How to get a Job in Germany as an Indian

Have you ever thought about how to get a job in Germany as an Indian, this post would expose you to the steps to follow? Getting a job in Germany from India is a superb idea because Germany is a great place to work and also live for a short or long period of time. Statistics have shown that lots of people are interested in migrating to Germany either for work purpose of for visit, especially from India.

There are several factors in Germany that have influenced the movement, and it includes; good salaries, social benefits, high-quality housing, robust economy, and very high standard of living.

Germany currently has the biggest economy in the EU, and this means lots of employment opportunities.

To get a job in Germany as an Indian is relatively easy if you have the right skill and talent. The right skill means good practical and execution capabilities. They don’t really bother whether you are TU, HS, or FH, and also they care less about your marks.

An average Java programmer can earn about 200 euros per hour in most western cities, but be sure to know exactly what you have to offer.

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There are several ways to get a job in Germany as an Indian, and I will show you in details.

get a job in Germany as an Indian

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Study and get a job in Germany

This is one of the fastest ways if you intend to get a job in Germany as an Indian. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, it is advisable you consider getting your masters in any German university. This move would open doors to several job opportunities in Germany as an Indian. The beauty if this is that German degrees are recognized worldwide, so you have a chance of even moving to another country with the same degree.

In most German universities, you don’t need to pay tuition fees, as all of their public universities are tuition-free. As a student in German, you are expected to work part-time for about 20hrs every week. This can be extended to full time during holidays and summer.

After graduation, you can either convert your current part-time job to a full-time job, or you start searching for an entirely new job. The government of Germany gives foreign students the option of 2years post graduate visa to search for jobs. When you finally get a job, you are given a work permit, and life continues for you.

Apply for the Job Seeker Visa

This type of Visa is valid for just 6 months, and it allows you stay in Germany and look for jobs for that period of time. As soon as you found a job whilst still in the country, you can then change it to a work resident permit. To get a job in Germany as an Indian using this method depends on so many factors you should consider.

  • Your hands-on experience and demand for such professionals in Germany: You should have at least about 4 years’ experience in an MNC in that specific field.
  • You must be fluent in the German Language: This will be of great benefit to your job hunt. You should the language up to the recommended B1 level.
  • Financial security: To be granted a visa, most job seekers from India are required to block an account with the sum of 4000 – 5000 Euros as a proof of financial stability.
  • Have an In-demand skill in Germany: There are several hot selling skills and jobs in Germany currently. To get a job in Germany as an Indian, you should fit in seamlessly into any of the in-demand job roles in the country. This portal will help you identify some of the skills in demand in German that you can work as an Indian.


Apply from India

You can apply for a job in Germany from India and hope someone is interested in an interview. Interviews are done mainly via Skype. There are several websites that you can use to check up for vacancies in Germany from India.

Networking is also important. LinkedIn can help you make new networks to showcase your skills and open up more chances for you.  There are several opportunities in Germany in fields like IT, Engineering, and Healthcare.

To get a job in Germany as an Indian, you should know that language is important, followed by your qualifications. Try to improve your skills in the German language; it would open up more doors for you.

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