5 Reasons you might fail as a writer

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There are thousands and one reasons why you might fail as a prospective writer, but in this article, I will be bringing to you the major reasons why you might fail along the line. Writing is an art like I keep saying, and it takes time, patience and determination for it to become a part and parcel of you. Below are the reasons you might fail as a writer;

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1.  You Fail to Read: No writer is a den of knowledge. You might be the state champion in the just concluded essay competition, or your first published book has become a best seller overnight; one thing is clear, the moment you fail to read of stop reading, you will never keep abreast again of recent happenings in the world of writing. I know a guy who wrote super articles few years back and had this unique style of writing that people felt was the best, years passed and he was still writing exactly that same way without modifications. Your guess is as good as mine, he was kicked out of the race and other updated writers went far ahead of him. You might be tempted to say “I already know it all and I am good” but one thing is certain, you are still not yet the best; meaning you still have a lot to learn.


2.   Writing without Writing (WWW): A lot of writers want to write without actually writing, creating a perfect platform for failure. They have created a perfect imagination for themselves of the type of writing they really want to undertake but haven’t actually written anything yet. Writing comes from inspirations coupled with research and if you really think that you can keep creating a mental picture without taking out time to put it down on paper, I am sorry you are totally bound to fail. Lots of writers complain thus ” I really want to write a book. I know I have it in me. But when I start, I get stuck and want to do something else. How do I go around this?”

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There are lots of things that can be done without actions, and writing is technically one of it. You can conclude you wrote an article without writing, it is not just possible. So get down and work, pick up your jotter and start writing.

3. You don’t have a Niche: Every writer has his or her own strongest point or let’s say niche. If you fail to discover the category of write-ups that gives you joy and easy flow while writing, you might end up becoming frustrated along the line. Everybody wants to write, but not everyone knows what to write. I have seen people pick up their jotters and keep writing then all of a sudden, they go blank! It is all about what gives you joy while you write about it. The earlier you discover what you think you are good at writing, the better you become a great writer around that subject. Personally, I love writing sexually related topic and most books I have authored like Memo of a male sex addict have seen to be a great success in recent times. So personally I tell you, niche and become a perfect writing on it.


4.  You are Lazy: Laziness is certainly a key factor that would make you fail as a writer; this is because you end up doing nothing. Laziness in this case is just a product of the “Being Lazy” and “procrastination”. “I will write it tomorrow” you keep repeating that till tomorrow ends up not coming. If you think you might not be cut out for such a strenuous activity like writing, maybe you ty out other ventures. You might just be lucky doing some other things.

5. Poor writing skills: This is coming last because I believe it should be the least worries of any writer or potential writer. For you to have chosen writing as a passion or profession, I believe that you must have a considerable amount of writing skills. People are actually confused as to whether they are good writers or not because they show family and friends their write-ups, and in a bid to massage their egos they are given a high rating. This in turn creates deficiency in personal development. In a situation another person comes up with a conflicting statement, the “writer” won’t seem to take correction because he had once been termed “good”. Poor writing skills will definitely be a reason why you might fail as a writer. Well, I haven’t seen a writer who succeeded without a considerable amount of writing skills.

In summary, writing is a tough job and most writers are not just prepared for it. Even most talented writers will fail because the industry is filled with competition. Therefore you need mental fitness, skills and determination to pull it through as a writer in this century.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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Obinwanne Umunna
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