5 Reasons You Need a Blog as a Writer

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You consider yourself a writer and not a blogger; so there goes the question, “why should I start a blog?” Personally I wouldn’t pressurize you into starting a blog as a writer; I will only show you 5 reasons you need a blog as a writer, and then you make a choice. Gone are the eras of the Shakespeare’s, when authors were judged with talents. Now you are judge by your reach and popularity.  70% of readers now dwell online, and how can you reach them? I believe it can be possible only through an online medium I call a BLOG. In this article, I will be listing the 5 reasons you need a blog as a writer.

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Wider Audience:

No matter how superb your book promotion is, once it isn’t promoted digitally, there is a high probability that the promotion won’t be a blast. I am not an antagonist, but I have noticed the difference between authors who have a strong online base and those who don’t have. Creating a blog as a writer helps you spread your tentacles and also expand your reach. Just imagine promoting your own book on your own blog. I leave you with your imaginations.


The moment your readers have seen how credible you can be as a writer, they will be willing to go an extra mile for their favorite writer. But how can you establish credibility with someone you have never met before? The answer is simple, just start a blog and write quality on it.

Constant Improvement:

When I say improvement, I mean improving your abilities as a writer. The more you write and express yourself, the more you tend to improve your writing abilities like I explained in BECOMING A BETTER WRITER. I have seen novices who became experts because they researched and studied deep in a bid to please their readers. The moment you have a target, you are compelled personally to achieve it and also improve on it.

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You Become an Expert:

Let’s assume a client needs a writer and he is faced with the choice of hiring a client amongst 2 writers. Having an online portfolio gives you an automatic advantage over others. At a point in time, you don’t need to sell yourself again because your blog will speak for you. I remember starting up a story on my blog and the next day, I got a request to sell the story to an interested client for a movie play. Selling a story for about $100 isn’t something that is quite easy to come around. He knows my worth and the quality of stories I produce. That was why he had the boldness to buy it off. What about you?

Financial Gains:

I reserved this for the last. Every blog brings money as long as you do the right thing the right way. My blog is just a month old, but I have earned some decent amount of cash like I explained in point 4. In other to earn from a blog, you will need a decent amount of traffic, which can be gotten via two ways. This isn’t my specialty, but I will help.

  • Good content: Ability to produce captivating articles and keep readers engaged.
  • Blog Marketing: This is your ability to get you blog out there to the face of those that need it. There are several ways that it can happen; Through SEO, Backlinks, and buying of guaranteed traffic for a little amount from a site like growtraffic.com. Do these and watch yourself become an expert in your own field.

Your ability to explore your abilities and potentials as a writer depends on your online profile. I have shown you the 5 reason why you need a blog as a writer, what is your say?

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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