The Life Of An Average Graduate In Nigeria

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Hi, I am just a graduate in Nigeria. I will come back to what my name is; but right now, I type with so much anger. I guess you must have read; Click===>>(Open LETTER of a WORKING GRADUATE to His Jobless PAST). I thought to be a graduate was great and the best thing that could happen to anyone, but was I right? I look back and wonder what the average life of a graduate in Nigeria is all about.

I guess we all heard “Go to school, graduate, get a good job and live the life of your dreams.” My mom always reminded me of that every morning just before I headed to the school bus that took me to my primary school back then.

I always thought that going to school was the best thing that happened to me as a kid, but I guess it wasn’t all about going to school. All my days in school, I always read hard just because I wanted to create a bright future for myself. I topped the class in brilliantly and felt that all those who performed poorly were all gonna be failures in life.

I passed my entire primary school exam and found myself entering the secondary school in style. I faced a battle of never failing in secondary school, or else I would fail out of the most prestigious school in the city. I struggled and passed all my papers, after which my only hurdle was the WAEC exam and the JAMB exam. I told myself that the good life that mom promised me if I could pass my WAEC and enter the university was getting closer, and all I needed was the focus. I motivated myself and I cleared the exam.

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I kept awake all night preparing for my jamb exam, and I never allowed the midnight candle die down. I finally made it to the university; let us say a private university. I couldn’t make it to the federal or state universities, so I had to settle for something bigger.

“If you don’t graduate you will become a failure in life” was the anthem always played by our lecturers in school. I never allowed my GPA to go less than a Second Class Upper. Not because I wanted to be the best, but I just wanted to get that dream job the moment I set my feet outside the school campus.

I finally graduated, went for the National Youth Service, under the rain, and in the sun, with dedication and selflessness, I served Nigeria.

Just when I was done with my national youth service, I had neglected every call to add a skill to my life. I picked up my expensive suit, shoe, tie and a Gucci bag to compliment my dressing. Just as I was about to set out, I was reminded by someone that there are over 2 million graduates searching for the same job I wanted to set out to search for.

With my mouth agape and my eyes widely open, all I could ask was “Are they also graduates like me?”

Sorry I forgot to introduce myself; “I am just a second class upper Engineering average graduate in Nigeria”

I am so sorry that my title is long; it is only replacing the long salary I anticipated as an Engineering Graduate in Nigeria. I will be right back to right more, but I need to search the internet for new job vacancies.

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