How to earn as a Writer in Nigeria

How to earn as a Writer in Nigeria

To earn as a writer in Nigeria is something that gives most writers serious trouble. Most writers feel they have the talent but are not really reaping the reward of their talent. In this simple article, I will be listing out possible ways by which you as a writer in Nigeria can earn as you utilize your skill, thereby generating cash for yourself. In today’s world filled with many opportunities, making money as a writer in Nigeria shouldn’t be much of a stress for you. Below are the possible ways to earn as a writer in Nigeria.

how to earn as a writer in Nigeria

To Way To Make Money and earn as a writer in Nigeria

Become a Blogger

Like you already know, blogging isn’t so easy and sweet like people project but nevertheless, this is the best option to take when you think you have lots of ideas running through your head. Writing genuine articles with solid/helpful contents can be your pathway to earning a residual income for a start and later you can blog on your way to the top. Starting a blog just requires you own a domain name with companies like, 1&1, etc. After which you can host the domain name with any of the hosting companies, but my favourite remains Namecheap because of the cheap and quality service they render. Then you can go ahead and design the blog to your taste. Like I have mentioned previously in articles I have written, it is important you discover a niche you can write very well on before you go ahead to start posting articles. I can’t imagine an Engineer by profession writing or owning a health blog, it doesn’t just add up too well. Once you start blogging, it becomes a passion that paves a way for you to make a few bucks.

Become a Freelancer

Becoming a freelancer in Nigeria doesn’t just mean signing up to some freelancer sites and bidding for every available writing job there. It is about being creative to know that there are lots of people out there looking for whom to help them complete a given writing task. I know a guy who makes about 10,000 Naira every week, advertising his services on his page on Facebook. Most people are lazy to write their term paper, project topic, etc and you that have the ability as a writer and knowledgeable on that topic should do the job for them and earn your money. Aside from that like you may have known, there are other great freelancing sites that give Nigerians the opportunity to earn. Example of such sites includes Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc. All it takes is just for you to set up your profile as a professional writer and pitch your abilities to those who look to hire writers. The competition out there is pretty much, so I must warn you to be careful about getting depressed along the line. In few articles to come, I will be telling you some secrets nobody ever told you about generating lots of cash from sites like Upwork and Fiverr as a writer.

Guest post for blogs and websites 

Guest posting for blogs and websites is becoming one of the fastest ways to earn some cash as a writer in Nigeria right now. There are hundreds of websites and blogs that will pay you about 50$ to 100$ just for your write-up to be featured on their site. Payment can be accessed either through PayPal or a direct cheque. I have compiled about 101 websites that can pay you to write for them, so do well to download it and start earning right way. Websites that pay writers Download

Write an E-Book 

Writing an E-book could be your pathway to earning as a writer. It just allows you compile information, format it to an E-book format and sell. Writing and compiling an E-book might be quite stressful, but if done right could be the missing piece of the puzzle. I know lots of writers who have earned six digit figures by compiling information and selling it off as an E-book. In fact, writing an E-book is one of the best methods to earn as a writer in Nigeria in this 21st century; people need to get information, and putting that information in a book and selling is nothing but the surest way to earn. I will be putting up an article next, to show you how can create your first E-book within just a few minutes.

Train upcoming writers 

A lot of people out there would jump at the chance to become a writer if given the chance and the right training. People love expressing themselves with write-ups but they just can’t seem to know how to write. Writing is an art (like I always say), and it needs to be learnt. You can have the talent or so they say, but you need a mentor and someone that is experienced to put you through in every aspect of it. That is why you need to fill up this gap as an experienced writer by putting up a training service to young and aspiring writers and making cool money from it. You can register as a tutor in a site like  and earn cool money training students and aspiring writers on the art of writing.

In summary, creating wealth as a writer is possible only if you are willing to take action. Every book you see today was written by a writer and there is really a shortage of quality writers out there. Even if you don’t own a blog, blog owners can pay you a lump sum of money just for you to keep their blogs updated with quality write-ups. So do yourself a favour by going through the steps once more and pick exactly the method that befits you and work towards it. If you still need further guidance, do well to reach with through the comment form.

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