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The Silent Movie (Emotional Story)



Life is full of words that I can’t speak, life is an expression I can’t express through words, signs and movement of my hands are the only way I can connect with other.
My life is without complete joy and my soul suffers for it deeply, time increased the frustration within me and regret is all I feel.
Numbers of times have I tried to understand why I can’t break free off my voiceless cry, number of things I’ve wished to be heard without the signs of hand language but it all ends up at nothing.
My name is Jessica and the things I went through as a young lady who wasn’t shown love and was also denied love because of my ability not to voice out my true feelings, would make you see this world differently.
I was born in the year 1995, after my birth my mum and dad died leaving only me in the world, my dad had died right after he heard that my mum died after giving birth to me –so I was told–.
The hospital contacted my relatives but non of them wanted anything to with me because of what they heard that happened. They believed that I was a child of bad luck.
The hospital couldn’t do anything about it, so they gave me to an orphanage home since I was rejected by my own family –You can imagine, the people you call family are the ones that will turn their backs against you–.
–My pains and suffering started from when i was a little baby, who was so harmless and who knew nothing about the wickedness that moves and floats around the universe.–
As time went on, I grew like others of the same age as I in the orphanage home, but unlike them I wasn’t able to say my first baby words, all I could do was to make sounds. The personnel in the orphanage home later came to the conclusion that I was dumb -can’t speak–, which led to another area of my life of pain.
Kids of my age were being adopted by different rich people, but I wasn’t because of the error life injected in me. Some of the orphanage personnel didn’t like me so much because of my disability.
Love for me when I was a kid, wasn’t so sweet and fun, each passing day was like a chain saw cutting deep into my life. Rejection was written all over my voice cords and face.
When I became 7 years of age things became harder and love was a missing box in the land of no return. I was bullied around by both boys and girls in the orphanage home, just because no one could understand me.
I had no friends not because I could not speak, but because the kids that where there heard what happened to my parent and how I was rejected by my relates, so they came to a conclusion that I was nothing but pure bad luck.
Each time I tried associating with them, I get pushed aside like a piece of worthless used rag. Some of the orphan personnel tried creating bond between I and other kids, but it was completely hopeless because non of them liked me not even a bit.
I was a rejected stone in the orphanage home to all the kids, things were very hard for me but I never allowed my inner pain to surface, I tried my best in fighting my way around the pain not to fall into the down-less fall of pain.
I lived 9 years of my life thinking that I was the only person in the world with such disability until a day came. A man in his thirties came –he was also dumb–, he was brought by one of the orphanage personnel to teach me and other kids hand signs –I was the only dumb kid in the orphanage home–.
I was happy when I heard it because it would be a good way for I and other kids in the orphanage home to connect.
When the teaching started, at first I wasn’t so sure that I would understand, but as time moved on, I got to understand bit by bit.
The man who taught I and other kids hand signs was more focused on me because he knew what it felt like not to have the ability of speech. He would regularly teach me separately after he was done with the general teaching which helped me improved alot.
He would teach me things ahead of what he planned to teach that particular day.
Some personnel in the orphanage home were happy to see changes in my lifestyle after each teaching by the man. Things also changed between I and other kids, they began to get closer to me because they understood little of what I was passing through.

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