5 Funny Ways to Get a Job in Nigeria

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This rush for even the lowest paying jobs in the country now is alarming. The fact remains that there are jobs, but some job seekers can’t just know how to get it. I am going to give you some funny methods that people I know personally have used to get jobs for themselves. It boils down to you to apply them. These secret ways are funny but true. You might find it amusing, but take time to think about it.

How can you get a Good Job in Nigeria?

get a good job in Nigeria

Offer to work for free:

If you know any top organization that is close to you or you think you wish to work for, submit your CV and state in your cover letter that you are willing to work for free. It will sound somehow but human psychology tells me that if you are accepted, you will most likely be paid something tangible. Working for free gives you an advantage of gaining work experience. Along the line, if they find your presence very useful, it results to automatic employment. What a secret but funny way to get that job. A friend tried it and he works with the company full-time now on a much higher pay-grade.


Utilize Churches:

Visiting top churches and making use of their testimony periods is one of the ways to get a job in Nigeria. Just testify about how God has kept you in good health despite being jobless. You can try something like “I thank God for keeping me alive despite the fact I don’t have a job. I know that once I get a job, I will forever serve him in this sanctuary.” Do you know the message you are passing along? Just make sure that the church has quality members and people who are well to do, then watch how they ask of you after church service. This funny way has worked before; it is working and will keep working for those that utilize it.

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Join a Church Department:

This is one hell of a funny way to get a job in Nigeria. They will appreciate your hard work and will get to know more about you. Tell them the truth about yourself. No need to sugar coat your situation.


Approach Job Agents:

They are almost everywhere around you. The difference between you and those guys are the fact that they possess powerful networks. Those guys know lots of firms and most times they are the ones that recruit for the firms. I got a job once upon a time through this funny method. Meet them and negotiate with them; a job is a job as long as it pays the bills. I know that submitting CV online and offline is great, but you don’t have the information those guys have.


Advertise Yourself

This one is already common and we have seen it work. Anywhere you dim it fit to advertise, drop the shame and do the needful. I wouldn’t ask you to stand on the road with a cardboard sheet and shout, but there are other ways to pass your message across. I once saw a guy advertise his qualifications using Facebook Ads which costs less than $3, and I believe you know the reach that it has. There are other online platforms that can really help you spread your message to potential employers. I even saw one advert on Nairaland and I believe it worked for whoever posted it.

Do yourself a favor and think outside the box. If you don’t blow your own trumpet, nobody will do that for you. There are other ways to get a job in Nigeria, but I will drop at this junction. To those who have used a method before, do well to tell us more using the comment section. Thanks.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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