3 Top Skills that Pays you instantly in Nigeria

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The last topic about high-paying skills was a huge success to those who took advantage of it and made moves to utilize it. The only disadvantage of it was that I couldn’t guarantee how fast you could start making money. The basic question I failed to answer was “how fast can I start making money with those skills?”

I decided to create another post that could answer such question. The skills I am about to list out now are those that don’t require any certificate as evidence and can start paying off instantly. In fact, anybody can become a professional at any of these skills once you learn them properly.

Before I list them out, I would love to say that they are also quite inexpensive to learn – some are even free.

3 Top Skills that Pays you instantly in Nigeria

Digital Marketing Executive

Whoever has such skills in Nigeria now is considered a treasure – unless you don’t know what you are doing. Companies, organizations, firms, small business, and one-man show businesses are all looking for people to help them promote their products and services online.

E.g. As a digital marketer, you’d know that truecaller has more than 50 million users in Africa and more than 6.2 million users in Nigeria.
Brands like Zenith bank, Access Bank, Nokia, Nigeria Property Center etc are already taking advantage presented by the wide reach of Truecaller App in marketing their product.
The funny thing about marketing on Truecaller is that with just $2(N700) anybody can have his/her product running. Why can’t you learn this skill and start making money by helping people promote their services online?

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Article Writing

The rate at which blogs are springing up in the country, you might have more than enough writing jobs as a writer in Nigeria. The truth is that once you’ve learnt this skill, you can make money that would sustain you the same way a day job would sustain you.

Most writers now make use of the Amazon Kindle self-publishing program to write book and sell for so much money online. As long as you can write, you can make money.



I was contemplating whether to add this to my list of skills or not, till I got a call from a relative asking me if I had someone who wanted to become his driver. My current driver in my organization earns about 80k and that isn’t a regular income for even graduates in Nigeria.

There are many opportunities for drivers in Nigeria, you may decide to go solo, or get employed as a company driver or Uber driver – if you stay in Lagos. Whichever path you decide to take, it would surely pay off.

Now that you know, hope you can take action.


Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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