Job myths you shouldn't believe

From whichever city you are reading from, these 7 job myths should never be in your subconscious. As long as you are Nigerian you must have been wired to believe most of them.

For those who still believe in the fairy tales, they told us as kids now is a good time to take a critical look at the Myths once again and know which to believe.


Job myths you shouldn't believe

Graduate with a Good Grade and Get a Good Job

If you didn’t graduate in the 1970’s, you should discard this myth as fast as possible. A good grade doesn’t make you special, it only adds you to the list of those who already possess such grades and they are waiting for “God to pick up their call”

The number of graduates leaving school with first class and second class upper has increased drastically. So why should an employer hire you exactly?? Think about it.

Someone Promised Me a Job after School

That was the same way they all promised us. After we graduated from school, they no longer picked up their calls. Hoping and relaxing because someone promised you a job after school is like sleeping on a Motorbike, you will surely feel the pain when you wake up from your slumber.

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Graduate and Get a Masters, Then a Job is Waiting for you

Says who? The number of jobless Master degree holders is quite alarming right now. Having a Masters in Nigeria now is just like having a WASSCE certificate. A Master’s Degree doesn’t guarantee you a menial job talk more of a corporate job in Nigeria.

All I need to do is to apply and wait for an Interview

Have you heard about something called “Follow-up?” After sending out your applications, do well as much as your time allows you to reach out to those firms you submitted your application to.


I Don’t Need any Connection to Land a Job

Partially true, but what if you have one? Don’t call it connection, call it Networking.

Information is power, and you need to be everywhere, every time to know when an opportunity springs up. So staying on your phone and hoping that “God picks your call” is when the patient dog eats the fattest bone at Old age.



I Don’t Need any Special CV or Cover Letter

Biggest mistake!!

The hiring manager doesn’t know you. The only thing that speaks for you is your CV and cover letter. (Learn how to draft one by clicking WRITE A PERFECT CV).

Having a good CV and Cover letter puts you in a position of advantage as long as there is no favored candidate among you all.

When They Hire Me, They Will Train Me


Unless you are thinking of working with a super foreign company, right now no one is willing to spend so much training staff on various skills.

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Right now, candidates are hired based on the skills they possess. The question you ask yourself right now is what special skill do I have that isn’t common?

If No, then you have to take action and equip yourself with some skills especially in the ICT world; because the world is going towards Information Technology.

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  1. pls help! just enlighten me cos am about going for an interview within the next few days time, what would be the answer if someone may ask the question like;
    * Why should the company (we) employ you?
    * What do you bring to the table?
    * What’s your greatest weakness?

    • What is that added skill that you have that will make them choose you over other invitees?

      Personally, I will answer as a Marketing officer… “Because I am someone who is able to reach and exceed my targets within the shortest possible time. I have digital marketing skills that can help improve the company’s share on the digital world. I am creative and I have the ability to proffer creative and easy solutions to complex problems.”

      I bring to the table
      i) Good negotiations skills
      ii) Ability to reach and exceed personal and managerial targets
      iii) I also have Digital marketing skills… which means you don’t need to employ another hands just for that role.
      iv) I will increase sales within the shortest possible time.

      3) When asked about your greatness weakness… always find something positive in you and project it as your greatness weakness. E.G.

      “I am very restless and feeling emotional when things are not going the way I want it to go. I strive within my powers to revert the negative situation.
      I am highly pro-active and most times I move outside conventional means to solve complex problems”

      NB: Never say something “Negative” about yourself. Thanks.


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