New Lotto Format

Are you aware that there is a whole lot of new lotto format you can explore and make a huge amount of money from? Well, if you do not know, we have all the information that will make you instantly rich today.

While these new lotto formats may not necessarily fetch you millions from one individual, but if it is being explored and used on thousands of people daily, it is likely to fetch you thousands and millions of naira.

The new lotto format outlined in this article is also referred to as lotto grant format and it usually comes in form of betting or through displaying any other reliable lottery games. For instance, bet9ja, which is a popular betting platform, can represent the new lotto format and when unsuspecting individuals fall for the scam, you will be there to rip them off their money.

However, while we teach you the various and updated lotto formats, it is also very much important to let you know that these formats are posted here to educate users so they do not fall for the scam.

Most importantly, if you seek to explore the new lotto format, you need to be extremely careful so as not to get caught, beaten, and sent to jail.


Tools needed to start the new lotto format

As we all know, to be a successful scammer and make money from the new lotto format, you need to be smart and implore the needed tech skills and tools.

For instance, you cannot seek to scam unsuspecting people of their money if you are without a smartphone that does not have enough RAM or enough space. Additionally, you cannot also make money or enjoy the new lotto format if you are unable to hide your IP address.

Let’s take a look at the most important tools below:

SmartPhone or Fast Laptop

In order to become a guru at the various lotto format scams, you need to ensure you get a reliable smartphone and a fast laptop. For a start, it is important to get a smartphone with about 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. This is crucial if you do not want your device to hang or lag, especially when you have caught a potential client.

On the part of a laptop, if you are not conversant with the use of smartphones and you prefer a larger device like a laptop or a desktop, it is essential to get one with enough space and sufficient RAM.

Getting a laptop with 2GB RAM will only guarantee that your laptop will continue to lag, which is not advisable, recommended, and needed for you to succeed in this scam. A reliable and fast-paced laptop with a minimum of 4GB RAM is advisable, although you can obtain a larger RAM than 4GB if you have the money for it.


Fake Phone Number

A fake mobile or phone number is also important if you must execute the new lotto format scam. The reason is that you will have to browse the internet, and unless you are using a reliable Wi-Fi network from the service network itself, you should get a registered phone number.

Now, coming to the phone number you want to get, it is essential that you are using a phone number that you did not register yourself. The reason(s) is simple. If you get caught, tracked and security personnel is involved, it might be difficult to escape, especially if you are using the same phone number with all your details registered on it.

So, you will have to get another phone number registered by another person to run the new lotto format scam. This will guarantee that you won’t be tracked when caught. What you only need to do when caught with another registered phone number is to simply throw it away.

After getting a fake phone number registered by another person, you can proceed with this scam.



While executing this scam, you will have to hide your identity and IP address. You wouldn’t want to get traced by a committed person who desperately wants to get his money back from you.

To avoid such an embarrassing situation that can even make you end up in jail, it is important to get a reliable and a trusted VPN. Most Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are free, it is essential to obtain the paid ones. This is because they have a much more secured network and not too many people will be active on the network simultaneously.

Simply get a VPN and hide your identity and device’s IP device, so you won’t get tracked to wherever you may be.


How to use Betting Scamming Format for Client – New Lotto Format

To use this particular new lotto format for clients, you will need to specify or choose the platform you want to use. Most people often opt for bet9ja fixed match method or any other frequently used betting service to run this scam.

Here’s what you need to do: First of all, after obtaining your VPN, phone number, and device, proceed to open a Telegram group or WhatsApp group. Then, proceed to follow the steps below:

  • Broadcast the fake bet9ja fixed match method on WhatsApp and Telegram. In fact, you may even decide to run an advert on Facebook in order to gain more traffic and target numerous vulnerable individuals.
  • Secondly, make or contact a trusted person to design a fake screenshot or image of a winning bet9ja ticket. In this case, you will have to post it on whichever platform you are using to run this scam, either WhatsApp or Telegram group.
  • Then, you can also run an advert on Facebook and Instagram to draw the attention of people.
  • Now, at this point, continue posting or displaying the fake winning ticket on both your WhatsApp and Telegram groups.
  • While posting the fake winning ticket, you are more than 95% assured to see people who will message you to indicate their interest in the fixed match.
  • After you receive their message, ensure you chat with them in a professional and not playful manner. Then proceed to send them the list of fixed matches you have, but make sure you make the prices price-friendly, so you don’t end up chasing your potential clients away.
  • Once they make payments for the fixed match, instantly send them the fake fixed match and block them.



Attaining success while using the new lotto format takes a whole lot of patience and determination. On the other hand, it is pretty much easy to make money from this new format, especially if you play your cards well.

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