4 Mistakes Killing Your Writer Blog

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4 Mistakes Killing Your Writer Blog

Mistakes killing your writer blog can be a hindrance to your success as a writer. I have gotten several emails from readers who wanted me to help review their writer blog and review the mistakes affecting it in a bid to attract more clients. I’ve also coached quite a few and made sure that their blog attracts the right kind of clients they need.

I have reviewed a good number of blogs; and from the common mistakes I noticed, I decided to put down this article. Remember, all these are many more Reasons You Might Fail As A Writer

It is very obvious that you might never get a perfect blog. You don’t even need something perfect. However, making these terrible mistakes will completely frustrate your effort towards achieving many writers’ dream- Attracting clients.

Now, I’m a huge advocate of “not writing for passion”. I believe that every writer deserves the best from his skill, just like other professions. What are those mistakes that might be affecting your writer blog negatively? Let’s look at it in details.

No Indication of the Service You Offer

A couple of times when I get this invitation to help review a writer’s blog, I get to ask the question “What do you offer?” It is not enough putting “I am a writer” on your profile page and all of that.

Are you really a freelancer? Then why can’t you show people and readers of your writer blog how to hire you? You have to take a step further and create a compelling service page that forces potential clients to take action.

Being a freelancer is nothing to be ashamed of. I am also a freelancer, and I have made so much money writing for people that need my service.


Failing to Clarify Your Services

Another mistake that might be killing your writing blog is the issue of failing to outline in details, each of the service(s) you render.

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The more service you include on your “Hire Me” page, the more confused a potential client becomes when he goes through it.

When you include the following services on your page

  • Content Writing
  • Web copywriting
  • SEO writing
  • Technical Writing

You have most likely established the difference between all of them in your mind. But in the eyes of a client, he is confused as to which he should hire you for.

Clearly explaining your services in details will go a long way in allowing a client make a fast choice. The result is most likely to favour you because you have made them know which of your services will solve their problems.

Not Affirming or Emphasizing the Need for Your Services

Not affirming or emphasizing the need for a potential client to hire you will go a long way to send you out of business. This mistake should be fixed as fast as possible.

Most potential clients are not fully convinced about the need for quality content for their business. Even those that are convinced aren’t sure why they should pay such good rate to the creator of such contents.

Including social proof in form of testimonials, case studies, reviews you have gotten from other clients who valued your service will go a long way to create credibility for you, while affirming the need for the services you offer.

This can be a little difficult for newbie freelance writers, especially when you haven’t gotten any major writing gig. Another way to bypass this obstacle is to use case studies about how quality and compelling write-ups can help increase sales, this will help drive home your point.

These studies might not be carried out by you or for you, but when used properly will help emphasize why any potential client should hire you.

You’re making it Difficult to Reach Out to You

Every hindrance you put in the way of a client that is meant to reach out to you is costing you a potential client.

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Research has shown that reducing the number of fields that a potential client has to fill on the first visit to your blog, increases sales by over 70%.

When I write “Fields”, I mean irrelevant questions that a client would have to fill, just to get in touch with you. Do you really need the address/country/phone number of your potential clients on your first contact with them?

Unless it is of extreme importance, don’t ask for it – or it would cost you lots of clients.

This means that instead of getting theirs from them – they might not be willing to give it out. It is necessary that you have your Skype id, email address, and your business phone number boldly written on your writer blog – this will make it easier for potential clients to reach out to you with ease.

Now you know some possible mistakes affecting your writer blog negatively, what next?

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