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Topwritersden is the No.1 and fastest growing Education, Motivation, Careers and Job Seekers Destination Blog in Nigeria with over 500,000 Targeted audiences monthly.

We provide quality information about Career Advancement, Skill acquisition, Motivation, Literature, and lifestyle to keep our readers entertained.

Below are our Statistics

Monthly Visitors = 500,000

Monthly Pageviews = 1 Million

Unique Monthly Visitors = 190,000

Unique Monthly Pageviews = 800,000

Monthly Sessions = 700k

As a business, you might have very good products, Events,  services that you offer, but a key challenge is getting these products and services to the target audience. We invite you to take advantage of our focused online platform to extend your reach.

We assure you that whatever you spend on Ads here will be recouped as fast as possible, due to our growth.

The niche audiences on our Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are waiting to know your brand.

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Mobile Numbers: 08161641713, 09086050663.

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