Dear Employer, See What Really Motivates Me to Work Harder

Should money motivate you?

I couldn’t contain it again, so I decided to write about it. If you have ever been in such a position, please contribute using the comment section.

I was at an interview some days ago – I hope my present boss doesn’t read this, and a scene played out. It was the second stage of the interview, and I was faced with the MD of the company.

The good-looking old man engaged me in some meaningful discussion, and I clearly stated to him how I intended to improve the revenue of the company with the strategies I would bring in as I resume.

Then came the question “What is your motivation”

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What this a time to pretend and respond with crammed answers like

“Climbing up the career ladder? Working in a company that has focus and meets my objectives? Working together with result oriented workers to move any organization I find myself forward?”

All the above answers are wonderful, but can it pay my bills? Would it be able to buy me the car I dreamed of? Would it be able to help me save and establish my own firm in the future?

I quickly responded by saying “Money is my motivation Sir”

should money motivate you

money should be the motivation

He was so shocked that his facial expression gave him away. Did I become scared and swallowed my words? Hell No!

I told him “if you want me to perform more than I will do if hired, always increase my salary and incentives.” He was shocked as well as bemused.

“Why should money motivate you?” He asked me.

The same way he values the profit of his organization, that is the same way I value the money paid for my services. We are in Nigeria, and it is time to be real. If you don’t want money to be my motivation, what else should motivate me to take up the insults, stress, and pressure that would come my way if I end up working for you?

Did I finally get the Job, NOP! We had an inconclusive argument after we began negotiating, and I thanked him and left.

I am not proud, I just know what I am worth. If you can’t pay me for what I am worth, you can call the employee next door. I know that “there are no jobs in Nigeria” – or so they say, but I can never go below what I am worth.

reasons why money should motivate you

I am a part-time blogger, and I know that what motivates me to keep awake all night creating contents – even though it’s my personal business; so why should I pretend money isn’t my motivation in someone else’ business?

Just to all those who would think I am blabbing, here is a quote of what my present boss told me;

“Hello Mike, my relationship with you is still smooth because you are still bringing value to the company. The day you stop bringing value, then our relationship will seize”

The question is, “since I am bringing in value, why shouldn’t I charge a premium for any value I am bringing to the table?”

We all should take a cue from footballers in the 21st century. We have seen a lot of them getting motivation in monetary terms, so why shouldn’t I also be motivated likewise? Or am I not a human too?

A friend asked me to calm down with this my ideology, and I replied him thus;

“If Money motivates footballers who play for the love of playing, why shouldn’t it motivate me who works just to survive the harsh economy?”

Anyone who asks you never to allow money motivate you, see that person as who doesn’t want your progress.

If you think I am lying, why is Neymar the Brazilian star at PSG FC?

should money be my motivation to work?

Neymar Jnr

“Who wouldn’t follow his/her hear with such an amount?”

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