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Top 4 IT Institutes In Nigeria

I decided to write about the Top IT Institutes in Nigeria because it is clear that IT is now the next big sector in the country like this testimony Letter of a working Graduate to His Jobless Past. I have pursued about 4 (four) different certification in various IT institutes in Nigeria, and I can tell you that I write from experience. Most institutes brag about having the best tutors and so many other facilities, but I believe this write-up would serve as a guide to intending students who wish to pursue a career in Information Technology.

Briefly, I will be looking at the top IT institutes in Nigeria and grade them according to personal interaction and relationship. Every of them is good in its or her own way, but this ranking will definitely serve as a guide.

Top IT Institutes in Nigeria



It was founded in 1993 by Indians and was established not quite long ago in Nigeria. They took the top spot in my list of top IT institutes in Nigeria as a result of their

Teaching Methodology = 9/10. Most of their instructors are either foreigners or people with greater experience. They teach more of what they have done than what they read from the course materials. Students are given original course materials to support their learning from abroad.

Career Assistance = 10/10

Intensive practical sessions = 9/10

Mock Exams for intending candidates who wish to write foreign certifications.

Class division: They believe in having small classes as a way of allowing students relate well with their instructors.

Affiliate Networks: 10/10. Their affiliations with Top brands make it easier for outstanding students to get internships or job placements with ease. This help to make students who funded themselves see the value of their learning.


APTECH Nigeria

This is another Institute that has taken the IT world in a good fashion. With wider branches than IIHT, they are considered a good replacement in places you can’t find IIHT. They took the second place in my list of top IT institutes in Nigeria due to

Teaching Methodology = 7/10. Their instructors are good, but they teach like those who just know than those with real life experience. Course materials are given students also. Nice place to learn.

Career Assistance: 2/10.  Once you are done with your learning, your period of friendship with them is over. Nothing left for you.

Intensive Practical Sessions: 7/10. The majority of their instructors knows it but can’t just show you clearly how it is done.

Mock Examinations: 0/10

Class division: Just like IIHT, they believe in having a balanced class to help bond instructors with their students.



A U.S franchise owned by a Nigerian is ranking third in my top 4 IT Institutes in Nigeria. The only gross I have with them is the over populated classes and the over pricing with relatively small benefits attached.

Teaching Methodology = 6/10. Instructors teach more of what they read than know.

Career Assistance: 8/10. Just like IIHT, New Horizons offer career assistance to students who finished from their institute but with lots of attachments to it.

Intensive Practical Sessions: 5/10. Except for some few talented instructors, the rest can mess up the huge amount you have paid to learn a course

Mock Examinations: 0/10.

Class division: Overpopulated classes.


Other Notable Mentions Include;



Ultra Media Solutions.

When next you have to make a choice to learn a skill in any of the IT institutes, I believe this article can be of help in your decision making.

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