How to Become a Better Writer

I have been writing professionally for a while, and over time I hear and keep getting questions from people who keep asking “How Can I Become a Better Writer?” There is only a single answer to this question and that answer is

Practice writing every day, Read and get to know about others who write.”


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Writing is an art that is meant to be studied, felt and not just something you feel like doing just because you want to. It is more of imaginations, ability to join various words together and form sentences that becomes a beauty in the mind of readers. It is also about creating a write-up that is magical, an illusion that can keep your target audience captivated for a long period of time. If you can become a better writer, chances have it that you can make money from it as long as your brain remains functional.

If you are thinking about how to become a better writer, there’s some great news – the more you write the better you will become, so just keep writing. Of course, there are always things you can do to improve your writing. Let’s have a look at some ways to do that.

1. Become a blogger – Blogging is an easy way to become better at what you do and gain more experience, while for the most part working in a relatively relaxed writing environment. Nobody forces anything down your throat while writing on your blog and it is a better way to write from your own imagination. It also gives you room for improvement and adjustments. Besides, blogging is also a great way to make a living if you become good at it.


2. Limit your words – Writers tend to ramble on. In a bid to either to either make their article a bit lengthy to cover lots of aspects, they end up boring reader with write-ups that aren’t so important. The best way to keep your writing clear and concise is to simply limit how many words your content will hold. By doing so you force yourself to think about what you are writing. People often think that writing a few words will affect the quality of their write-up, but that isn’t the case. It is better to create something of little quantity with great quality than write loads of jargons that will bore readers.

3. Outline – When you are writing an e-book, print book, report, or an academic paper, creating an outline is a good place to start. To create an outline is like creating a mental picture of exactly what you wish to write, how you will write it and whom you are writing for. By creating an outline, you can create your structure for your writing.


4. Live passionately – If you are passionate about living, you’ll also be passionate when you write. You live once – take it in, wrap yourself in life, and ‘live.’ As a writer, this attitude will come through.


5. Write-Stop-Edit – You should do your writing, and then take a break before you start your edit so that you are looking at it with fresh eyes. A rule says you shouldn’t write under pressure or when the environment isn’t conducive. If you write and edit right away, your brain is smart and will often see what’s not there because it knows it should be there.

6. Daily new word – Every day learn a new word. Why? Because it expands your vocabulary, and allows you to keep learning more. Trust me – it will be reflected in your writing.

7. Write & write some more – This is particularly helpful when you are writing longer content. Do your writing, stop and come back and expand the content you’ve written to ensure all necessary points are covered. A little break gives your brain a time out and when you return you will have thought of additional content that should be added.

8. Write with no distractions – Nothing will cause your writing to be poor than distractions. You need to have a quiet place where you can let your thoughts flow and the results will be good quality writing that’s desirable.

There you have it – eight great tips on how to become a better writer. Why not give them a try today?

The simple truth is that there is no way to improve your writing, other than to continually practice your craft. Write every day. Experiment, plan, revise, and revisit. Make challenges and deadlines and competitions. Push yourself and your writing will reward you. I promise. Write something inspired by a writer you admire and then write something completely your own.

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