These 10 Steps Will Help You Write Your Own Fiction Story Fast


Do you want to write a good fiction story? Anyone one can write a story, but not everyone can write a good fiction story. Fiction is a type of story that isn’t based on real people or events, but it may give reference to events that happened truly. It basically comes out of the writer’s imagination.

If you are ready to write a good fiction story, here are ten steps for you to get started.

steps to write a good fiction story

Create an initial tension

This is the first steps to creating a wonderful fiction story. It is imperative to create an initial tension that is relevant to the whole story. Tension can be created around the main character such that the character starts the story almost half-dead, or cannot save the life of his spouse. Anything to help create an initial tension will help write a good fiction story.

Avoid a Prologue

Never develop a prologue for your fiction story. A prologue to an introduction especially makes your story awful. A prologue might be important for a novel, but not required when you write a fiction story.

Develop Interesting Characters

You must create dynamic characters that have a specific mission to accomplish. Harry Potter wants to defeat the evil wizard, Romeo and Juliet love each other and wants to stay together. Successful authors are known for creating characters with strong desires and have the capability to engage their readers.

Increase the curiosity of your readers

The basic goal is to build the curiosity of readers with every line in the story. This would possibly force them to read the entire book. Many writers usually end their stories with unanswered questions so that their readers are forced to think out the answers themselves.

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Make the lives of your characters difficult

If you intend to write a good fiction, you should develop stories where the characters face difficult situations and overcome them in the end. Your characters in your fiction story might overcome obstacles such as drug addiction, womanizing, etc. But the finally get rid of their problems.

Use appropriate Verbs

When writing your fiction story, you should try and use the right verbs in the right sentences.

“He lamented about the prolonged sickness of his little daughter to the doctor”

“He complained to the doctor with tears in his face  about the prolonged sickness of his daughter”

The verbs in the sentences are quite good, but the latter seems more explanatory. Using the right verbs in your sentences would pass the right message and emotions to your readers.

Do not use multiple exclamation points

The basic rule is to use about three to four exclamation points per a hundred thousand words. If you over-use exclamations, then the story might lose its value to the readers.

Avoid regional dialect

If your intent is to write a story that would serve the world at large, then you should avoid any regional dialect. Even when used, it should be occasionally. This would help avoid the possibility of users getting distracted.

Do not use descriptive language

Many writers tend to give a vivid description of things, places, and they diminish reader’s interest. Only if you are confident of the language of description should you go ahead with it. Avoid using descriptions that hamper the storyline of your fiction story.

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Use Short Paragraph

Many readers are likely to skip stories that have long sentences and paragraphs. If you use short sentences or paragraphs you would likely draw the attention of readers.

In essence, you must read the essential fiction writing tips, before you write a good fiction story. As a beginner, you should start with learning how to write a short story before you move on to writing longer ones. Do you have any questions? You can use the comment section.

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