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FATE (What will be will be)

Episode two



“Good day!! I am looking for a young lady, Claire Williams, who was brought here by the SCD some hours ago,” Bob said to the receptionist sitting at the counter.

“Good day Sir. May I know your name and relationship with the lady please,” the young beautiful receptionist said with a smile.

“Bob… Bob Williams, her Uncle.”

“Can I see an ID please?” she demanded.

Bob annoyingly pulled out his wallet and picking out his driving license slammed it on the counter cursing under his breath.

The young lady took the license and checked for face match. Convinced, she punched some buttons on the computer before handing it back to the man with a smile.

“She is in the ICU, room 20. Take the stairs and walk down the corridor. The second to the last room on the left, thanks.”

Bob collected his license and without sparing the young lady another look ran up the stairs.



Seated outside room 20 was Agent Klin jotting down on his notepad. Sighting a man walking up to him, he stood up to meet him.

“Sorry, Sir this is a restricted area you have to move back.”

“I’m Bob Williams, Claire is my niece. Your office called me,” Bob said stopping before the officer.

“Can I see an ID please?” Agent Klin demanded.

“For Christ sake….” Bob cursed repeating the same process he passed through at the reception.

Agent Klin collected the license which Bob handed out to him to check for face match. Convinced, he handed it back to him.

“I’m afraid you will have to wait for a moment, Sir. She is been attended to by the doctor,” the agent said.

“For how long do I have to wait?” Bob asked impatiently.

“I can’t tell Sir,” Agent Klin replied and sank back to his seat while Bob started pacing the length of the corridor impatiently and frustrated. He so wanted to see his niece and make sure she is ok.




Outside the hospital, he sat inside his car, with his hood hanging down his shoulder, as he went through the phone he’d collected from the guy he killed. He couldn’t find any saved number; just a couple of messages and a continuous exchange of calls between two numbers.

Pulling out his phone, he dialed a number and waited for it to connect.

“Kunle how far?” he asked as the line connected.

“Yes I know sorry for the disturbance,” he apologized before he continued. “I need you to help me check the registration details of this number, 070…… Hit me back when you have got something, thanks.” He concluded and dropped the call.


As he dropped the call, he saw a car speed into the hospital premises pulling to a stop not far from his car. His hand instantly went for his gun ready to shoot when he saw the acting CEO of Williams Holdings step down from the car rushing to the hospital.  Putting his gun back into the glove compartment, he stepped down from the car and followed him in.

He’d pretended to have an appointment and settled on the hospital reception on the second floor which housed the ICU where Claire was admitted watching the CEO as he paced up and down with the police officer seated in front of the door.

After about ten minutes he saw the doctor come out from the room. He watched as he talked briefly with Mr. Bob, the acting CEO before stepping away, for Bob to enter the room. His phone started vibrating in his pocket and pulling it out, he saw a message notification from Kunle.

‘It’s a dead end, the line was registered with the face of a baby and all details to it are sham’

He sighed, typed a ‘Thank you’ and replied Kunle before dropping the phone back into his pocket.






His patience was running out as he paced in front of the ward. The officer had offered him a seat twice but he was in no mood to seat.

Just when he was about to lose it, the doctor stepped out from the room, followed by a nurse.

“Thank Goodness.” He said heaving a deep sigh of relief.

“I presume you are Mr. Bob?” the doctor asked stretching forth his hand for a handshake.

“Yes, how is she?” Bob asked taking the doctor’s hand.

“Calm down sir, she is ok, just shocked. We sedated her and by the time she wakes up she will be just fine.” The doctor explained.

“Thank you, doctor.” Bob appreciated.

“You are welcome.”

“Can I see her now?” he asked, uncertain of what the doctor’s reply would be.

“Yea sure!” the doctor replied with a smile and nodded to the officer before walking away with the nurse.

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