How to Write a Good Cover Letter


A cover letter is simply a letter that introduces you to a potential employer. It is defined as a one page document that is sent alongside with your resume when seeking or applying for a job. The basic function of a cover letter is to help you introduce yourself to the hiring manager, argue why you are a good fit for the job and explain things you can do inside your resume. There are lots of ways to write a cover letter, but there is just one way to write the one that lands you the job. In order to write a good cover letter for either a client or an employer, there are specific measures to observe. In this article, I will clearly show you how to write a cover letter that works.

  • Personalize Your Greeting: Like I explained in “HOW TO WRITE A GOOD SALES PITCH, nothing gives you an edge like making sure your letter is being addressed to a specific person. Most advertised jobs always come with names in their mail addresses. Most of them that don’t have a name, you can take a step further by going through the company website and getting some information from there. It shows the hiring manager, that you are going an extra mile to get a job you desire.

    Personalizing your introduction shows a certain level of seriousness. For example “Dear Mr Zukerberg” instead of “Dear Sir”. In most cases where you can’t find any reasonable information or a top name in the organization, you are free to put in an anonymous name like “Dear Sir”.


  • Create a super introduction: Your introduction should answer the “Can I Know You” question. This first paragraph should answer the question, in relation to the job you are applying for. Simply write about what you wish to achieve with the letter, your qualifications if it is actually related to the job being applied for. If it isn’t related to the qualifications needed, do well to avoid inserting it into the cover letter.

    E.g. “I have three years of cognitive experience in business development as a marketing executive in Facebook and Google+ firms. I believe I can be utilized as a marketing executive in Starbucks group of companies.”

    In order to write a good cover letter, you should learn to keep your introduction short, simple and straight to the point. Writing your former job experience with respect to how it can help the company, will show the recruiter that you have the experience needed to do the job with ease.

  • Explain Your Abilities/Achievements: In the next paragraph, you are expected to list the abilities and skills that make you special. Be sure to list them all with respect to the skills that are in the job requirements. Just writing any ability you think you have might sound great to you, but sound off to the hiring manager. It is advisable to stick to the hiring manager’s skills requirements when listing out the skills you possess. In writing a good cover letter, it is also imperative to show some of the achievements you have made over the past few years or in life generally. If you are yet to achieve something, you can draw up a short life achievement that relates to the Job applied for.

    “I have great coordination skills because over the past three years, I have been the social coordinator of my small group in church and together we have achieved a lot of things”. So for many skills you need to write about, always summarize it with examples. It helps to show that they aren’t just imaginary skills.

  • Create a call to action: Always tell the hiring manager your next move. Make him know you want the job, and it puts you in a great position for an invite.

    “I will be pleased to have an interview, to enable me show you what I have to offer first-hand.” Then you thank them and end straight away.

    Don’ts of a cover letter

  • Use a small font
  • Write anything outside job requirements
  • Submit without proofreading
  • Submit without a “call to action”

    Do’s of a cover letter

  • Maintain a uniform alignment throughout
  • Describe how your previous experience will help in the current job and the company itself
  • List only your positive sides
  • Keep it short, simple and straight to the point.
  • Make sure your cover letter tallies with your resume.
  • Learn when to use “I” and “WE”
  • Be boastful as much as possible. But always back it up with evidence.

    A good cover letter puts you in a position of advantage. Learning how to write a good cover letter either as a freelance writer or a job seeker is what you need. For more sample cover letter, do well to comment below and request for one. Thanks.



  1. i need help on how to apply in a firm for technicien of phone in a company.i will be glad if i get more hints from u

  2. hello,really appreciate your tips about the cover letters,can I forward you my resume ,I would like you to help out in editing it and give it a professional look..

    • Thanks so much for your request. I will send you a sample. But do well to edit it in line with what you have read and learnt from this website. Recruiters are humans also… and they all have weak points. Expect it soon.

  3. Dear Obinwanne, thank you so much for post, it’s of great benefit to me. Please do me well by sending more samples of cover letters and letters of introduction to my box.
    Thank you.

  4. Thank you for a job well done. Your tips are very essential to job seekers like me.
    Please, I would love to get a sample cover letter from you. I am not certain about the best/right way to write the address in a cover letter, especially if the application is via e-mail. Thank you.

  5. it’s a pleasure seeing you helping others.I will not want to be exceeded. Please I’m applying for an “assistant revenue officer(tax audit / investigation)” I’m need of a killer cover letter. Thanks in anticipation as I forward my resume to you email above. Thanks man

  6. This is very nice of you. Keep it up, I believed is helping many people to get job.
    However, I am requesting for one simple example of the cover letter.
    Thank you. GOD bless you.

  7. Thanks for the information you ve given, am so impressed cos I have learnt a lot from there. Pls i will also need ur help. Can u send me a copy of d cover letter and C V, I know u already have a lot of requests. Pls help me out. Thanks and God bless


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