Diary of an Illegal Immigrant in Malaysia{Betrayal, Love, Luck}

Episode 7

I kept running, but at a time the gunshots were heavy and intense that I began wondering if the officers were just wasting bullets. I turned back and saw the officers on masked face chasing at us.


We were not up to 5. Dead bodies were just littered on the floor. I never knew that as they told us to run, we ran, they shot at us and killed some. And they are still chasing at us to kill the remaining. I was becoming weak. As I was still looking and confused at what was happening, “Poa,” another gunshot and one of us was down. He’s been shot dead. We have ran but there was no end. At a time I was angry in me, were was I even running to. There was no were because they would still catch up with us. They were even coming with a car so there was no need running,’ I thought to myself. Something in me still kept telling me to run. I turned around and began running. I was so weak and tired. I was still struggling within me as I heard gunshots. I closed my eyes as I ran hoping to feel the bullets hitting me but yet none. As my eyes were closed, tears was running down, I was becoming too weak to run. When I opened my eyes again, I discovered I was in an express way. No one was there but only me. I turned and discovered that no one was chasing me again. I saw a car on full speed driving towards me. At first I was scared because I don’t know maybe they are the masked officers that were chasing me. Immediately the car drove to where I was, it was a man that was driving. Immediately he looked at me, he drove off. That was how I stayed there till the sun began going down, I tried stopping cars that were driving by but when they stopped were I was, after looking at me they won’t want to carry me. I was so tired and hungry. It looked as if I would die. I laid on the ground until a car drove and I waved to stop, it stopped. I was surprised it was a man and his 3 children. He even agreed to carry me. I wasn’t afraid any more. I believed whatsoever would happen, let it happen. Even if the man was going to call the police, I was ready to die. Na so I enter the man car oooo after much begging. And thank God he understands English Language. That is what I observed about Malaysians, so many of them understand English but they don’t speak it. They rather speak their language.

As I rode in his car, I sat behind with two of the children. The children were just looking at me as if they haven’t seen a black before. Maybe they haven’t sef. But blacks are all over the streets of the city nah. Why the children dey look my like lucozade na  im I know come understand. The man asked me were I was going, I don’t even know what to tell him. Because I don’t even know if we are even in Kuala. I asked him were we were, he said we are in Kuala. He started asking me what happened. I told him that I was kidnapped by unknown people that was why I couldn’t recognize where we were. He laughed so loud. He said that there was noting like such, there is nothing like kidnapping in Kuala. That I should say the truth. Maybe the police are looking for me because am an illegal migrant. By that time, I don weak, I was scared maybe he would take me back to the police but he told me that I shouldn’t worry. He gave me bread and sausage, as if he knew I was hungry and I devoured them. The way the children looked at me, I no even send them. He man asked me again were I was going because he was not ready to harbor any illegal migrant or someone wanted by the police. I don’t even know were to tell him to take me to. I told him “Hotel plan B.” he said he was willing to take me there. Na so this man carry me go hotel plan B. thank God say na night we take reach there. “Be careful” were his last words as he dropped me and I sneaked into the hotel building without even thinking if maybe police officers are there. I went to the dustbin house. I was surprised when I came in and still saw some of my goons playing whot. Immediately I walked in, they wanted to run out but saw it was me. They were all screaming and shouting “you still dey alive.” They were holding and asking how I was released because they thought I would have been killed. I couldn’t narrate story that night. I was tired. I asked about soji because the last time we saw was when the officers were beating us. I didn’t know if he managed to escape because he was not part of the people I saw at the detention house. Na so them tell me say soji dey ebuka office for the hotel building. Na so I shout ‘praise God” say me buddy dey alive.

The next day, I had been able to regain myself a little and I narrated my ordeal to the guys in the house, no one could believe my story because it was surprising how I survived the whole incident. How soji ran from the police and still came back to the house was even more surprising to me as my story to them. But of all, we survived and some were killed. Soji told me that the dustbin house was no longer safe again but there was another house inside the hotel building that we can start hanging on because the police could come back any other time to raid the dustbin house. The house soji was talking about was on the fifth floor of the hotel. It was a big room linking to the dustbin house. The room is an abandoned place. Na so we come dey stay there.

As time went on, we became more careful of our movements so as to avoid police or security officers. But that doesn’t stop us from panicking each time we hear the sound of siren blowing. We panic and sometimes run around in the house. This particular Saturday afternoon, some of us left our new house to the dustbin to check if we could find some food. Na so we begin hear siren and gunshots.  I looked to the direction of the new house, I could feel that people were making noise. Before I knew what was happening, one of the guys jumped from the window of the house just to avoid arrest. Before i could blink my eyes again, 4 people had jumped and this was from the fifth floor. I was hearing the sound of gunshots from the house. From were I was, I watched. I just had to find somewhere around to hide myself.

2 hours later when everything had died down, it was the cry of one of the guys that made me come out of my hiding. Other guys that came there with me had fled. The first guy that jumped from the building had died and the others that jumped too don break their legs. Blood was just gushing out of their legs like water. And we can’t even go to the hospital, no permit. The one that died, late in the night, ebuka made arrangements for the Security officials to take the corpse while we used cloths to tie the legs of the ones that had broken legs. Upon everything that is happening, ebuka no send us. He will tell us, “na me carry you com Malaysia?” how he was even able to get security officials to take the corpse, I don’t know. Many of us suspects that the guys hands are not clean. He is a free man but won’t help us to get resident or even how to get out of the country. Many of them that had died, he brought them to Malaysia through his connection but abandoned them. If you para for the guy, he would call the police to arrest you.


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