Diary of an Illegal Immigrant in Malaysia{Betrayal, Love, Luck}

Episode 4

I went to my hotel room thinking about what soji told me. My money is reducing and my visa was expiring in a matter of days. I was thinking I was too smart and I had to do something fast.

I sent an email to another school about my post graduate admission. They sent me a reply that they have accepted and asked me to pay $5000 tuition fees and they would send me with admission letter but I have to go back to Nigeria for my student Visa. That I don’t want to do.  I went to ebuka and explained my admission status to him, I asked if he could help me so I could help me. That he has done it for so many people. If I can just get him some dollars. He said he can help me first with the student visa. He knows how to maneuver, he has friends in Malaysian immigration that he would bribe. So I should just get $5,000. I told him the money was much but he said the bigger the money, the more enticing it would be for the immigration officials to resist. I left his office and talked with soji and what I want to do. He said I shouldn’t dare give ebuka any money. I should rather go back to Nigeria. But I never heeded to his advice. I just wanted to prolong my stay in Malaysia. Well, I decided to keep my money and return to Nigeria even though I didn’t fulfill my dreams.


Two days to the expiration of my visa, I was at the hotel’s bar which was dominated by so many blacks. The bar is been managed by ebuka. A well-dressed Malaysian woman came to my table. She started chatting me up and we talked from world politics to sports and their country Malaysia. The way we talked, it looked as if we have known each other for years and she spoke good English. She told me she was a Malaysian immigration officer. Immediately I heard “Malaysian immigration officer,” na so my body move in excitement. It seemed my dream had come true. “This woman will help me with immigration status,” I thought to myself. I began asking her about immigration processes and how I can extend my stay in the country. She told me it was possible to extend my stay in Malaysia without stress and she was going to do it for me for free. I was so happy. She brought the bag she was carrying and brought out some forms for me to fill which I did. She even showed me her ID card that she indeed works for immigration officer. When she was going, she gave me $10 and said she would come back the next day. Na she even dash me money, unlike ebuka wey wan collect from me. 

but if only i had known the purpose of her dashing me the money !!!


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