Life Of A Star (A Celebrity Story)


He was barely at the school gate when he sited Juliet, standing alone, with a printed material in her hand.
Filled with excitement, he briskly walked up to her and said
“Hi! ”

“hi! ” Juliet replied as she looked up to him.

David smiled at her and said
“you were not on the assembly ground….”

“so you came searching for me”
Juliet said, stopping him half way.

“hmm, sort… Of” David stammered.

“sort of? Or yes? ” Juliet asked and they both laughed.
They stared at each other for awhile, before Juliet broke the silence.

“ehm, I need to submit this list to the principal. See you during choir practise, right? ” Juliet said and she made to leave.

David stopped her half way and said
“I’m not sure I’m interested in that choir thing no more, but we can surely meet at the fruit stall”

“hmm… I’m not sure I’m interested in that fruits thing no more, maybe we should not meet at all”
Juliet said with a funny face.

David immediately got the message, he smiled and corrected himself.
“okay choir mistress, i will be there and make sure you are there in time too” he said.

“okay….. That’s better!” Juliet said with a tiny voice before she walked away.

David watched her walk away and smiled to himself. Seeing and talking to her made him feel so good. The feelings was unexplainable, he wished he could be locked in a room with her for days but his wish was just impossible.
David stood at a point, watching her back view for awhile before he eventually got a hold on himself.

He shook his head and made to leave when he bumped into Cynthia.
She was the last person he wanted to see and he was ready to snub her without considering her feelings.

“hi Dave”
Cynthia said with a seductive smile.

David looked at his wrist watch and doubled his step, without acknowledging her presence.

Cynthia greeted him again and he replied coldly. She followed him closely from behind and thought of what to say. She wanted to have a conversation with him in order to find out about Juliet. Since she saw them talking.

“Are you friends with Juliet?”

She asked, hoping to get a response.

“so? ” David replied carelessly.

“so? you guys do not even match in any way” she continued.

David spared her a glance and said “why do you say so? ”

Happy she was gaining his attention, she moved closer to him and said
“why? Are you seriously asking me that? It’s so obvious. You know she is a church Girl and she does like a saint”

David paused and laughed.
“a church Girl? ” he asked.

Cynthia smiled back and said
“yes, you know she is not even social and you are……. ”

“and I am a church boy.” he said, cutting her short.

“No, you are not the kind of guy that should be seen around her. You are more social and more classy.
I’m not trying to bad mouth or something, I’m just saying she doesn’t even know her way around”
Cynthia said, trying to explain herself.
“whether you are trying to bad mouth her or not is not my business. Can’t you just mind yours and stop bumping into people when you are not needed? ”

David said angrily and walked out on her.

The last thing he wanted was somebody spoiling his mood. Juliet image was all over his face throughout the previous and he even woke up thinking about her. The happiness he derived from talking to her that morning was unexplainable. He could not just watch and listen to Cynthia speak badly of his new found treasure. He knew she was talking out of jealousy, so he saw nothing wrong in disrespecting her.

Cynthia on the other hand was shocked and dumbfounded. She was sad when she saw David talking to Juliet in the first place. She had kicked against the thought of David having a soft spot for Juliet and consoled herself with the fact that Juliet was not social and David would not love to be seen around someone like her.
David’s reaction made her realise she was wrong but she was not ready to give up.
Cynthia adjusted her skirt and looked around to confirm no one saw David shout at her before she rushed off to her class.
She grew hatred for Juliet and was more determined to get closer to David at all cost. He was all she ever wanted and more.

To Be Continued…


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