MISSION SAMBISA!!! (Tale of a Survivor)

The shout and cries of soldiers being massacred was enough to send shivers down the spine of any gallant soldier around. We were clearly lacking in ammunition, despite the requests that was made to the headquarters. Promises upon promises were all they kept giving to us. The shootings continued so badly and alongside our troops, we made way for the exit using a small pathway behind the base.

We stood our grounds on the defense line and it was exchange of fire all over.


“On me…” I shouted as I advanced based on command given to us by the commandant. We continued firing from a vintage point but never knew if we were hitting targets at all.


“Oh no!” I shouted as a soldier was hit on his neck region. He was bleeding profusely and blood kept pumping out. He was vomiting blood through his mouth while attempting and raising his hand up.


“Keep calm” I said while holding on to his hands.


“How can he get treated?” I kept asking myself. He was already crying and with tears running down his cheeks he kept on trying to say something. The more he tried harder, the more he bled through his mouth and neck.


“Hang on sir” I said with a weak voice with tears in my eyes. The flesh around his neck region had torn off and his neck could barely stand in shape. Before I could say few more words to him, he gave up the ghost with his eyes wide open. I covered him with my hands and laid him there. After a while, we stopped hearing gunshots from the terrorists’ angle. Our commander; a Yoruba general felt we had repelled them.


“Forward…” He whispered and pointed to directions and positions we should take. We move quickly, taking positions behind some stationed barricades we had built in the past. We stayed calm there for a while, and I was only thinking of what would be after death. It was actually a move that wasn’t calculated properly and I knew we were going to pay dearly for it. The terrorists from the sounds of guns all over the place, I knew were more in number than we were.

We were fighting at night with no night vision glasses and we could barely see.


“Hope we don’t die just like that” One of the soldiers spoke to me.


“Do you believe in God?” I asked him quietly and with a smile he couldn’t see.


“Yes I do” He responded back


“He will protect you” I said with a voice of assurance. We were still positioned behind a barricade and waiting for the next order while we had this little discussion of ours.


“I just don’t want to die” He said emotionally “People are waiting for me at home” He added. I could feel the fear in his voice and the pains he had never even gotten.


“We will be fine” I repeated. I didn’t know the whereabouts of Tunji and Bright but I believe they were doing just fine. The terrorists had cut off most of our electrical source and I kept wondering how a group filled with non-educated people could achieve such a feat. We were still holding on for the next command, before it dawned on us that we had been surrounded and flanked. They opened fire from all angles and we were caught up to choose between putting up a good fight and retreating like cowards in battle.


“Move…” Our commander kept repeating. It was a very painful scenario looking at how soldiers were falling in action. I and my colleague were still docked behind sacks before we move to the other side where the troops were to meet up with them.


“Move, I got your back” I shouted to my colleague I was having a chat with about his family.


“Roger that!” He shouted as he moved some steps forward. He was almost getting to the destination when…. To be continued.


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