How To Ace Your Next Interview Even Without Experience

Do you want to know how to ace your next interview as a young graduate without Experience? Let me show you.

Last 3 weeks I was called up for an interview for a job role I never had any experience in. I applied because I wanted just any job to put some cash in my pocket every month end. I attended the interview and faced a panel of interviewers. I was asked various technical questions regarding the job role, and I answered some. When asked some questions above my reasoning, I openly told the panel “I don’t know it; but if we meet next time, I will tell you exactly the way what it is.” The majority of the questions they asked me, I failed to answer. The ones I knew, I gave trademark answers.

I left the interview hall feeling dejected and depressed. “I just missed my chance of landing a job, ” I said to myself. After three (3) days, I got a message to resume work the next week.


Ace your next interview

A young graduate


After I resumed work, I saw one of the panelists. We became friends, and after a while, I reminded him of my interview. He told me why I was selected before others, and that is what I am about to share. Do you want to ace your next interview even without experience? Read below carefully.

• I was confident even under pressure

Despite the fact I was attacked from left to right, I never faltered. You know what it showed?
It showed I was able to perform even under pressure. The questions kept coming. Despite I knew just a little, it didn’t affect my overall performance. According to him, “they were marveled at my composure.” You don’t need to tell an employer about your being able to work under pressure, you should show him. Most times a lot of employers ask questions upon questions, making an interview seem like an interrogation. Remember, they might be testing your ability to remain composed and also produce results even under such situation.

• I communicated properly

Only a few things in this world are worth more than someone who can communicate properly. I was able to drive home my facts and points about why I could answer and couldn’t answer all the questions I was asked. If you are lucky to be called up for an interview and you wish to ace the interview or any future one, learn the art of speaking.
Good communication is an art, you learn it by practicing.

• I didn’t know much but I showed willingness to learn

This point may not be applicable to all but 80% of the time, it is applicable. Whenever you head for an interview for a job you have no experience about and you want to ace the interview, it is better you portray yourself as someone who is intelligent but also willing to learn. Be honest about your position as a young graduate who is seeking out for an experience more than any other thing in the industry. This will make them know your position, and it also makes you sound honest.

• I negotiated my skills for the experience required

You must trade something for something. You can’t lack experience and also lack the skills for such a position. I was called up for the role of an IT support; I lacked the experience but I had the skills they wanted. They felt I could be groomed, and alas I was chosen.
It only gets worse when you don’t have the experience and you also lack the skills for major job roles. Now ask yourself, what hard skills do I have?

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• Money shouldn’t be your priority

I remember I was asked, “How much can we pay you?” It was a very emotional question, and I knew it was a make or mar question. I replied; “At this stage of my life, all I want is where I can learn, develop myself and use the skills I have to contribute effortlessly to the growth of any organization I find myself. You know what someone of my level can earn. Make me an offer, and I am willing to start up as soon as possible.”

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To be frank, money wasn’t my priority, as I wanted to learn all I could learn by working in such a fantastic environment. The psychological effect of that my answer is something I would leave for you to think about.

What skills do you have currently to earn a decent living? Go get one now. If you are confused on how to start your skill development, leave a comment and I will get across to you.

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