5 Money Making Ventures that Ruins your Life Easily

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 Everyone is looking for financial options to cushion up the effect of economic recession. This has led to many to become “investors” overnight all in a bid to earn where from where they never sowed. I will be explaining briefly to those who are still yet “invest” into the money-making ways I am about to explain in this article. There are several money-making ventures that help you achieve wealth and there are some that ruins your life totally without remorse. Here are them below;


  1. Ponzi schemesThis money making venture has created more debtors than rich men. Ponzi was named after a man called Charles Ponzi. He was an Italian immigrant that perpetrated a lot of scams. He was so good at it that the scheme of robbing peter to pay was coined after his name. Many people in a bid to acquire fast Return of investment dive into Ponzi schemes and at the end, they are left with sad tales. The growth of Ponzi schemes in the country has become so wide spread that anyone with a good knowledge of website design can easily spring up a Ponzi scheme website a con greedy people off their hard gotten money. No doubt that it pays, but the ratio of those who benefited to the number of losses is of a wide margin. We have a lot of them in the country with various names, and everyday more keeps springing up and leaving tales of woe behind it.

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  1. Crypto currenciesThe world is changing and technology is the driving force. Everything has changed including MONEY. Crypto-currency is known as digital money. You can see it but you can’t touch it. It has made hundreds of people millionaires and has left millions of people as beggars. A digital currency can be introduced today, and tomorrow it vanishes not to be seen again. The question remains “what happens to those that invested in it?” This money making venture can make you poorer than you met it, even when you claim to have a good knowledge of the market. This happens because it has no central account and it is tossed around by so many factors you have no control about. The popular Crypto-currency invoke remains Bitcoins as it is called. Some months back, it sold for 550 Naira/$ and now it is sold for less than 450 Naira/$. Why take such risk?
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  1. GamblingThis money making venture needs no explanation. Like a wise man said “I have never seen anyone become a millionaire by gambling.” Gambling has made rich men become beggars. Popular of such example remains Mike Tyson. You might be lucky today and remain unlucky for the next few years to come around. Gambling works on probability, which makes it very difficult for you to predict the outcome of it. No matter how encouraging it may sound, nobody makes profit from gambling. I have seen students drop out of school; parents abandon their children, all because of gambling. It should never be a venture any serious minded fellow should indulge in. The only winners in the gambling world are the owners of the owners of the business. Unless you own the gambling company, desist from it.

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  1. Yahoo-YahooThis is popularly known as G- game. Where a con man operates electronically. It has been considered one of the fastest means of living an affluent live in a country undergoing recession. The rate of such crime is now on the increase and frustrated citizen especially the young ones are looking forward to such business to help their short term goals. There are lots of dangers you expose yourself too when you participate in such fraudulent act.


  • The financial agencies will be after you. When caught, you might face a long term jail term.
  • When your victim discovers that you scammed him/her, they will go any length to make you pay
  • Curses that will follow you
  • It is a short term plan for a long term future.
  • Laziness to undertake noble jobs because you have found a shorter cut.
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There are so many ways of investing and making money apart from the ventures I explained above. The four money making ventures I explained above may seems profitable but at the end, it is not such a good story to discuss about. Thanks for reading and you can equally add yours!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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