a firm, you would end up wasting a greater per cent of your life being stagnant? Your CV would be seen as a dwarf in the eyes of recruiters.

Job growth should be one of the factors to consider if you ever decide to take a low paying job for experience. Most CEOs won’t consider your loyalty or promises made during recruitment if they ever decide to fire you. So please be wise.

Time for Self-Development

Time for self-development is essential when it comes to taking a low paying job for experience. Let’s assume there was no job growth prospect and you still need the job badly, you should then consider if you are going to even have time to develop yourself. I have seen people working for peanuts, yet they don’t even have time to develop themselves in other areas. Once you won’t have the chance to attended special classes, Master-classes, or improve yourself educationally, then I don’t think it is worth it.

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You would only become a slave for your employer ready to be discarded when he/she feels that you are no longer worth the amount being paid to you. There should be no loyalty when it comes to making a career decision – be wise about it.

Time to attend other Interviews

Why should I even take up a job that won’t allow me to explore other options? Come on, that is madness. But remember not to ask the recruiters if they will allow you to attend other interviews – it’s against working ethics.

What I do before taking up any job role is to make friends with existing staffs, so that I can get a sneak of their working culture in the company. If it is favourable, then you can go ahead and sign the dotted lines. If it isn’t, I suggest you check out other options that might be available. Once you discover that there isn’t any other option, then you can see how to create options by side hustle.

Conducive Environment to Learn from others

You won’t believe that there are some organizations that limit you to just doing your job. You hardly learn new skills because all you follow every day at your workplace is just routine. Such a workplace is toxically coupled with the low paying job. You should avoid it because you would only end up killing your career and limiting your earning potentials.

Learning other skills in different sectors might prove pivotal to getting another higher paying job because you would have expanded your skills horizon. So before you decide to take a low paying job for experience, make sure you calculate the pros and cons.

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There are several reasons why people take low paying jobs in the name of getting experience, but that shouldn’t be the reason why you should suffer at work. When you deliver a powerful job, you should expect a wonderful pay alongside your effort.

I wish you success in your job hunt and remember to always improve yourself, it will always give you the edge you need.


Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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