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4 Mindsets Fresh Graduates Should Discard

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These 4 mindsets are career killers to fresh graduates. It holds you back from making great projections for yourself. You may have read How To Write A Good Cover Letter and even WRITE A GREAT CV, now is time to work on your mindsets.

Back then as a fresh graduate; I left school beaming with so much confidence that I would be the most sought after Engineer in the country. After I mingled with some older graduates who were still hoping for a job, I started to have this disbelief about my abilities. All of a sudden I realized that I was no longer seeing myself as an asset, rather I started praying that Luck should smile on me. Later on, I took a decision, and that is what I want to share now.

You wish to read the 5 mindsets fresh graduates should discard? See them below.

mindsets fresh graduates


Hoping That the Right Time Will Come

You waiting for your time to come is a function of LUCK. (This isn’t a tangible element anyone should hold on to). The number of people hoping for LUCK to come their way is already making it a scarce commodity.

Hoping and waiting for your time to come, instead of working for your time to come is a deadly mindset. This makes the number of young graduates with potentials who sleep in churches; hoping for their time to come, is on the increase.

You have to take charge of your time and force it to come. There is no force on earth that can be compared to that of a determined man. Wake up, take charge and make that time come.

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Claiming There Are No Jobs

This is one of the anthems of those who they have something to offer; but in reality, they have nothing. There is a favorite question I always ask most young graduates I see them request for a job, and that is “What can you do.”

Do you know that 90% of them end up giving an answer called “ANYTHING?”

The truth is that the number of jobs available is lesser than the applicants applying for the said jobs. This means that the jobs are either given to those with exceptional skills or those who have been recommended for the job. Instead of singing the same song of “There are no jobs”, it is better you equip yourself with the skills that will give you a job.

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Blaming the Government

Just of recent, I discovered that those who engage in the blame game are those who are very incompetent. If the government fails to give you a job, you can create your own and earn a decent living from it. There are several jobs that you can do without getting employed, but do you have the necessary skills to do it?

The government believes that they owe you nothing. If you don’t get rid of the “government” mindset, then you will be in for something serious.



Believing That You Must Start Small As a Fresh Graduate

It has become a popular slogan among graduates, and it is creeping in as a norm. We have to remember that the best definition of a salary is “The bribe given to you by employers, to forget your vision and become their slaves.”

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If you are to know the monetary worth of your vision, what would it be? I understand the idea of gaining experience first while climbing your career ladder, but it should also be known that most jobs are considered the time and destiny killers. Imagine a young graduate; who earns about 30 Thousand Naira every month, but still don’t have enough chance to develop or learn other skills. What is the fate of such a graduate?

The country might be undergoing serious recession, but it affects those with practically nothing to offer. I know a lot of freelancers who don’t wake up at 5 am and close at 6 pm, but yet they earn far more than so many graduates.

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It totally depends on what you have to offer. It is okay to dream big, have great visions, but with the above mindsets, you are on a dangerous path.

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