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FATE (What will be will be)


“Sir she just arrived” the guy on a face cap pretending to be going through a sports mag said into his phone.

“Ok! Consider it done.” He said again putting the phone away.

Looking up through the tip of his cap, he watched as Claire rolled her box walking towards the exit.

Parked outside on the parking lot was a guy on a hood with dark Shades covering his eyes. He watched as Claire walked out from arrival lounge. She made a call and not long a young man probably her driver appeared all smiles taking her bag while she walked behind him.

As they left the entrance, he watched as the guy on face cap came out and walked towards his car.


Tires could be heard screeching as a car suddenly overtook and block theirs.

“What is it, what is the problem?” Claire asked the driver looking up from her phone.

Before the driver could say a word two bullets pierced his heart through the windscreen leaving him dead instantly.

Claire was shocked as a guy on face cap came around to her side placing the nose of the gun on the glass. Just when she thought that it was over, she heard two shots as the guy dropped, his gun slipping from his hand with blood splashed on the glass.

Immediately the guy dropped dead, she saw another guy on hold open the door. Dropping a note beside her, he closed the door and ran off after which she heard tires screeching as a car speed past.

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