7 Top Nigerian Dangerous but Lucrative Jobs in 2017

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In analyzing the Top Nigerian dangerous but lucrative jobs in 2017, I want to state that I have no intention of promoting any of the jobs listed. I have written extensively on some of the professional lucrative jobs in Nigeria again, so you can check it out Jobs with High Employment Rate in Nigeria

Due to the current trend in governmental policies, most of the jobs we once considered dangerous and deadly are becoming lucrative for early adopters to explore.

Without wasting much time, let’s have a sneak into the top 7 Nigerian dangerous but lucrative jobs in Nigeria this 2017.


The last time I heard this terminology, it was closely related to our referees in our local football matches, who were as broke as broke could be. Now the term Whistle-blowing now has a clear meaning, and it is one with a lucrative statement.

According to the minister of Information, “Whistle-blowers are entitled to 5% of recovered loots”

Nigerian dangerous but lucrative jobs 2017

A professional whistleblower

This means that a whistleblower who recovers 2 billion Naira, is entitled to ——– (you can fill in the gap.)

7 Top Nigerian Dangerous but Lucrative Jobs in 2017 1

Money got from whistleblowing

The downside of the job is blowing a whistle wrongly or blowing it on someone who later gets to find out you blew it.


You remember the “Billionaire Kidnapper?”, this job has come in second as the most Nigerian dangerous but lucrative jobs to engage in. It promises lots of cash incentives to successful operations.

kidnapping is one of Nigerian dangerous but lucrative jobs

A Kidnapper caught in Nigeria

All it takes is just to kidnap a prominent person, and request for ransom. If you are successful, you go home with your millions.

If you are caught according to the recent bill signed into law, you would pay a visit to your ancestors as fast as possible.


This job is among the Nigerian dangerous but lucrative jobs currently. Politicians like, Dino Melaye is a testimony to how lucrative this job is. Even though it is capital intensive, but the payout is massive.

The downside of the job is that the average Nigerian curses you all day, and your opponents want you out of the way. Unless you have supernatural backups, you shouldn’t consider this career.

Celebrity Paddy

This would have been one hell of a soft job, but recently it has become a dangerous but lucrative job to handle. With the recent happenings, you stand at a crossroad to negotiate your life just for fame and popularity.

This job doesn’t pay you cash, but it gives you the leverage to explore channels that would be open to you.

Drug Couriers

Your mission with this job should you choose to accept, is to act as a middleman between the supplier and the dealer. All you need do is transport the drug to its destination, exploring all channels available to you.

If you are operating inter-state within Nigerian, the risk level is minimal. But if you decide to operate outside the shores of our country with Asia being your destination, then you should write your will before heading out.


This job has been one that has maintained it’s dangerous but lucrative nature in Nigeria for a while. A good life, respect, authority are all you can enjoy, till Bokoharam bullet falls on you.

The downside of this job outweighs the upside. Therefore, you should choose it as a career at your own risk.


I think this dangerous but lucrative job in Nigeria should top the list, but I kept it here for a purpose. Some of the downside of this job includes;

Nobody likes you

Everyone cusses you

First targets in any crime scene

Poor structure

The benefits of being a policeman include;

You receive your salary every day (If you know what I mean).

policeman with big belle

Foreign vs Nigerian policeman


Now you have seen the 7 top dangerous but lucrative jobs in Nigeria this 2017, do you mind taking up any of them?

If you think I missed any, please use the comment section to drop yours.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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