MISSION SAMBISA!!! (Tale of a Survivor)

Our soldier was shot right there on his chest as he fell like a log of wood. They kicked his body and marched on his dead body.

Our commandant quickly raised his hand, signaling a waiting sign. We held on and probably he was trying to figure out their exact number and possible positions they had taken in diverse places.


We kept on waiting as they gathered close enough and our commandant ordered “Fire”. We opened fire and they responded back almost immediately. We flanked them using our formation and they were caught right there in between our bullets.


“To the car” Our commandant yelled as some of us quickly moved towards the car, overpowered the miscreants there and took the advantageous position with the machine gun and sent all of them down to hell. It was a massacre; a little fraction of them took to their heels and we gunned down as much as we could. Just about two or three managed to escape with gunshots wounds.


“We did it” Rented the whole air. There was a mild jubilation after we secured the area. We searched around for any of them that might have survived and luckily one was alive but was seriously injured. He was dragged out and we rounded him.

“Kada ku kashe ni” (Don’t kill me) was all he kept shouting and kept begging. Lt Col Banji came close and opened his body, and saw the exact place he injured. He brought out a metallic pin and inserted it inside of the hole. He shouted and pleaded for help but that was just the starting.


“Ina da sauran” (Where are the rest) the commandant asked in him Hausa. I was marveled that our very own commandant was fluent in speaking Hausa as a language.


“Ba mu sani ba. Suna kawai ya gaya mana cewa wani zai kai sojoji a wannan wuri” (We don’t know. They just told us that someone will lead soldiers to this place) He said with pains all over his body. That was when we knew that we actually had saboteurs among us.


“To, don me kuka kashe shi ?” (So why did you kill him) Our commandant queried further


“Bai zo da sojoji” (He didn’t come with the soldiers) He responded.


“Not true sir” one of our soldiers who was Hausa added. Everybody immediately turned and look at him in shock.


“He requested for his money first before handing over to them. So they assumed he was not serious and shot him” The soldier said.  There was tension in the squad and everyone looked at everyone eyeball to eyeball. “Who was another spy that was with us in the squad” this question filled my mind.


“You come” The commandant yelled pointing towards a specific direction. Everybody kept asking “Me?” till it became obvious that he was pointing at Bright. Bright stepped forward, shivering amidst murmurings from various people in the troop. I was already adjusting my rifle to open fire if he was accused of being the saboteur in the group.


“I rather die alongside him than watch a faithful friend being accused of being a saboteur” I said to myself quietly. He stepped forward and was in the middle, facing the terrorist.


“Do you know him?” The commandant asked Bright


“No Sir” He yelled while standing in a saluting position.


“You sure you don’t know him” Bright was asked again. The commandant tapped him on the back and whispered something into his ears. I kept adjusting my rifle and was at alert in case I needed to open fire.


“Give me your gun” The commandant ordered one of the soldiers around. He quickly handed over his pistol to him and slowly pointed it to Bright’s face. My heart was beating in quick successions and I carefully raised my rifle in a slow manner and was anticipating a shot that would allow me open fire on the devilish commandant.


He continued pointing the gun at Bright’s face and before I could say Jack…


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