5 Things You Write On Your CV That Denies You Interviews

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Have you ever wondered why despite the number of CV’s you have sent out, you still haven’t heard much from prospective employers. Sometimes you are forced to even apply for jobs that you feel you are over-qualified for, and still end up with no call-back from the employer. Take a moment and analyze these 5 things you write in your CV, they might actually be the loophole you carry about in your CV.


  • Objectives
    Merely looking at a candidate’s objective in his CV, I can easily tell if he/she is actually the lazy type or someone who is willing to stand-out of the crowd. It is no longer a secret that most job seekers recycle objectives among themselves because they don’t even have an idea what an objective means or stand for. Imagine an HR personnel who has read countless CV and finally lays hold of your resume and find the normal jargon being recycled as an objective right there on your resume. Believe me that your chances of being called up are now very slim; unless you something special happen.

An objective is meant to be in line with the caliber of person the employer is looking to hire. Just don’t write up long grammars because it sounds great to you. Most times before requirements, you see things like… “We are looking for a graduate who is …” That is exactly where you need to channel your objectives towards. Do it and see the difference.


  • Address on CV: This is usually the silent killer of every perfect CV. Imagine you want to apply for a job in Lagos and your address reads Sokoto. Even if you have a family house in Lagos, how would you explain that to a prospective employer? The hiring manager would feel that they don’t have the capacity to house you unless you are an expatriate. Always make sure that your address reads the location of where the job is advertised. This is a simple trick that gives you an edge.
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  • Marital Status
    We are all happy you are married, but your potential employer doesn’t care about that. He is only interested in whoever will push his business forward, and most times not married people. The term “Married” in the mind of every hiring manager has the same meaning as “Responsibilities”, and no one is so willing to hire someone with lots of responsibilities already especially our lovely females. Keep the marital status aside, unless the job favors those who are married; then you can be free to flaunt it.


  • Unnecessary Explanations: The moment your CV becomes too complex to read, that is the moment it is thrown right into a dustbin. We know how much you want to explain yourself, but the CV isn’t the right place to do that. You have your cover letter and letter of introduction like I explained LETTER OF INTRODUCTION SAMPLE, COVER LETTER SAMPLE. The CV is meant to show your work experience and the skills you are bringing to the table. No need explaining how you successfully carried out your former job roles. Let your CV be clear and concise. For every Job explanation, just a few lines would do the magic needed.



  • Drab/popular Skills
    I wonder how many times I have seen the same skills in virtually everyone’s resume. Skills like “Analytical reasoning, Critical reasoning, Team work, Ability to work under pressure, Ability to work independently and so on” are becoming boring in the eye of employers. Fish out something magical if you actually possess it, then watch it do the magic for you. In most cases, borrow the skills listed in the job you want to apply, and add just a few of it to your CV.
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Job seeking is a war that we must overcome, but it begins with your ability to sell yourself to a potential employer. Watch out for these 5 things on your CV, as it might just be the stumbling block to your landing of a better job. Thanks.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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