12 Tips to Write your First Short Story

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Writing a short story is something that comes with great pains. Just like other genres, it involves a lot mental reasoning and great imagination. It should be a piece that appeals to readers emotions. Creating a fiction story is communicating a writers imagination and portraying it as reality. Therefore using artistic words to create a human experience. In writing a short story, there are lots of things that should be taking into consideration. What are they? Let’s get started.

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Like I explained in Becoming a better writer, every writer is a reader. Reading is important to anyone who wish to become a story writer. You must have read lots of stories, to know what pattern various authors used  impressions on their  readers. This in turn, will help you know if you can copy any of the style as basis in order to also create the same impression on your prospective readers. Reading also serves as a motivating factor that can spur you to hurriedly create your first blockbuster fiction story.

Become inspired

Inspiration is highly necessary for writers who are just coming up. For already established professionals, they may be little or no need for inspiration because super ideas already flow through them. But for upcoming writers, there is need for getting the necessary inspiration needed to move you to write. Inspirations might be gotten through songs, movies or any life experience you may have encountered. Inspiration is necessary because, it doesn’t just move you to start, it gives you the necessary support to finish the story till the very end.

Visualize your story

In trying to write your story, you should set out time apart to imagine how you can relate the story in writing to your readers. How do you want to communicate the story to your readers and what factors would play out in the story. Let’s assume you want to write a story on revenge.Who will revenge? Why the revenge?  You have to keep bringing exciting features to keep the story top level.

Let’s assume she wants to kill two men. Will they be easy targets or would she have to go round barriers in other to kill her targets. All these could give you a great platform to leverage and finish up the rest of the story in great style.

Create story scenes

Every story ever written is separated into scenes. A scene is the fundamental unit in a novel where action changes according to  https://goo.gl/quTzpl. Therefore in order to keep your story in line with your pre-conceived thoughts, it is advisable to sketch out scenes roughly before writing the story. Doing this helps you analyze what will happen in each particular scene and the characters that will appear there.

Create your characters


Characters are people who will be listed to perform a specific role in the story. For a short story, it is advisable to create not more than 5 characters. Creating more characters would make a new dimension to open up in the story. This in turn, will make the story longer. Thereby boring readers. Characters should speak naturally with their traits, to create a form of originality.

Choose your point of view 

How a story is presented is very crucial in any short story creation. Who tells the story, and the way it is expressed will go a long way in having a big impact on the story. It is advisable to think through properly before you finally decide on what point of view you are coming from. Whatever point of view you settle for, it is advisable to maintain it from start to finish of the story

Dish out a super introduction

Nothing holds readers to ransom in a story than the introduction in a story. Whether you will make sense later on along the line would be of little redemption if the intro isn’t captivating. Making your introduction interesting is what will keep the readers glued to your story to the end. In as much as you have made a great intro, never drop along the line. It is important not to give out all information about the story at this point. This will help to keep readers in suspense and make the story more of a mystery.

Build a great plot

According to http://literarydevices.net/plot/, plot is defined as a literary term used to describe the events that make up a story or the main part of a story. These events relate to each other in a pattern or a sequence. The structure of a novel depends on the organization of events in the plot of the story.  Working with your introduction, you will be able to draw up events that will put your characters to work. Being able to arrange this turn of events in an intriguing order and creating a sort of mystery around it, you will succeed in holding your readers glued to the story. The more great your plot is, the more interesting your story becomes.

Explain the action, don’t tell it

This point might be a little bit complex for upcoming writers, because of it’s complexity. Most writers tends to tell us an action, instead of portraying it with the characters already assembled. There is a difference between writing about how a character is feeling in a story and using a character to show his/her own feelings.

Rather than saying “Charles was angry and shot him in the neck” say “Charles felt shots of blood to his eyes, and with a smile that wasn’t so friendly, he quickly reached for his revolver and felt the trigger before pulling it. Boom the bullet landed on the guy’s neck” Fantastic you would say, but I need you to try it.

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Use active verbs and dialogues

Using active verbs in writing your story helps to inject life into it. Instead of writing “The gun was picked up by Charles before he ran away” which is in the passive form, say “Charles picked up the gun immediately and made way for the exit” active verb.

Dialogues helps to create a scenario that readers can relate to. It is important that you employ it often to keep the story alive. Dialogues are often used with quotes, which helps to explain characters to readers

Example we say: Charles seeing he was surrounded, shouted “Father forgive them” before he detonated the explosive in his hand, killing everybody within his range, including himself.

Conclude briefly

Your conclusion should be brief and should be a summary of what transpired from the start to the finish of the story.

Edit, revise and proofread

These three steps are necessary to make sure that your story is free from errors. Due to rush while typing, writer’s are prone to lots of mistakes. So it is advisable that after typing, you should take time to revise the work and edit while revising, before handing over to someone to proofread for you. This will help keep the story error free.

Writing a story might seem such a difficult task, but if the necessary steps have been taken, you wouldn’t feel much stress writing your first blockbuster story. With time and practice like I mentioned in writing easy articles, you would end out creating your first story with ease. Feel free to contact me for help, and for question/suggestions, do well to use the comment box. Also share my posts so that others can benefit. Thanks!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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