50 Life Lessons to Learn before you turn 35 My Grand Father told me

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50 life lessons to Learn before you turn 35 My Grand Father taught me

life lessons to learn

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These life lessons to learn for youths were scribbled down by my late grandfather, and he made sure I read it. He titled “life lessons to learn before turning 35”

As young adults, we have several life challenges, and we might just implode if we have no one to guide us.

No matter how old this post might be, there are universal lessons that could be learnt from these quotes. If you need a reminder about what is important in life as a youth, then you should know about these life lessons to learn before you turn 35 years.

What are those life lessons everyone needs to learn whether young or old?

life lesson to learn before you turn 35

Focus on the positives of life

He said “life throws you lots of things you expect and never expect, but life can only get better if you focus on the positives that come your way”

If you are angry you have no job, at least you have shelter over your head. If you are angry because you have no job and no house, at least you are alive.

Don’t compare your life with others; you have no idea about their hustle

People are having several challenges in life. So don’t compare your life to someone else’s life. The man you see smiling inside a Bentley car might be a cancer patient waiting to die.

The best way to create enemies is to win every argument

You’ve won an argument, right? Congratulations, you just made friendly enemies willing to prove that you wrong at all cost.

When confused on what to do, just take the next small step


You are what you attract

Your attitude and things you think about determines what comes around you. Think positive to attract positivity.

Time and Tide waits for no man, just take the dive and experience will teach you better

As a novice, no idea is a bad idea. Just do it, and you would learn along the line.


Money doesn’t make you rich, Ideas and passion do.

Give a man without ideas a million dollars and watch him squander it. Ideas rule the world.

Don’t save for the future, rather invest for the future

Inflation is no man’s friend, so learn to beat it.

You are the owner of your happiness, never give people room to control it for you.

The moment someone knows he holds the key to your happiness, you become a slave to them

You can’t get a refined Gold without burning your fingers

Mistake, failures, disappointments are some of the things you meet before you achieve success

Time, Place, Mood are the 3 most important factors in life

Once the 3 are positive, there is always result.

Be quiet when you are angry

Most things done in anger never yield a positive result.

Learn to bend the rules sometimes

Nothing should be cast on a stone if you want to achieve a result.

Your best will come only when you’ve failed

Show me a man succeeded, and I will show you a man who has failed so many times and didn’t give up.

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Learn to forgive; it drives your enemies crazy

Forgiving your enemy is the only way to be ahead of them.

Learn to give to collect

Tactically giving is one way to bypass protocols. Learn to use it to your advantage.

Beggars always lack

The moment you depend on begging, you would never have anything to give.

The courage to act separate winners from loser

Losers sit and wait for things to happen. While winner always acts even when nothing seems to happen.

The difference between you and them is that they are not you

You are unique. So why are you interested in being like them? They don’t have what you have, so be the best you can be.

The only risk you should avoid in life is the risk of doing nothing

Doing nothing is the shortest cut to being poor. So never risk doing nothing.

Friends won’t motivate you, enemies will

Enemies will be your greatest source of motivation, so make sure you have more of them.

Believe in Miracles

It might sound ridiculous, but miracles do happen. If you haven’t experienced it, just believe.

Do something that makes you happy at least every day

You are in charge of your happiness. If doing something makes you happy, just do it and explain to nobody

Who you know is more important than how much you have

Money might get exhausted, but your support system will forever remain.

Don’t tell people what to do, suggest it to them

The fastest way to get objections is to tell people what to do. Suggesting it to them will help you penetrate their subconscious and make it look like they conceived the idea themselves.

Take pictures, it might be your greatest source of happiness


Failure to ask is failure to get

If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Doors are only opened when you knock.

Learn to say NO without feeling guilty

At some point, saying No shouldn’t be an option.

When scared, just take a deep breath.

Don’t fret out, just breath in and breath out to avoid mistakes

Learn to retreat tactically

You can’t win all the time at once. Retreat, go back to the drawing board and come up with a better plan

Don’t analyze life, just live

Life is meant for living. Don’t get too serious with it, just live and enjoy every moment

All that truly matters, in the end, is that you gave your best

As long as you gave your best, don’t kill yourself for every negative result.

Surround yourself with people going the same direction

Friends with like vision are likely to succeed together.

Learn to cry when hurt, it helps to relieve you of the pains

Crying is the best sooth for all pains. Take time to cry whenever you feel bad

The fastest way to becoming poor is having numerous partners in your youth.

Numerous partners will distract you and drag you away from your dreams. Partners add nothing to your dreams, so limit how many you’re thinking of having

Time heals everything, just give it time

Everything will be fine with time, just learn to give time its time

Situation changes, so don’t relax

Whether positive or negative, every situation might change. So don’t feel comfortable nor relaxed, always strive to be on top of your game.

Your most powerful asset is your imagination

Without your imaginations, you won’t have visions. Without visions, you have no idea how your future would be like. Without knowing how you want your future to be like, you can’t make plans. Without plans, nothing positive awaits you.


When it comes to chasing your dreams, don’t take no for an answer

Let nobody discourage you from chasing your dreams. Never listen to naysayers.

Don’t wait for things to happen, make it happen

Passive people wait for things to happen, active people always make them happen.

You can only control what you create; try creating your future.

Remember I tell you; the future is for those who create it.

Every day is special; make the best out of it

Live every day like it is your last. Be happy, forgive, make new friends, and live life to the fullest.

  1. Time is now

If there is something you have to do, do it now. Else, a few times from now, you are going to wish you did it. Just avoid procrastination.

Go out every day, there are lots of opportunities waiting for you to me.

There are not opportunities indoors. Go out, meet people and scout for opportunities.

The sky is big for every bird to fly

No matter what people have done, you can also do yours and still be successful.

What you know how to do (skill) is what puts food on your table

What that matters in life are what you can do. Learn to do something, become a professional at it, and watch it put food on your table.

Beware of friends who never correct you

Friends who never correct you are sycophants. Always avoid them because they will dump you when the going becomes bad.

Forgive everyone

Forgive everyone as fast as possible. Never let the sun set upon thine anger.

Make peace with your past, so that it doesn’t mess up your present

Don’t let issues of the past affect your present? Forgive your past and strive for a better future.

Life isn’t fair, but it is good at least.

No matter what negative thing you are passing through, there are other positive things that life has given to you. Just focus on the positives.

These life lessons are here to guide, always muse on it.  In this race called life, just make sure you don’t stop running till you’ve achieved success.


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