Exposed!!! Why Celebrities Live Fake Lifestyles – Why You Should Copy Them

Just a fast question before I continue with the aim of this article.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]“Who would you prefer to hang out with any day?”[/box]

“The broke guy next door, who barely eats every day or the guy opposite your house who rides Uber almost every day”

Your guess is as good as mine.

Has anyone ever told you that “Perception is king?” If no, then you should have it at the back of your mind. I am going to roll out some hard facts for you in this article, so it is up to you to take it or leave it.

Do you remember the 48 Laws of power by Robert Green?

Quickly take a look at Rule 6 & 13.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Law 6 says “Court attention at all cost”.[/box]

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]While Law 13 says “When asking for help, appeal to people’s self-interest, never to their mercy or gratitude”[/box]

I am gonna analyze this carefully, so follow suit.

We make the celebrities rich, but they act like they are doing us a favour whenever we comment on their posts, see them perform live, and respond to our tweets/comments. Why is it so?

This is because they have created a perception that they are on top of all of us. No top celebrity goes around begging you to invite him to a show because he is hungry, or because he needs money to buy good clothes. Instead, he shows off his extravagant lifestyle and feels the need to associate with such a person.

Have you heard the One Corner song from a certain Ghanaian artiste? He was recently begging to be handed a show despite the popularity of his hit track. But let’s not forget that some few weeks ago; he painted himself in public as a village local boy. The end result of his action was begging to perform on any show, which he finally got – even though it was kind of low.

Why You Should Copy the Fake lifestyle Model

[box type=”success” align=”” class=”” width=””]No matter what you have heard in the past, I am telling you in this article that Peak Milk sells more than Three Crown – despite it being more expensive, why?[/box]

[box type=”success” align=”” class=”” width=””]Every rich man out there prefers to fly first class than business class, WHY?[/box]

[box type=”success” align=”” class=”” width=””]Our coaches prefer to invite foreign players to camp than local players in the home league, WHY?[/box]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]The answer is simple “Perception”[/box]

Who would you hand over a Million Naira contract to?

The man with a Range Rover sports jeep, or the guy who comes to meet you with a bike?

Celebrities know very well that they can’t sing about money if everyone knows that they are all broke and can’t afford all that they flaunt on their videos.

Do you know that it is easier to land yourself a contract when you enter the venue with an expensive hired Uber ride, than when you enter with a Motorcycle – because nobody would listen to you in the first place?

People might not tell you, but nobody will discuss anything reasonable if they don’t see any value in you. It is not like we are conscious of it, just that the human nature has been wired in such a way.

Have you seen Pentecostal pastors of recent? Why do you think they spend much money buying expensive personal things for themselves? It is because people judge people based on perception. I can’t go to a poor pastor who doesn’t have a car, to pray for me to buy a car. My mindset would be “if he can pray for me to buy a car, why can’t he buy for himself first?”

No matter what you do today, always know that perception is king.

It is easier to get a job while you are still with a job than to get a job when you are jobless. So never go to an interview and tell the interviewer that you are jobless. Either you are furthering your studies, or you took a break for self-development, or you decided to work for yourself for a while. Any which one, you are seen as a professional and not a job seeker.

It is easier to make people bend to your will when they know that you are doing well above them than when they are above you. It is all about Perception, Packaging or anyhow you choose to call it.

I have learnt this trick longest time ago, and I can’t start explaining how well it has helped me penetrate places I could never have entered. I will end with this story which we all can relate to.

I booked a date with a young lady whom I met online, and we were scheduled to at a certain shopping mall. Unfortunately, I wanted to be myself – I didn’t have a car, so I took a motorbike to the mall. She saw me pay the bike man off and I approached her. The discussion didn’t last for 1 hour, as she claimed she wanted to go somewhere else. I already knew where she worked due to our discussion.

I waited for her with a car at the close of work in front of her office. I called her and told her that I was right there in front of her office. She hesitated a bit, but finally came out and saw my shiny great car. She jumped at me with excitement – tho she didn’t show it, but I knew it.

She spent the whole night with me, and the next morning I dropped her off and returned the car back to the owner.

What changed her attitude when she saw the car? “Her Perception about me changed”

It happens in friendship, relationship, business, careers, etc.

[box type=”warning” align=”” class=”” width=””]“PERCEPTION IS KING!!!”[/box]

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