5 Common Hurdles Every Writer Faces

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As long as you write; whether a novel, books or even just an article, there are 5 common hurdles every writer faces. Most of the time, new breeds often get discouraged when they come in contact with such hurdle. But the already established writers see it as something common. For the sake of our upcoming writers, I will be listing and explaining about the 5 common hurdles you must likely face as a writer.


  • Writer’s Block: If at a point when writing, you feel like someone just opened your head and took away all valuable information as regards to what you are writing, don’t be scared, it is a normal occurrence called writer’s block. Writer’s Block doesn’t announce its coming. It comes when it feels like a most time stays there for a lengthy period of time. It is considered dangerous because if not handled properly, could lead to lack of motivation. This in turn will lead to you abandoning whatever writing project you were handling before “Writer’s Block” came knocking. Here are some tips to handle it:
  • Seek Inspiration from anywhere: Music, Videos, whatever you think would get you back in the mood.
  • Relax and Read something similar to what you are writing
  • Take some time off your writing project(not for long)
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  • Great Heading/Topic: This hurdle is constant and common especially among article writers and novelists. We all know that the key to producing a good content lies on your ability to create a captivating headline. Most times I spend about 1 hour thinking and writing down various topic I believe would be great. But guess what? I end up scrapping them all. So when next you want to dump a project because you can’t find a good topic for it, I advise you to seek help from a friend. When you have like 3 – 5 ideas coming in, you can be able to select and create a super headline with ease.
  • Inferiority Complex: Okay; let’s go this way. You are about finishing up your “super novel” and unfortunately someone hands you over a copy of a great Author’s story. You have a good read and out of anger, you go back and tear up your work. Why? Because you feel yours isn’t good enough. Once in a while it happens, but it shouldn’t get to you. The secret to becoming a great writer lies in your ability to keep reading and writing (Like I explained at HOW TO BECOME A BETTER WRITER). These common hurdles every writer face are only there to make you a better and stronger writer.
  • Criticism: As a writer, this is a hurdle you will have to keep crossing if ever you wish to be successful. After taking a whole lot of time to create a super article or novel, someone ends up calling it trash. A lot of writers have undergone the same treatment and came out successful. So why should you give up? Simply suck up the criticism and work on places that need improvement. At the end you come out a better and more sophisticated writer.
  • Usage of Words: You believe you have abused a particular style of writing or you really can’t find a way to express yourself differently again. You become so pissed and dump the manuscript or draft somewhere on your computer. The fact remains that every writer has a particular word that is often abused. The moment you realize that, it wouldn’t be much of a problem again as it makes you to look for ways to improve. Take out time to search for new words with the dictionary and you will be just fine.
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 These are the 5 common hurdles I believe every writer faces. The earlier you know it is common among every one of us, the better you find ways to overcome them.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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