3 Secret but Lucrative Skills That will Make You Rich

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If your parents never asked you to become either a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, or Accountant while growing up, then you aren’t a Nigerian.

This has made everyone believe that to become successful, all you need is the following;

  • Go to school
  • Become a doctor, accountant, or nurse, etc
  • Graduate
  • Get a good job
  • Become rich and live a good life.

Most of us fell into that trap. We decided to go to school and studied some courses we felt would give us a wonderful job. But along the line, we discovered that we got scammed.

No Job, No Money, No Wealth!

If you want to change your narrative, then read this post well.

I am going to show you some underrated skills that will fetch you wealth. They will make you rich if you just learn and start using the skills for yourself.

And guess what, they are easy and cheaper to learn compared to the money you spent for 5 years in school.

What are the underrated but lucrative skills?

Graphics Design

Graphic designers don’t want you to know that they make a whole lot of money, so they make you believe that it isn’t lucrative.

The top graphic designers earn more than 300k monthly without working for anybody.

The top gainers of this election period are graphic designers, and you can check it out. It takes thousands of Naira to come up with a single design, and you can handle several projects for several people.

Contracts like;

  • Rebranding
  • Logo Design
  • Brochure design
  • Banner design
  • Book cover design
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These jobs are so hot in demand that graphic designers keep cashing out thousands of Naira monthly. This is one of the easiest skills to acquire because it is mostly done with the aid of software.

All you need is just your creativity and you can start earning thousands of Naira as you wish. Forget those who will discourage you, I JUST EXPOSED THEIR SECRETS!!!

P.s: Anybody can become a graphics designer… it is one of the easiest skills to acquire.

Fashion Designing

I will be straight with you; my fashion designer friend who just started this business makes 150,000 Naira monthly.

Back then we thought that Fashion Designing was for those with no educational qualification – but how many graduates make 150k monthly?

If you have an eye for details, with good creativity and imagination, then you fit into this. Unlike Graphics design which is quite simpler, Fashion designing is for those who can make good use of their hands and brains.

That is the reason it is quite lucrative. The moment you become a known brand, the smoother your way to riches becomes.

 Technology Technicians

If there was a better name for this type of skill, I would have used it, but this one makes it quite holistic.

What if I told you that the average guy at the computer village who sells and repair computers and other gadgets make more than the average graduate out there, you might not believe me.

But that is true.

The gadget business is a booming industry in Nigeria already, and every family has about 3 laptops and computers. These devices develop faults along the line, and someone is needed to fix it.

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Who would that be?

The make on the average about 6,000 Naira daily, so you can do the calculation yourself.

I may not recommend this skill for those who are not too technical. But if you are, then this is a good opportunity for you to start making money.

Above all, for those who want to learn something simple and yet lucrative, I think Graphics design is the best option for you.

Never underestimate most of these skills again. Till we meet again with another exciting post, go out there and learn one of these skills as fast as possible!!!

If you are in Lagos, I can show you where you can learn it for as cheap as anything could be. All you need are;

  • A mentor
  • Learning environment
  • The desire to make money

All of these have been sorted out for you. Interested in learning?

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