How to get a job in Australia from Nigeria as a Graduate

It isn’t so difficult to get jobs in Australia from Nigeria as a graduate. I have already explained some of the things you need to do in my previous post. In case you missed it, quickly take a look the Tips to Help You Get a Job Abroad from Nigeria

It is very easy to migrate to Australia from Nigerian and still get a job. I believe that the aim of every Nigerian graduate is to achieve a good job and have a great career. This is the reason Australia has become a good destination for students and Job seekers. Forget the slogan “No place is green”, it is almost all green in Australia.

Australia is a country that has great opportunities but with little working professionals. That’s the reason the government is looking for good working and professional people, to contribute to the growth of their country.

For those still in doubts as to why Australia, I will explain below why Australia scores above other countries.

Why should you get a Job in Australia from Nigeria?

get job Australia Nigeria

Nigerian who got Job abroad

Great Job Opportunities

Overall in Australia, the number of job opportunities supersedes the number of working professionals in that country. That is the reason the Government of Australia has opened up a portal known as the skill shortage portal. To get a job in Australia from Nigeria, all you need to do is to score yourself on the portal. Once you reach the required score points, then feel free to start your application.

TBH, the more certificates and skills you possess, the higher your chances of reaching the required score point. There are lots of opportunities in various sectors in Australia.

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For the skills in demand, there are lots of them. I suggest you go through the portal and see if any of the listed skills is something you have. The instructions are written there, and also the mode of application.

High Standard of Living

Australia as compared to Nigeria has a very high standard of living. The country possesses great amenities with the latest technologies. You may choose to live a high and stylish life, depending on how your pocket carries you.

Rich Work Experience

Australia is a well-known country, and working there adds a lot of authority to your resume and experience. Having a job experience from Australia means you can work virtually anywhere in the world.

High Salaried Jobs

Australia is a country that boasts of having one of the highest paid jobs in the world. The average salary is arguably more than what is obtainable in the UK and U.S. So if you are looking for a reason to leave Nigeria and get a job in Australia, I think this should entice you.

Looking at the above points, I can deduce that Australia is a country worth relocating to if you can get a job there.

There are different ways to get a job in Australia from Nigeria as a graduate, before getting your visa.

Use of Job Sites

A good job site I recommend is the Australian Job Site.  When applying for jobs through this medium, it is important to focus on the regional parts of the country as there are more skills shortages in those places.

Employer-sponsored migration is one of the easiest ways to get in and start working in Australia from Nigeria.

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Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

This visa gives you the right to live and work in Australia. It is a permanent residency working type. No nomination by an Australian employer, state/territory or relative is needed in this type of job visa. However, they are certain criteria the graduate must fulfil before being able to apply and they include;

  • For countries which are not English speaking (Nigeria isn’t regarded as an English speaking country), the graduates are required to produce a certificate of English competence. E.g. TOFEL, IELTS, etc.
  • A valid medical certificate to prove a sound health
  • The minimum age of the applicant must be 18 and the maximum must be 49.

An Expression of Interest is submitted, and you must qualify the skill selected in your EOI with at least 60 points. Once this is done and the other submissions, then you expect a letter from the department of immigration to further your visa application. For citizens of Nigeria with family, they can also be included in your application.

Now you have seen exactly the options to get a job in Australia from Nigeria, you can explore it and see what comes out of it. Remember that there is no need paying hefty sums of money to so-called Agents to help you in all these. Good luck to you in your applications!

P.S. You would need to design your resume to fit in the European Resume Format. The steps to get it is written on the blog. Till next time, like my Facebook page “By Clicking Here”.

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