Life Of A Star (A Celebrity Story)

Episode THREE


” woke up one Sunday morning, told m daddy I’m leaving home.
Going off, to the city tomorrow,
Even though I don’t know where to go”
David’s alarm woke him up at exactly 6:00am. The track “pray for me” was his favourite of “Darey Artalade’s” songs.
He slowly got his phone and turned off his alarm, before he went for his head phone. He connected the head phone with his phone as he scrolled through his favourite playlist.

“good morning world! ” he said to himself before the music filled his ear. He increased the volume to the maximum and went on his four. He was ready for his morning pressup.
Nothing could be more energizing for him than observing his morning exercise while listening to music. He did up to fifty push up before he went for his morning jog. While jogging, Juliet image kept on showing up in his face. He didn’t know why but he felt a strange urge to rush to school just to see her face. He could not finish up his morning exercise because he wanted to be in school early enough to see his new found friend.

At exactly 6:30am, David returned to his room. He rushed to the bathroom, cleaned up and prepared for school.
With his neatly ironed uniform, guess wrist watch, CK belt, Yeezy snickers and his handsome self, he was ready for school. He generously sprayed his “chairman” perfume and rushed to his parent’s room.

“I was about coming for you, come here let’s pray” his mom said immediately he got into his parents room.
“morning dad, morning mom”
David said before he joined his parent in prayer. His dad had an early morning meeting with some of the church officials that very day, so he made the prayer brief and short.

“in Jesus mighty name we’ve prayed” Rev. Nelson said and his family chorus “Amen”

David was happy and surprised the morning prayer ended in time, he wished he could fly to school already. He said his goodbyes and was about using the exit when his dad called him back.
Before he turned to face his dad, he rolled his eyes searching for an excuse to scape through his dad’s sermon.

“ehm, Dad I was punished for been late yesterday, I can’t avoid to be late today” he said as he turned to face him.
His dad chuckled and said “serves you right. Probably if you allow me or my driver to drive you to school, you won’t run late. Well young man, that’s your problem. Bring the envelope on the table”
David rushed to get the envelope and made to leave before he was stopped by his mom.

“David, won’t you wait and find out what’s in the envelope?” she said and David walked back to his dad.
Rev. Nelson opened the brown envelope and counted five, one thousand naira note. He handed it over to his son and said
“spend this wisely, I will be away for three days. Do not stress your mother, read your book and attend evening services”

David took the money and kept it in his wallet. He wished his dad “safe journey” and hugged his mom before he finally left.
The money didn’t really mean much to him since he wasn’t a lavish spender. Most times he doesn’t eat in school and his lunch was always ready when he returned. He would have diverted the money into buying clothes and other necessary wears, but his dad regularly shop with him every month.
He also had no male friends or female partner to spend for or spend on. So all he does was to save it up in his bank account and await when need would arise.
That was the stress free, simple life David lived.

At exactly 7:00am, David arrived the school compound. He kept his head phone on his back and looked around for any sign of Juliet. He waited for five minutes without any sign of her before he head to the assembly ground.
David located his line and waited for the assembly to kick off. He maintained a cold face and stared at his pair of snickers until some set of girls interrupted him with their discussion.

“That is the senior that performed love song yesterday” one of the girls said.
After taking a glance at David, another girlAfter taking a glance at David, another girl replied. “yes, he’s senior David. He’s song really touched my heart. I wish he could do it again, just for me tho”

The girls laughed briefly before one of them said
“he’s handsome, intelligent and proud at the same time. He won’t even respond to anyone’s greetings. Can’t you see he doesn’t even chat with his class mate, no to talk of juniors”

“really? Let me try greeting him” A smallish girl said.
She adjusted her uniform and tidied her hair before she walked the little distance between herself and David.
David was boiling with anger already. He counted the girls jobless and gossiping about others was something disgusting to him.

“Ehm…… Good morning senior……” she was yet to complete her statement when she raised her head to meet David’s stern face. He looked at her from head to toe in a disgusting manner. Without been told, the girl knew the almighty senior David was angry.
She turned to leave in embarrassment as she was been laughed by some of the students who notices what transpired between them.
Contented with his actions, David spared the rest of the group cold stare before he focused his attention on the podium.

In less than a minute, the prefect on duty mounted the podium with the teacher on duty. Necessary information was passed and the assembly was dismissed.

David scan the assembly hall for any sign of Juliet without luck. He then concluded that she would be with the late comers. He clutched unto his bag and hurried his step back to the school gate.
He was barely at the school gate when he sited Juliet, standing alone with a printed material.

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