Life Of A Star (A Celebrity Story)


“little did she know that her touch broke his wall“
David and Juliet walked side by side to the cafeteria. They talked mostly about spoilt rich kids but a passerby would think they were long time lovers, having a romantic conversation. They cracked each other up and laughed at their dry jokes. It is true that when two people are in love, they enjoy even the most boring conversations.
“what type of fruit do you want? ” David asked immediately they arrived the fruit stall. Juliet took a quick glance at the fruits collection and pointed at a big water melon.
“what? You are going to finish that? ” David asked in surprise.
“yes, I can manage that for now” Juliet said jokingly.
With his mouth widely open, David stared at her for a minutes before he reached for his wallet.
“I bet this is even bigger than you head” David said as he made to pay.
Juliet held his hand, stopping him from paying. She looked around to confirm no one was watching them. Since most of the students love taking junks rather than fruit, the fruit stall was occasional patronized by the students. Juliet confirmed that no one was watching them before she roughly squeezed David’s hand and said “hey boy, I stopped Mike from killing you this morning, I saved you from dying of embarrassment in front of the whole choir and now you are complaining of my choice of fruit. Do you realize I’m your senior at all? I can order Mike to make you lay down flat right now”

David looked at the way Juliet stood akimbo and talked as fast as she could. All he could do was to laugh at her speech. He laughed until he noticed that he was alone in the laughter. He then bent a little and said “madam prefect, choir mistress, senior, I’m so sorry. Please don’t beat me, I can buy you a truck of water melon if you want…..”
Before he could finish his statement, Juliet burst into laughter, she hit him playfully and told him she was only joking.
“joking about what exactly ? Making me lAydown flat or beating me up? ” David asked jokingly.
Juliet made a funny face and said “I ment those. I’m only joking about wanting the big water melon”
They both laughed and stared at each other until they were interrupted by the fruit seller.
“My children, which one will you love to buy? The break will soon be over” the middle aged man said.
Juliet quickly took her eyes off David and focused his attention on the fruits displayed. David on the order hand, kept his eyes on her. He wondered how he could get close to someone in a day. He had been addicted to living alone with his music, he didn’t even keep male friends, not to talk of females. But Juliet seemed different, meeting her in a day and chatting with her in less than hour felt like they had been best friends ever since they were born. He loved everything about her already and she was what he would call perfection. He wasn’t sure of what the future had for them but he was sure he had found himself a friend. A rare friend.

“hello? David!” Juliet said interrupting his thought.
David came back to reality to see Juliet waving into his face. He stammered “what….? ” and the fruit seller burst into tears.
Without realizing he had been off for a minute, he wore a confused look and asked “what? ” again.
Juliet smiled and said “I said I will have apples”
“oh, apples? Pick as much as you want” David said and reached for his wallet.
Juliet picked two apples and the fruit seller added one extra for her. David paid for the apples and collected it for her. They were about leaving the fruit stall when the fruit seller called them back.
“wait” he said and they both turned back. He smiled and said “I haven’t been seeing you guys around but you seems close and cool with each other. Please do patronize the fruit stall more often, I will love to see more of you”
Juliet promised to patronize the fruit seller more often while David promised to patronize on the condition that Juliet would eat fruit every school day. Every body laughed and they both said “goodbye” to the fruit seller.

They walked side by side, Occasionally brushing each other in the process.
They talked and laughed until they got to David’s class. He returned the apples to her and said goodbyes. She smiled back and bid him goodbye as well, even though she wished he could stay.
David was about to take a step when something struck him.
“Juliet!” he called and she turned to face him.
“ehm, where do you stay? ” he stammered.

She asked why before she eventually gave him her address.
“woah that should be like two streets from my street. Probably, we could walk home together?” David said in excitement.

Juliet realising where he was going with his question, frowned and said “I do not walk home. My driver picks me up” .

Her response made David sad, but he didn’t want to show it. Deep inside, he wished they could come to school together and go home together. Chatting with her made him realise there was something more interesting than just listening to music, but he could not force her to be with him.
Back in the day, his dad use to drive him to school in the morning and pick him up later in the day. He stopped him from doing this because of his love for music. He enjoyed walking in the street and listening to music while cool breeze would blow across his face. .
David was lost in thought for a while before The sound of the bell brought David back to the present. He glanced at his wrist watch and faced Juliet.

“okay then, have a nice day” he said coldly and walked away.
Juliet looked at him and shook her head. She knew exactly how he felt and she was happy she made him feel that way. She looked at his back view as he tried to get away as fast as he could. All she could do was to laugh at his behavior.
David walked straight to his space immediately he got to his class, he had mixed feelings about his chat with Juliet.
He was happy he spent his time having a lively chat with her rather than staying in the class and burying his head in a book but he was sad they would be having limited time together.
“Probably we will have time to chat only during break” David said to himself as he unlocked his desk. He concluded that nothing could beat music, his music was always there with him, no matter the time, place or duration. He got a hold on himself and tried to concentrate on school.
Within a short period of time, the physics teacher came into the class. David put other thoughts behind him and focused on the lesson. As usual, he answered questions, asked questions and was applauded. Since he was so good in science subjects, everybody including his teachers believed he would become a good great doctor or he would go into other great professions, little did they know that all he was interested in was music.
That very day, after school, David was tempted to see Juliet before going home. He was almost in front of her class when he rushed back. He concluded that he would not make himself look desperate to have friend. He wore his head phone and bounced home, just the way he used to. Even though he had no friends, life was good just with his music.

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